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Thanks for all the well wishes guys. I’m feeling much better. Honestly. I think I may have needed a day or two off just. to. be. More on that later.

Today I want to share a few cartoons I found on the web. I was inspired after posting 5 Breastfeeding Cartoons for Baby’s First Year.

@WWStella shared this one with me on Twitter today.

Image Source

This one cracked me up. I always thought vertical stripes were a myth.

Image Source

Sometimes we need to put things in perspective.

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Ohhh how I can relate!

Image Source

Venn Diagrams can make anything seem simple.

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Leave a link to your favorite weight loss cartoon. I’m always up for a good chuckle!

  • Camille

    Ahhhh Roni you used the pic I sent you! yaayyy! I keep it on my cell phone, makes me smile regularly! *I’m WWStella (my middle name) :p

  • sugar

    hahaha!! delurking from all the way in India :)

    how much have we heard about horizontal stripes?

  • Dawn, Lay Down My Idols

    Love the cartoons! And ((( hugs ))) from me. Just take the time that you need – at least you’re recognizing your need! That’s good!

  • The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh
  • Tina

    Haha! Love the low carb one!

  • Liz

    I actually relate to the third one because I’m on WW but I work at a food pantry in Philadelphia. I’m trying to cut my own food consumption down while helping others increase theirs. Sometimes life can be funny in that way.

  • Jen@FoodFamilyFitness

    Good ones!!!

  • Julie J.

    Hey Roni,
    I don’t know about you, but when I stopped nursing my older son, I felt pretty down for a couple of weeks. Perhaps that might be affecting you? Shifting hormones and loss of that nursing oxytocin could be the issue. Sounds like you’re taking care of yourself. Sending good vibes to you…

  • Julie

    Absolutely loved the first cartoon and can so relate to the fourth cartoon. Thanks, Roni, for giving us all a good chuckle!

  • Saglikdemeti

    lol i loved them all

  • Tami

    Those are great Roni. I needed a laugh today – thanks!

  • Kate

    Love the low-carb one – too funny!

  • Becky F

    love the snowman one! =)

  • minoxidil

    :) love the first one

  • Mary Jo

    I am looking for the cartoon where the guy is on one of those scales you pay to weigh yourself and the card comes out saying “one at a time” as if the scale thought there were 2 people on. It might be a Far Side?? Not sure

  • roni


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