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2 Lunches with 2 of My Boys and COOKIES!

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I’ve been doing a good job of keeping my food journal even though I haven’t been sharing it. Sorry, I got out of the habit. This weekend really through me off!

Anyway, I’ve been rocking the motivation lately. Not being perfect by any means, but I’m getting workouts in when I can(I have a schedule now and it makes it so much easier,) and I’ve been much more conscious of my food choices which has always been my ultimate goal.

Today started with an odd breakfast becuase I knew this guy all too well.

I finished his bowl of shredded wheat and had a yogurt cup.

Later in the morning I munched on some nuts while feeding kid #2.

For lunch I grabbed a bowl of leftovers.

This one is hard to explain. I have no recipe it was just something a whipped up the night before for dinner. It was whole wheat pasta, leftover sauce, kidney beans, corn and peppers. I called it Sante Fe pasta bowl and suprisingly the family ate it.

About an hour later the husband asked if I wanted to go to lunch. Even though I just ate I said yes becuase honestly, we haven’t been spending enough time togther. He’s been swamped at work with end of the year deadlines. Plus how could I pass up lunch with 2 of my boys…

How cute is that?!?

Since I already ate I decided on a bowl of soup. They had an amazing 15 bean soup. It was awesome!

I also had some of those fries. Of course!

A few hours later the Little Guy came home from school and we had a couple of our homemade Christmas cookies.

I can’t WAIT to share this recipe in GreenLiteBites! We are going to make them again and take photos. They came out so good the Little Guy crowned me "the queen of cookies."

Seriously. I’m not lying!

While making dinner I snacked on a few bites of Little Bean’s butter beans. He was having an appetizer before dinner.

Dinner was AMAZING. I made Dry Rubbed Pan-Fried London Broil, roasted broccoli and potatoes.

No complaints on that one from the husband. ;)

Instead of binging once the kids went to bed, I paused and consciosuly made a snack.

PopChips with Simple Cheesy Salsa. SO good! Click here for the recipe.

Right now I’m enjoying a cup of tea and one more of those cookies. I know. I know. Not the best thing before bed. I should have brushed my teeth!

I’m debating if I should weigh in tomorrow. I’ve been feeling pretty good and I’m not sure if I want the scale to mess it up. Why let it have the power to ruin my momentum?

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    December 7, 2011

    F*** the scale! You know it’s evil You know it doesn’t really give feedback of real progress. It just goes up and down, messing with your mind!


    December 7, 2011

    I say you’re in a good place, why does the number on the scale matter? You are making good choices, doing what you know is best for you. As Reinaldo said, “F*** the scale!” hahaha!

    If you’d like to come over and make that dinner for us, I wouldn’t complain! :) It felt weird to see a pic of the hubs without being flipped off! HA!


    December 7, 2011

    Skip the damn scale!!

    Lisa (sunnystl)

    December 7, 2011

    Ill jump in on this one too F**K the SCALE! :P
    You make very good decisions… thats where I have my biggest issue.. I do good , then bam throw a giant size cookie wrench into it.. lol


    December 7, 2011

    Hi Roni, I say go on the scale! If I may make a suggestion? If you don’t like what you see, try something new for one day. Try (for ONE day) cutting out any food with sugar. So no flavored yogurt or milk, starchy veggies such as peas, beans, and no pasta, potatoes. So mainly it’s one day of eating: veggies, cheese, meat, nuts, unsweetened dairy, eggs, as as much of it as you want. Step on the scale again the day after trying this. This may sound like atkins but it’s not. I’m learning a lot about sugar intake and people who cannot digest it properly. This is working great for me and I’m losing weight and feeling sooo good. The theory is that we should all be able to eat what we want and remain a healthy weigh. Those of us who can’t have issues digesting carbs/sugar and we’ll eventually all die-off from cancers. Ok sounds dark, but I’m still reading, learning.


    December 7, 2011

    I hope to get a point where I say F the scale. I weigh myself every morning. It keeps me on track. I don’t beat myself up if it’s up but I do like to see how certain foods effect my body. But, you are at a different place. I’ve only been at this weight loss thing for a year and a half. [32 pounds; no specific “plan” because “plans” make me obsessive about food.] I was doing great with exercise but started slacking lately. You’re amazing!


    December 7, 2011

    I’m with the others on skip the scale! If you’re doing the right things for you – do you really care what the scale says? For myself, making the right choices for me is what counts and when the scale doesn’t reflect the good things I’m doing for myself I have a tendancy to think why do I bother. But I do “bother” because I feel so much better in SO many ways. Continue on the right track and eventually the scale will give up the battle :0)


    December 7, 2011

    Don’t do it Roni! Don’t step on!!! It’s just a number – if you’re feeling good, go with it!!!


    December 7, 2011

    Looks like you had a wonderful day. 15 bean soup sounds heavenly. I just love beans. Tonight I made a dish called Bean Surprise. Low fat & low calorie. Get on the scale. I do it even when I don’t want to and frankly it gives me the kick I need if it reads something ugly!