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Word-less Wednesday: Pizza Done Fall Style!

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Every second was accounted for today and I didn’t even get close to accomplishing what I wanted. But it’s all good… tomorrow I get to wake up and try my best all over again. :)

UPDATE: Click here for the Butternut Squash Pizza Recipe. I just added it!

Food Notes WWP WWPP
Dark Chocolate Banana Almond Smoothie sans-almonds with added protein powder Just felt like having this today. It’s so tasty and such a treat for breakfast when you want something sweet. 5 7
Fresh Cantaloupe I cut them in big wedges so they are easy to grab out of the fridge 1 0
Butternut Squash Pizza OMG this was AMAZING! I will post the recipe tomorrow. I promise! UPDATE: It’s up! 4 4
Light Progresso Soup Was just in the mood. :) 2 3
VitaTop They sent me their new flavor! SO GOOD! It’s a secret, I can’t tell you just yet. It’s killing me! 1 2
Spinach and Turkey Bacon Omelet Rollup Breakfast for dinner night! 4 4
Banana Soft Serve with a 1/2 oz of Cocoa Almonds and frozen blueberries The perfect nighttime treat! 6 7
Total: 23 27
hour workout at the gym after the kids went to bed – strength training.

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    September 28, 2011

    I am so looking forward to that pizza recipe! I love fall and all things pumpkin, butternut squash and apples. Yum!

    Everyday my to do list is long and there is always carry over to the next day. I do however take great delight in crossing things off that list!


    September 29, 2011

    HI Roni. OMG…be still my heart. I’ve bookmarked and will be making this pizza. My husband is much more of a “traditionalist” when it comes to pizza, so I’ll wait for a night when he’s not home. Thanks so much!! This is a keeper. Hope you have a chance to stop and smell the roses a bit more today. Take care.

    The pizza! Now THAT is creative! :)


    September 29, 2011

    Love how many fruit and vegetables you get into a day!!