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A Sensational Super Bowl Sunday!

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First, I just want to thank everyone for the well wishes. I’m feeling MUCH better. Not 100% but I’m able to be up and about without yelping in pain. I’m making an appointment with a specialist to get another opinion on my back. I’ll keep you posted.

Today started with a kitchen-fest. I made an amazing batch of Banana Pancakes…

Click here for the recipe.

I also made a batch of Homemade Sauce…

(Click here for the recipe)

… an egg yolk omelet for Bean, and an egg white omelet for me.

After breakfast we cleaned up a bit. Someone is obsessed with the dishwasher…

as was his brother before him. It’s cracks me up.

We had fun doing laundry, of course.

Then I did something I rarely get to do.

Grocery shopping ALONE!

What a treat!

I came home, put everything away and then got lunch ready for the boys…

before heading out for a lunch of my own. I had a date to meet two friends for a movie and we hit a local restaurant before hand.

I started with the a cup of Maryland Crab Soup.

Got a veggies wrap…

and replaced the fries with a side of veggies.

And of course… Popcorn at the movies!

We saw Woman in Black. (These were my horror movie friends.) It was good but not as good as I thought it would be.

When I got back Little Guy showed off the new Ninjago set he put together with Daddy while I was gone.

Then he helped me clean the fruit I bought earlier.

I decided to make applesauce out of some aging apples we had with wrinkly skin.

I chopped them up small (with skin) added a splash of lemon juice, cinnamon, nutmeg and simmered it for the rest of night. I’ll show you the result later.

Little Bean had a snack.

He’s funny with the blueberries. He’ll bite one, chew for a minute and then spit them out. BUT he keeps going back for more. It’s cute.

All this was happening while I made my Super Bowl treat…

Won Ton Nacho Bites. They were awesome! Click here for the recipe.

I also roasted myself some spaghetti squash.

The boys were having pasta but I knew I’d be the one to eat all of the Won Ton Nacho Bites so I kept dinner light.

While dinner was cooking there was an awful lot of playing going on…

The Husband’s plate was just insanity. I mean seriously..

And he ate it ALL!

Just looking at it gives me a belly ache.

After dinner I checked in on the applesauce…

Perfect! You can now run it through the blender but I’m gonna keep it chunky and add it to some yogurt for the baby and maybe some oatmeal for me. :)

After we cleaned up it was all about the super bowl (and blogging for me cause I multitask like that. ;)

Click here to see how Little Bean went from here…

to here…

He’s on the move!

That’s all I have tonight! I’m now watching the Voice with the hubby. It’s time to log off. :)

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    Josie @ Skinny Way Of Life

    February 6, 2012

    Little Bean’s face trying to grab his omelet cracked me up, he looks so intense at making sure that omelet gets from hand to mouth. STAT! hahaha : )


    February 6, 2012

    I know! Love that shot. I always take a few in a row and I picked that one because of his expression.


    February 6, 2012

    How do you get so much done in one day! You’re amazing Roni :) I am so bummed though.. cause i just pitched some sad apples and never thought to make an applesauce out of them. I’ll remember your idea for next time. So glad you had a sensational Sunday and are feeling better too. That’s awesome.


    February 6, 2012

    good to know that you feel better :)

    Glad you’re feeling a little better and able to go about your usual Sunday antics. I love making homemade applesauce. I’m kind of obsessed with anything won ton right now. I made jalapeno popper won tons last night and they were AWESOME! Time to check out your links! Have a great week!

    Amy P

    February 6, 2012

    How much do you actually plan out your Sundays? You always seem to get so much done that I wonder if you make a list or just let things happen.


    February 6, 2012

    So happy to hear you are feeling better. My oldest and you oldest are into the exact same things It makes me laugh. Mine will be 6 on Valentine’s Day.


    February 6, 2012

    Just like Amy and Kathleen – how do you do everything that you do in one day? I keep thinking that you ate dinner at 3 pm, when actually I forget that the game was on 3 hours later at your place then when it was on at our house. I love your Sunday’s – as I am sure you do too!!!!

    Have a good week, and glad that you are feeling better. Keep us posted with that second opinion.



    February 6, 2012

    Little Bean is welcome to come to our place and hone his dishwasher loading and unloading skills ANY day!!! :) Glad you are on the mend Roni!!!!! Hope you are back to 100% sooner rather than later! Take care.


    February 6, 2012

    I always love your Sensational Sundays posts and am also amazed at how much you get done as well as some fun friend time! I always seem to have 20 things on the list that I don’t get to and am frantic on Sunday evenings! Do share your secrets! :) Also, I hope you continue to feel better and better!

    Wow u do a lot. All the food looks great, having the will power to stay eating health is awesome. Im a busy mom, wife and we run our own business Carpet Cleaning Laguna Niguel I to on super bowl sunday ate very health, But for me it was the first time. Considering the past years I was always awful. So good for you, its people like u that inspire people like me. Im going to make your applesauce. I can’t wait, it looks so yummy.


    February 9, 2012

    Ok, guys.. I FINALLY answered the how do you get so much done question..

    5 Tips to Get More Done in a Day…