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Wednesday Weigh In: Scale Readings + A Question of the Week

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weigh in

This morning I was in a rush taking Little Bean to his first ever Swim Class. For as much as he loves the bath he seems to loathe the pool. I’m hoping this helps.

Anyway, I totally forgot to hop on the scale first thing so this week’s weigh in happened much later in the day. Because of this, I expected a gain. (I was up 1.8lbs.) I get heavier during the day. Well… I don’t REALLY get heavier per se, the scale just gives me a higher “reading.”

And that’s what it is right? A reading. It’s not measuring my value or telling me how I should feel or punishing me for a “bad” week. Nope. I refuse to give it that power. It’s a tool and it gives me a reading. That’s it’s. That’s all.

I know some of you don’t use a scale at all and I totally get that. I think it really depends on what stage your in. I’ve flipped flopped myself but right now I’m weighing in weekly more for curiosity than anything. I’m also finding the scale images I post here on the blog are helping me become callous to the number.

And that brings me to this Week’s Question. It’s similar to one I’ve asked before but I want to do a little experiment, if you are willing. Bear with me, it’s a multi-parter. I think it will be really interesting to see everyone’s responses.

  1. Do you weigh in?
  2. If so, what frequency?
  3. The experiment: hop on the scale in the morning and then again before bed. What are the readings? How do they make you feel?

I am curious as to your scale habits but I’m really hoping a few of you will do the experiment and share the results to show us how fickle the scale can be. Keep in mind it’s nearly impossible to gain a pound in 12 hours. You’d have to consume more than 3,200 calories and basically spend the day in the bed. Even then you’d probably still not gain a full pound of fat.

Anyone willing to participate?

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    February 16, 2012

    Every morning first thing (pre bfast, post “business” and with nothing heavy on). I know I know.. it’s silly BUT it lets me feel like I’m getting an accurate “read” and I only count Monday mornings (like a weigh in day). The others are just kind of me sticking my thumb in the air and “testing the wind”. I refuse to let myself get down unless my Monday morning weigh ins are up for two weeks in a row…


    February 16, 2012

    (and then I don’t “get down”- but I get busy). :)


    February 16, 2012

    I’ve weighed myself before bed and then during the morning routine. Strangely enough it was only like a half pound difference. Anyway, I try to stick to once a week, and I’m not that disappointed in a small loss unless I worked out consistently and ate well all week and virtually nada came off. I’m also only in the beginning though.


    February 16, 2012

    I used to weigh myself every day, but that drove me crazy and I let the scale reading dictate my mood for the rest of the day. Now I weigh in twice a week or so, and my official day is Sunday morning. Always right when I wake up and after I’ve gone #1, buck nekkid.

    I’ve weighed myself at night before bed in the past, and it’s consistently something like 1.5-2lbs heavier than normal. Also depends on how much fiber I’ve had recently…hehe


    February 16, 2012

    I go back and forth. Sometimes, I only weigh weekly. If I start feeling like I have no accountability, I go back to daily or every other day weigh ins. I used to weigh morning and night. I had to stop the night weigh in. I would literally lay in bed for an hour worrying about how many pounds I would lose overnight and what the reading would be in the morning. It was awful. So I can’t participate, but I remember I always weighed 2 to 4 pounds more at night than I did first thing in the morning after peeing. ;)


    February 16, 2012

    Great questions! I have gone back and forth on weighing. There have been times i didn’t own a scale and there have been times i weighed daily. I have found that not weighing at all isn’t good for me(i do tend to gain and think i’m in a better place than i am.. “these pants must be shrinking, cause it can’t be me”), but i have to watch that i don’t get obsessive either. Currently, I do weigh. I’d say i weigh most days of the week. I do weigh first thing in the morning, after i’ve gone to the bathroom, naked, and i exhale deeply before i step on. I know i know, but that’s what i do. lol I’ll try the experiment… also, i find if i’ve had way too much salt and crap at night my hands will be so swollen in the morning and even though morning weigh ins are usually kinder i try to take the water retention into consideration.


    February 16, 2012

    I weigh myself every morning before breakfast. I haven’t tried weighing in in the evenings. That’s just my habit. It’s the easiest way for me.


    February 16, 2012

    The scale drives me la la so generally I have stopped weighing myself completely. However I also do need to lose weight so I’ve come up with a plan. My hubby weighs me once a week. Same day, same time as I too can “gain” 2/3 pounds from morning to evening!! Anyway my hubby weighs me but I don’t look at the number. If I am down he tells me by how much and if I am up he just tells me I am up but not by how much so I can’t beat myself up/obsess about it. We’ve have agreed that when I move from one stone range to another (e.g.15 to 14) he will tell me. It’s only been a few weeks but it’s working for me so far. I have zero desire to step on the scale myself or see the number but I still have a way of keeping track of how I am doing so I can’t stick my head in the sand about it all!!


    February 16, 2012

    I never weigh myself if I can help it. Even if I go to the doctor I shut my eyes and tell the nurse not to tell me what the scale says. I only go by how my clothes fit.


    February 16, 2012

    I weigh myself every morning! There are very few days when I don’t and I would never step on the scale at night! It just keeps me in check during the day.

    We weigh in every Saturday morning before breakfast to record our “official” weights. I can’t say we don’t occasionally peek about mid-week just to gauge how we’re doing but I really want to break that habit. Do it too often can defeat the purpose in our opinion. I’m always a few pounds up at night from the morning obviously because I’ve eaten and been chugging water all day so a night reading is a bad idea.


    February 16, 2012

    I weigh myself every morning, first thing. I also occasionaly weigh at night just so I can see what the difference is in the morning. I am usually about 2 lbs lighter when I weigh myself again in the morning. Sometimes even 3 lbs. I’ve always wondered how there can be such a difference in just a few short hours but I love seeing the smaller number in the morning =)


    February 16, 2012

    I weigh every morning, first thing, after going to the bathroom. I have been known to weigh myself at night, just to “see”. Interestingly, I have never noticed a big difference from say a 6:30 am weigh to a 9 pm weigh. Where I have noticed a difference is if for some reason I am up very very early (like catching a flight) and I hop on the scale at 4 am or so. Again, just to “see” I weighed myself when I was up around 4 am with a sick child, then again around 8 am before I ate breakfast. There was a pound difference (heavier at 4 am). It could have been a one day thing, who knows. I can tell you that now if my only time to weigh is super early, I skip it as I am not confident in the reading.


    February 16, 2012

    I’ve definitely learned a lot in the last year. In 2010 I lost 30 lbs. I ate during the day as a reflection of how I wanted the scale to look the next day. I didn’t eat a lot of sodium (and it was hard, because I love olives) because it would be reflected the next morning. If the scale was up, I would compensate during the day. I also wrote down my weight every morning. I was excited to do so.

    FF to Feb 25 2011 when I saw my lowest, and have subsequently gained almost all of it back. I wasn’t weighing in every day, and even when I did, I didn’t write it down, and my actions during the day didn’t do anything to make the scale go down.

    But I am back on track now. Weighing in every day, writing it down, and changing my eating during the day if I want to see the scale go down in the morning. It is the only way I can make it work for me. No scale = big gain for me.

    Karen P

    February 16, 2012

    In weight loss, I weighed in every Sunday, once a week. In maintenance, I weigh in every day, in the morning, first thing. If I’m traveling, then I skip the weigh ins

    I read the book Refuse to Regain by Barbara Berkely.Weighing in daily in maintenance is one of her ” 12 tough rules for maintaining the body you’ve earned”

    I realize now that the lack of daily weighing was part of a root cause for my weight regain last time around. I look at it now as data. If I’m trending up (5 pound range) then I need to do a quick corrective action to nip it in the bud.

    Oh and I weigh 3 pounds more later in the day, if I weigh in at the doctors or gym.

    Great topic. Take the emotion out of it and just consider it data. It puts you in charge of your outcome and clothes fitting-IMO. :). Karen P


    February 16, 2012

    I weigh in at weekly WW meetings. I’ve been a life-timer since spring of 06, so I’m supposed to be content w/ weight! It’s still hard.

    I never weigh myself at home anymore. When I did, I’d be up 3-5 pounds at night.


    February 16, 2012

    I weigh in every Wednesday. I know this might sound a little ridiculous but I weigh in 3 times that day. I will weigh in first thing in the morning (always the lighter weight), then around 3 (always the highest weight), and then once before bed around 10:30. Since I have changed my eating habits and have increased in physical activity the weight has dropped week to week.


    February 16, 2012

    I weigh every morning right when I get up. The only “official” weight is at WW on Wednesday morning. My scale usually reads pretty close to the WW scale and I like to know where I am all week long. I’ve been a little frustrated with the scale lately since I’m trying to lose about 10 lbs. to get back to goal, but that’s really a reflection on my eating habits and not the scale’s fault!

    I do often step on the scale right before bed just because its fun to see my weight go down in the morning. I’m a little weird that way. LOL!


    February 16, 2012

    I’ll participate in your experiment Roni! I weigh myself in the morning if I remember too. It’s not a big deal to me or part of my routine or anything. I’ve never thought to weigh myself at night but now I’m curious!


    February 16, 2012

    Hi Roni. I have lost 40 lbs over 4 years ago…the weight however has been creeping on. I eat well most of the time and exercise but I can just feel it. I have not weighed myself in over 3 months. I am petrified of that number. It directs my mood for the day. I don’t want it too, bit it just does. I can’t take it. I think it is because I am so afraid of gaining it all back. It has been over 4 years and I have kept most of it off, but still don’t have a handle on things. I guess I know all this stuff, but just have to really have hat AHa moment.


    February 16, 2012

    I weigh in the morning after #1 and buck nekkid as someone else mentioned. It’s just the routine and I feel “lighter” of course.


    February 16, 2012

    I was weighing myself multiple times a day, probably around 5 or 6. It was becoming way too obsessive for me and I was basing my mood around it.

    I now have the scale in my closet and I take it out only on Friday to weigh. It does still have some effect on my mood, but it’s getting a little better.

    Ashley T

    February 16, 2012

    I am still following WW so I do an official weigh-in every Weds. I do get on the scale during the week, but really only pay attention to the Weds reading. I have weighed myself before bed and notice I can be 2-3 pounds “heavier” than I am first thing in the morning! I am trying not to pay so much attention to the number on the scale, but how I feel, how my clothes fit, etc. It’s hard to do! A “bad” weigh-in on a Weds can really throw my day off, my husband tends to steer clear of me Weds mornings. :-)

    I weigh in once a week, on Friday mornings after my coffee :) I take the reading with a grain of salt and try to look at trends on a rolling 3-week basis (am I going up / down / staying the same?)

    I definitely don’t think I would move to afternoon or evening weigh-ins; I feel heavy and tired by then.

    I love the comment above about it just being data – it’s so true. It should be a number that helps you, together with a bunch of other data like what you’ve been eating, how much you’ve been exercising, and how your clothes fit, to gauge how things are going. The scale number definitely isn’t the end-all and it doesn’t have permission to be my emotional barometer :)


    February 16, 2012

    The difference between morning weight and night weight is fluid. I used to weigh every day, but it felt obsessive, so I’ve gone to once a week. For a while, I stopped weighing in all together, but I gained weight and was in denial about it, so I don’t think it was a good idea. Most successful maintainers weigh in at least once a week. The best way to determine your weight is how your clothes feel, especially jeans. Even if my weight is up, if my clothes fit, I’m good!


    February 16, 2012

    I weight myself once a week in the morning when I wake up. At night my weight is up 1-2lbs from the morning. I feel fine with this. There are no feelings of negativity. It only makes sense because in the morning I haven’t eaten in 8-12 hours but when I weight myself at night I have eaten all day. Weighing myself once a week helps me to keep my weight in check & my eating habits.


    February 16, 2012

    I weigh myself once a week, first thing in the morning. I thought I had come so far in knowing that the number on the scale is just a source of info and not my mood-setter or self-worth monitor. But then … I gasped reading that you weighed in later in the day! I thought why wouldn’t she just wait until tomorrow … of course the scale will be “up”. And another gasp, weigh in am and pm – oh no! Clearly I’m not totally free of the scale’s mind games. And with that I gladly join in the experiment and hope to break free of the scale’s power once and for all. Here we go …


    February 16, 2012

    Count me in with the morning weighers. Every morning (I cannot put it any more poetically than Mae did, LOL)–but I am a lot more concerned with the trend than any one specific number. I put that number down in my weight tracking app.
    Wednesday at noon is my official WW weigh-in.
    I can be a bit obsessive about weighing. I can probably tell you what every item of clothing weighs. I also know that my weight is at the lowest point of the day just after I finish my run.
    It is so important to remember that the scale is just a measuring tool. We need to focus on the choices we make during the day to make ourselves healthy and whole.


    February 16, 2012

    I weigh in the morning, a few times a week. On Saturday AM at 8:30, I weigh in at WW. The whole week is geared toward that getting that Saturday AM number as low as possible. On Saturday mornings, I eat and drink minimally before the WI.

    I would not mind too much weighing in before bed, but I would consider the number “inaccurate.” (How’s that for mind games?) However, I would never, never, never weigh in at WW in the afternoon. Whaddayou, crazy? I would worry that I would get a “talking-to” if I was up a few pounds. That has happened before, and I don’t want it to happen again.

    Good question! And PS, I love your blog!!

    Lori McHugh

    February 16, 2012

    I weigh myself daily in the morning after my “business.” I consider my weekly Weight Watchers weigh-in to be my “official” reading for the week. The daily weighing is just a number to me (it doesn’t affect me in any negative ways) – the reason I do it is because it keeps me motivated – I still can’t believe what a wonderful low number I see there!


    February 16, 2012

    I am trying to move from a daily weigh in to a weekly one. I have a history of ED and the number means way too much to me. I tried to stop weighing myself completely for a while and just eat intuitively. I found myself up a few pounds after about six weeks of this and couldn’t handle it. I wish that I was one of those people that could just eat when hungry, stop when full, exercise and not have a problem. Unfortunately I am not- maybe my gauge of fullness is broken?


    February 16, 2012

    Hi, I’m new to your blog and I don’t normally post to any blog I read but this question/experiment has sparked my interest. I am OBSESSED with the reading on the scale and recently no matter how much I’m dieting and working out (which is about 4 times a week on average) the scale has actually started creeping up dramatically. Over the last month and a half I’ve gained about ten pounds despite eating around 1200 calories a day. I’ve tracked every morsel that goes in my body thinking that this would help but it’s not. I agree with you that our self worth should not be tied to the scale however my logical side and my emotional side do not agree at the moment. You are very inspirational though and I truly enjoy reading :-)

    Jeri Lyn

    February 16, 2012

    Hi Roni,

    I just started weighing in again (thanks to your honesty) & a possible upcoming surgery where I guess for a change i’m going to need to be “honest” about my weight. :)
    I just hopped on a few days ago, but actually did it first @ night with clothes on & it wasn’t great, but not as bad as I expected. So with that, when I got an “offical” weight in the morning (without clothes of course) & didn’t feel so bad.
    I really do need to weigh myself daily/weekly to keep my weight in check. When I stop I tend to lose control.
    I’ve been as high as 200 & as low as 125. The scale this morning 153 (i’m 5’4). I will try & remember to weight in tonight & let you know tomorrow how it goes.
    I partially like to weigh in daily because it does help me learn how fickle my body is. I already know we’re going out for a semi-big dinner with the mom-in-law tonight & expect the scale to reflect that in the morning, even though i’m sure I can’t gain 1-2 pounds from 1 dinner!!!

    As always thanks for sharing so much of yourself,
    Jeri Lyn


    February 16, 2012

    The only times I’ve stopped weighing daily (morning) has resulted in serious holiday-type weight gain. Usually it starts benignly, like I’ll have a splurge meal and weigh myself the next day and it’s still okay. Maybe I’m up a pound of water weight, sometimes not even that. Next thing I know it’s a month later, the stressful event in my life has worn down but there’s an extra 5-10 pounds; some of it is PMS and water weight, and overall it’s damage I can undo in a month of healthy eating. But it takes the scale to knock me off that river in Egypt.


    February 16, 2012

    I weigh each morning right before I step into the shower. I record my weight only on Thursdays. This morning was 153. Six months ago, 143. One year ago, 163, two years ago 189. My all-time high 228. I’ll have to see about question #3. My weight fluctuates mostly depending on what I’m eating & how much vigorous exercise I’m getting. I know all the reasons why I’m 10 pounds heavier than last summer, but it doesn’t bother me and I know it will melt away during Lent.


    February 16, 2012

    Hi Roni!
    I weigh myself everyday. I use it more as a gauge of my sodium and water intake as a short term tool. In a little over a yr I’ve lost 56 lbs with WW. In that time I’ve been able to disassociate emotion with the scale. I completely agree the scale is a tool not an indicator of how well I’ve eaten THAT day or how much I exercised. I can be 4-6 lbs heavier in the evening and knowing it happens everyday I’m at ease with that.


    February 16, 2012

    Michele, the same thing happened to me and it’s maddening when you do all the right things and the scale won’t budge, or worse yet, goes up. I went to a nutritionist and found out I had gluten intolerance. He put me on a gluten-free, dairy-free, low glycemic diet and I lost weight easily (1 lb. a week)without counting calories. So my advice for anyone who’s struggling to lose and nothing seems to work is “get thee to a nutritionist” and make sure they do blood work.


    February 16, 2012

    1) yes
    2) once a week with WW at a meeting
    3) Right now I been sick for about 2 wks. running out of good things to eat so I am sure the scale is a mess. My home scale is not reliable so I would not weight in with it morning or nite. (about 35 years old)
    I wish I could be at the plae where the scale doesn’t count but I am not.

    Laura James

    February 16, 2012

    I was weighing myself every Wednesday. Only thing was, I would usually forget to record it so the next Wednesday it wasn’t so bad if I had gone up, cause I was never 100% what it was. I think it can be a very dangerous tool. And really, it is a tool. It shouldn’t have the power to dictate the remainder of our day or even our week. I am a 24 yr old Australian, and I weight about 105kg. I left Aus a month ago to travel and go to Uni in the UK, so the scale was left behind. I don’t want to buy a set of scales while I am over here, so now I am going to attempt to spend the next 6 months without that tool telling me how much I may weigh. Besides, if you jump on those scales three times in a row (and I am talking straight after the other), it will probably give you three different amounts. Stupid scales.


    February 16, 2012

    weight taken once a year at Dr’s office…and it’s always the same. 127-128 depending on time of year and what I am training for. Throw it away.


    February 16, 2012

    I weigh every morning and every night before bed. Really for me it is just science. I “gain” 2 lbs from waking to bedtime. I also know that I will lose around 2 lbs by morning time. The scale doesn’t dictate to me how to feel and really weighing so often tells me that the reading is very variable. Somehow weighing often has taken the scales power away for me. I do like to know how things fluctuate I find it profoundly interesting and really love numbers.


    February 16, 2012

    I weigh-in once every week. Right after I got pee. TMI? I refuse to get on it more than once. Before I used to hop on the scale everyday, it made me feel like shit and I was too obsessed. Once a week is enough.

    So, in short, I weigh myself each morning and consider Monday morning my official weigh-in. I rarely weigh at night, but I’m usually only half a pound to a pound heavier at night. My lowest point is right before lunch. Here’s my not-so-short answer:


    February 16, 2012

    I am struggling with the scale. When I was adhering to my diet, I didn’t mind the once a week weigh in. Since I’ve been floundering these last few months, I fear it. I am so afraid of re-gaining the weight that I have lost and so far I have gained around 5 pounds. Everyday I say I am going to start fresh….I am in a struggle mode. As for your questions:

    Do you weigh in? Yes
    If so, what frequency? Once a week.
    The experiment: I have done this in the past. I weigh more in the evenings than the mornings & it makes me so depressed and angry when I see a “gain”


    February 16, 2012

    Hey Roni! Have you tried a wetsuit for the baby? I put my 9 mo. in one when she started swim lessons a few weeks ago and it has made all the difference! I think it was like $25 and goes on/off super easy. I believe it’s called karma konfidence? Just a thought.

    PS – the scale is awful ;-)


    February 16, 2012

    I weigh in almost every morning. My scale is pretty crappy so I don’t give too much thought to minor fluctuations. I actually am in the minority, on work nights I weight the least right after work (no clothes) versus right before leaving for work. I usually don’t eat much during the work day, but my night eating habits are bad.


    February 16, 2012

    I hop on the scale in the morning before I shower, and then again at night before bed. The reading is usually 3-4 lbs higher at night. I do both because I think it helps me think about what I am eating during the day. It also helps me to see fluctuations day to day and know that they are ok.

    About 2 weeks ago I found out I have a gluten allergy. I used to gain literally 3 lbs after having just 2-3 small cookies, which I know is almost impossible. But after finding out about my allergy, I think I was literally gaining 3 lbs. It was making me bloated. So little things like that are easier to catch when you are trying to figure out things bothering you in your diet.


    February 17, 2012

    I weigh in at night with my clothes on. I find that the fluctuations are much less, although I admit that it’s a little tougher on the ego. :)


    February 17, 2012

    I weigh in daily, in the morning (no clothes). Sometimes I weigh before I go to bed and it will be a similar reading. If I weighed mid-day I’m sure it would be higher. I have gotten used to the fickleness of the reading and just use it as 1 tool in my healthy living tool bag.


    February 17, 2012

    I weigh myself everyday, after doing #1, wearing a t-shirt & panties. On the rare occasion if I weigh myself at night I am ususally 2-3 lbs heavier than I was in the morning, due to eating. I don’t get mad or sad if I am up, I get down to business analyzing what went wrong and then get cracking!


    February 17, 2012

    I weigh in on Monday mornings only. Still in beginning on my weightloss journey, so working on not letting it get me down when it fluctuates. Once a week weigh ins is enough for me! LOL!


    February 17, 2012

    As you say about your blogs….I am a wee bit obsessed with weighing myself. Right now my scale is in the living room (I moved it there to weigh my backpack to see how much weight I was carrying up the mountain last weekend.) And I weigh several (at least twice) times a day! Obsessively. Naked. Fully clothed. Before eating & after. Just whenever. It is right there and I jump on.

    It does occur to me that maybe I should scale back and go to once a week. But getting on so much shows me how fluctuating it is. The number sometimes changes by 6 or 7 lbs from morning to night. 5 lbs is average. A gallon of water weighs 8 lbs. I drink a lot of water. I also tend to eat in a low calorie high volume style. I haven’t yet conquered the desire to feel full, so I want volume. Soups, salads etc.

    Some recent numbers: 148.5, 142.2, 145, 142.5….

    One bonus, all those numbers, all those times. They do start to run together. They lose individual meaning. Sometimes the day after weekly ww weigh-in, I can’t actually remember what to update my online tracker to. I have to look at my tracking book.

    I like that, because it becomes more about how I feel, how my clothes fit and where I still want to tone or lose a bit of pudge. Not the number.


    February 17, 2012

    Sometimes looking at both sides of the scale issue can help me emotionally disconnect from the reading. I pretty much have started expecting a high number after a week of doing “good” and a lower number after a week of doing “bad”, generally speaking, that’s the way it always goes for me! It seems that it takes 2 weeks for the scale number to reflect my actions! I recently read that even after indulging and eating enough excess calories to gain weight that it actually takes the body several days to basically deposit the fat on the body. I am going to participate in your experiment! It will e interesting and I am only going to participate b/c I can take the scale with a grain of salt now. I do still think it is a good long term measure of how I am doing, which is why I do still weigh in weekly. I am in maintenance, but I don’t always want to weigh in daily.

    Jeri Lyn

    February 17, 2012

    Hi Roni,

    My udpate on the “experiment”. As I stated in yesterday’s post my weight was 153 (naked), my weight yesterday night about 8pm (naked) 155. This morning my weight (naked) 153.6. Would’ve preferred lower (much lower really), but I kind of expected a little gain after a big dinner the night before. Don’t think it’s actual weight gain, just some water retention from a large “out” meal.
    I did make the hubby walk 4 miles before dinner. :)

    Hope you have a great time on your quick trip to Kansas,
    Jeri Lyn


    February 17, 2012

    When I first did WW before I had my little boy, I was very good about weighing in ONLY once a week. I had tons of success.

    I don’t know if it’s linked, but this time around, I find myself having to weigh in every day, and it’s definitely not coming off as fast. Could be my body is different, could be anything. I want to go back to only weekly but that worries me (which I think is a problem in itself!).

    Yes – there’s about a 3 lb difference between AM and PM weigh in’s.

    Alicia L

    February 17, 2012

    Hi Roni,

    I love your blog. I do weight often, pretty much every morning. It is always at the same time – as soon as I get up after I go to the loo, and I weigh in my birthday suit. Sometimes I weigh at night, just to see what happens. From a couple days ago: 148.4 lb AM –> 153.1 PM. I have seen this big jump a number of times, so the PM numbers don’t bother me. I know if I over eat, or eat unhealthy food I get bloated, so I try not to weigh myself the day after because it only makes me depressed. I log my weight on a tracker I made once/week (Fridays) so that I can see progress. This really helps me. I get discouraged if I have a week where I only lose 0.5 lbs, but it really helps if I can look back and see my total progress. After all, 0.5 lb loss is way better than maintenance and that is way better than gaining!

    I do get discouraged often because I am losing weight slowly (15 lb since November); however, I am enjoying what I make, and I get to eat big, satisfying low cal high volume plant based meals.


    February 18, 2012

    I have found as much as a 5-pound sway between morning and bedtime weigh-ins. Even though I know – logically – that I haven’t really “gained” 5 pounds in a day, I still definitely get upset when the number goes up. It brings me down and makes me anxious. I lost 50 pounds 2 years ago, but slowly gained about 8-10 pounds over the last year (I started running last year, too, but the gain was not all muscle, lol). If anything, though, checking in on my weight after a day of overindulging tends to get me back on track and I am less likely to say “screw it” and just gorge myself.

    Jennifer P

    February 18, 2012

    Hi Roni,

    I weigh myself naked after using the restroom every Thursday morning with my awesome EatSmart scale (love it, btw – thanks for the info!). I’ve had it since last Oct. and though it’s really hard to not want to weigh myself 20 x a day, I do like that I can do this w/out WW and on my own. I lost 50lbs with WW in 2010 and it came off fast, but now in the last year and a half, I go up and down a few lbs. I really haven’t lost must past the 50lbs. I run and weight train. I’ve tried multiple things to lose more weight, but basically I’ve learned to just continue on with my healthy eating and staying fit. The scale will not always be my best friend and if I have a plate of cookies instead of the allotted two, I just start over the next day. I am still a member of WW online, but haven’t been tracking and am thinking of discontinuing the membership altogether. It just seems for being on it so long, at some point you have to just do what’s best for you, and for me, it was recognizing that I live a healthy lifestyle as is, and I don’t need their plan to do so. I don’t see myself on a diet anymore, and haven’t for a long time I’m just living my life and am going to keep on movin’ :)


    February 19, 2012

    I do weigh in. I would say that I weigh in 3-5 times a week. I’ve found that how “well” I’m doing determines whether or not I weigh in. Now that I’m saying it out loud it sounds kind of bad, but if I’ve been tracking calories/exercising then I’m more likely to weigh in. If not, then I don’t want to see the number because I’m afraid it will throw me off track. Also, the number can vary greatly depending on the time of day (+/- 5 lb.s), so I always weigh-in in the morning.


    February 20, 2012

    I weigh in almost every day, just to monitor, but I only record it on Friday mornings.
    I always do it in the morning because I also find that when I have more clothes on, jewelry, or food in my belly the scale goes up. That depresses me, even though I know it’s because I have jeans on, or whatever. So I really try not to weigh myself after breakfast. Just my rule so I don’t beat myself up over something that I shouldn’t.