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Wednesday Weigh in: Guess What I did today…

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Recorded a podcast! That’s right, if the baby cooperates tomorrow I should FINALLY have a new podcast video to share.


Other news? Not much going on today. I did workout for the first time since the half. I was NOT feeling it but I mushed through and felt fabulous afterwards.

I’m doing great on the food front too. I have 2 fun ideas to share on GreenLiteBites once I sift through the pictures. One involves acorn squash, and the other spaghetti squash. I’m LOVING the fall produce!

I did post Little Guy’s lunch from yesterday and Little Bean’s stats from his 6 month check up. I also shared (what I think) is the cutest video ever. Click here and judge for yourself. :)

In geek news, I shared my obsession with domain names and a great promo code for

That’s about it for today. I’m off to have a little watermelon. I promised myself only fruit after dinner, no more endless bags of pretzels or grabbing handfuls of the Husband’s Doritos.

Darn Husband. ;)

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    September 22, 2011

    Looking forward to the podcast. I have a darn husband, too! ;) He has oreos and milk at night, and puts butter in everything he cooks (I’d like to blame my weight on him, but that wouldn’t be right, right?)… and he never gets fat. Annoyingly fit, even at 56. Grrrrrr.


    September 22, 2011

    Looking forward to your podcast as I always enjoy them. I also have a darn husband who LOVES junk food… all kinds of junk food so I know what you are going through :)


    September 22, 2011

    Looks like the weigh in went according to plan this week. Can’t wait for the pod cast!


    September 22, 2011

    Awesome weigh in! Way to go!


    September 23, 2011

    I went back to look at your weight loss tracker… It looks like you’re only about 5-7 pounds heavier than your initial WW goal, but since then you’ve taken up running and weight training–do you think maybe this might just be the right weight for you?


    September 28, 2011

    Nicole – I’m actually not going by the number as much as my clothes. I also picked a high WW goal weight, I maintained 145 for years that’s what I’m working towards but if the same clothes fit me that did before baby and I weigh more then so be it. But right now I know I’m holding on to a bit of extra “baby fat”.