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My Favorite Sensational Sunday Christmas Pictures

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It’s Christmas! I had the best day ever! Yeah, yeah I ate too much but whatever. I’m not here to whine and cry about it. I’m here to share some photos of my fabulous day. I was too absorbed to do a play-by-play so here are my favorites.

That was actually from Christmas Eve, but I had to share. Everyone’s looking!

The Husband and his Flex Seal. It’s sort of an inside joke. I HAD to buy it for him.

Someone had quite a day. I just love his expression in this.

Someone else REALLY liked shells. He ate all the broken ones!

Side note: For more Little Bean Christmas pictures click here. I posted them on Baby’s First Year.

It was so warm (for December) we went to the park!

My favorite gift. A Mother’s necklace with both boy’s birthstones.

And finally, this year’s ornament. If you’ve been reading for some time, you may know of our ornament tradition. The Husband gets one that represents our year together every Christmas. Click here to read the story and see all 17. Yes that’s how long we’ve been together. We’re OLD! ;)

That’s all I have. I may not post for the next few days. Much family time to be had. I’ll be back Wednesday with my food journal. I plan on picking up my tracker right where I left off.

I hope you are having an awesome holiday!

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    Kelly Cheesehead

    December 26, 2011

    Roni – Thank you for being such a HUGE inspiration to me over the past 5 years. I really love all your posts!! I feel like we have been friends for years even though we have only met via online. Thank you for the awesome cookbook – I will post pictures soon!

    Merry Christmas!


    December 26, 2011

    Can’t wait!

    Foodie McBody

    December 26, 2011

    “I ate too much but whatever.” High five, sister. Me too, but I also had a beautiful day with the people I love and it was worth every minute and bite. Happy Christmas to you and THANK YOU for gifting me with Fitbloggin this year.


    December 26, 2011

    That is an AWESOME pic of your family. I am glad Santa was good to you. Enjoy your family time!


    December 26, 2011

    What a wonderful family you have. Thanks for sharing the photos. Like everyone else of course I ate more than my share but wouldn’t give up a bite. The old memories and making new memories are the joy of life. Thanks for being you. I’ve kind of made you my adopted granddaughter. Hope you don’t mind.


    December 26, 2011

    Kudos Girl! Looks like your day at HOME was a success! Merry Christmas! Enjoy your boys! :O)


    December 26, 2011

    Soo cute! Love your Christmas present!


    December 26, 2011

    Looks like you guys had a WONDERFUL Christmas! We did too! Glad to see all the smiles, Roni :)


    December 26, 2011

    Looks like a WONDERFUL Christmas Roni. Thanks for sharing the photos with us. Warm holiday wishes to you and the gang.


    December 26, 2011

    OMG i love yalls pic and love the yearly thing yall do!!!!

    Tami @Nutmeg Notebook

    December 27, 2011

    Love the necklace and all the happy faces of your little family.

    Looks like an amazing day. We too had a lovely holiday. I am happy just to have my kids here and spend time with them, feeling the love!

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year.


    December 28, 2011

    I’ve been eating way too much also – glad I’m not alone!!