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I have to thank you guys. When I first started these Sensational Sunday posts the idea was simply to share how I prepare for the week. It was about starting fresh, being active and putting any weekend craziness behind me.

However, over the last 5 years (yes, that’s how long I’ve been doing them!) they’ve evolved into these photo driven journals mostly because of your feedback, and I love it! I love waking up on a Sunday morning, grabbing my camera and trying to capture the essence of the day. I can’t explain why, but it’s fun and motivating. Not to mention, I’m capturing family moments I otherwise wouldn’t.

Thank you for the inspiration.

Now on to the photos!

I woke up to find Little Guy watching Power Rangers on the iPad.

He was mimicking the karate moves.

We checked in at our new Command Center.

And planned out the day.

First up, chores.

Then breakfast.

Look how TALL he is on the stool. I remember when he needed it just to reach the counter.

(note: We made Banana Pancake Waffles while sharing some oranges and yogurt.)

Then playtime.

More chores. Little Guy’s room was a disaster zone!

Not that I could talk…

I kind of let my room go these past few weeks. It was seriously time to clean up.

By mid-morning I was ready for a snack.

I’m not sure when I turned into someone who grabs a bowl kale out of the fridge to snack on but that’s what I did, and it was fantastic! (click here for my Raw Kale Salad with Feta and Dried Cranberries)

Time for "me time!" I decided instead of hitting the gym I’d treat myself to a pedicure.

Looks like going with Ravens purple may have been a bad move. ;)

Soon it was time for Little Guy’s soccer game.

So much fun watching him out there!

Little Bean had fun too, eating his lunch. :)

Afterwards the boys wanted McDonald’s for lunch but I wasn’t game. So we hit a drive-thru and brought it home…

I stuck with leftovers.

Last night I whipped up BBQ Chicken Pasta. The boys both loved it! I’ll have to make again to post on GreenLiteBites.

With the rooms now clean…

we made some Kale chips for the Raven’s game.

Seriously, I’m just a kale FREAK anymore. It’s in season right now and I can get loads super cheap at a local farm.

Kitchen is now clean!

Living room is not.

A little half time stroll.

It was a nail biter!

I went all out for dinner…

A little Beer Can chicken cures all.

Little Bean fits right into our asparagus loving family.

After dinner I boiled up a little stock.

I can’t waste chicken bones. I just can’t. Planning some classic chicken noodle soup tomorrow.

I also boiled a bunch of eggs for the week.

I am prepared!

The day ended with my "wine." A shot of Irish Cream in hot cocoa.

Is it wrong to use a Diego cup? ;)

In other news…

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  • Courtney

    My son had that exact same dinosaur shirt. I loved it on him! Your little guy looks super cute in it too.

  • The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    I love how all of the clothes are in front of the hamper! HA!

  • Patty at A Day in My NYC

    Love the new command center! My gosh the boys are getting so big! :) Glad you had a great weekend inspite of that heartbreaking Ravens lost! As a JETS fan I was pulling for them :(

  • Liz Willis

    Always love these posts. Am amazed at how much you can get done in a day and with 2 kids ! Thanks for all of your hard work with your blog. I really enjoy it.

  • Angie

    I’m dying laughing at the picture of the boys watching the football game, and the Little Guy with the football helmet on in the background. It looks like he’s about to surprise tackle your husband, and it’s just killing me right now. Looks like a fun day!

  • roni

    And that’s EXACTLY what he did. lol

  • Lori

    It’s funny…yesterday I had a great, PJ day with the family & I thought about your Sensational Sunday post & how I always love them.
    Love the Irish Cocoa in the Diego cup! :D

  • Tara

    I was a pincher when I was a kid!! :) That is too funny! I am sitting here laughing at the stories my mom would tell me about my pinching. :)

  • erin

    Love the before pictures. It always makes me feel better about my home…..(I have issues) LOL

  • Jenn@slim-shoppin

    Great day Roni!! I was productive too yesterday, getting organized, even though I know with 3 kids it won’t stay – I felt a little accomplished – AND I ran 6 miles on Saturday! So I’ve got that goin for me – which is nice!

  • Dana

    Hi Roni! I think I’ve read every Sensational Sunday since you started them. I like how you share your life with us thru pictures. Makes you seem ‘real’ and maybe that’s why I’ve stayed with your blog for so many years. I hope you are starting to think about a new name for Little Guy because he’s growing, growing, growing and won’t be little for much longer! And I think the same goes for Little Bean!

    Love how Evan is watching you talk (with your hands) to the camera in the GreenLiteBites video!

  • roni

    “Makes you seem ‘real’”

    News flash.. I AM REAL!


    Just joking with you. ;)

  • Dana

    You are funny and real! ~<:-)


  • Julie

    I can believe how fast Ryan is growing. Your kids are just adorable, Roni. And yay for KALE!! I went with Kale instead of spinach during my last grocery trip, too. :) Have a fabulous week!

  • Amy P

    I have been reading all your posts for years and am totally in love with your Sunday ones. They are so fun :)

  • Patty

    Roni – yay for the pedicure – love it.. sorry about the Ravens but happy that my boys (Go Pats!!) won… One more game to the Super Bowl… Love seeing how little bean has grown – he’s adorable… and nearly walking.. watch out… take good care and you look fabulous as always…
    xo Patty


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