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Ask Roni: RSS Management

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Hi Roni,

I noticed that when I went to subscribe to Roni’s Weigh, you had a bunch of great extras that I would love to have on my RSS feed as well.

Could you tell me how you:
1. track how many subscribers you have to your RSS feed.
2. Have that “if you’re not reading this in your feed reader or on [site], this is stolen” text in each post.

Thank you in advance for your help. I have tried a few methods for tracking RSS subscribers, and not a single thing seems to work. I’m new at this blogging thing, so any help would be super appreciated!


Hi Mandy!

SO sorry for my late reply! I have 2 quick and (hopefully) easy answers for you.

1. Tracking RSS Subscribers

I use Feedburner to track all feeds for my sites. It’s works like this…

  1. You “burn” your feed.
  2. Feedburner gives you a unique feed URL.
  3. Publicize feedburner URL instead of your feed url.

For example my base feed here is but if you click my RSS feed button to the left you’ll notice it links to

By routing people to the FeedBurner address I’m able to not only track subscribers but publicize, optimize, and even monetize my feed.

2. Add an RSS Footer in each post.

I do this through a function in WordPress, but there is a slightly less compicated way using CSS as well. Click here to see my tutorial.

I hope that helps Mandy!


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