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The Brita Challenge

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Brita Challenge

I never turn down a challenge. Ever.

Have I told you I’m a wee bit competitive? Not at everything, just at things I think I’m good at.

And I’m darn good at drinking water.

Not as good as I used to be though.

There was a time I was never without my water bottle. We were attached at the hip. Never to be separated. Home. Work. Class. On walks. In the car. I was constantly sipping.

It was a habit.

Every night I’d fill my bottle half with water, throw it in the freezer, then the next morning I’d fill the rest with water. Off to work I’d go with my trusty companion. If I ran out? Hello water fountain.

It worked for me, but only when I had a consistent daily routine.

Now I’m all over the place. Having a newborn and working for yourself is pretty much the definition of inconsistent.

I still drink water, but not nearly as much as I used to. I just forget. I’m out of the habit and to be honest, I miss it.

I may even miss it more than I realize.

According to Nutrition Today, even minor dehydration can impair your mental health. Degradation of cognitive function and mood begins at a point between 1% and 2% water mass loss.

Maybe THAT’S my problem!

I kid. I kid.

In all seriousness though. Water rocks. It’s just does.

That’s why I’m psyched for the Brita Challenge!

Drink 8–10 glasses of water a day for four weeks and feel the difference it makes. Join us:

  • Hydrate. Drink the 8–10 glass goal daily for four weeks
  • Save. Get up to $15 off Brita® products
  • Get support and tips for success
  • Share your results
  • PLUS, enter for a chance to win a trip to "The Biggest Loser" Resort at Fitness Ridge in beautiful Malibu, Calif.

I’m TOTALLY doing this and so is my–awesome online blogger buddy turned simply, FRIENDMizFit. We have challenged each other and will be battling for the next month on twitter. Who will rise float to the top?

Put your money on me. I’ve got this in the bag!

Follow me (@RoniNoone), @MizFitOnline, and the HashTag #BritaChallenge to keep tabs on us. We’ll be chugging water, talking smack, and having fun!

Join us? Click here to sign the pledge and get drinking!

Full Disclosure: I am working with Brita to promote the Brita Challenge campaign.
Citation: Nutrition Today (Armstrong, Lawrence E. Rationale for Renewed Emphasis on Dietary Water Intake. Nutrition Today, 2010). Studies indicate that degradation of cognitive function and mood begins at a point between 1% and 2% water mass loss.

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    September 30, 2011

    I love you like a sister.
    I wish you were my neighbor.

    THAT SAID, Id turn off the water to your house.


    September 30, 2011

    LMAO She’s SO optimistic.

    Shhhh don’t tell her…

    She hasn’t got a chance.

    Patty @ A Day in My NYC

    September 30, 2011

    I can’t pick a side! I love you both so I’ll just be drinking along and cheering you both on! :)

    I love water too! I had always told myself how great I was at drinking it — and for many years I was. Then not so much — but I kept telling myself I was fab at the water thing. I actually tracked my water and realize the power of positive thing was leaving me thirsty. Love this challenge.


    September 30, 2011

    I am cheering you ladies on! I need to start drinking more water – just hate all those trips to the bathroom!


    September 30, 2011

    i just signed up for the challenge … i’m cheering for both of you! haha.


    October 1, 2011

    I’m with @Tami (tami@nutmegnotebook). Water is great, hate the running to the bathroom all the time! :) I signed for the challenge – I have dry skin issues & I know that water will help. Maybe this will be the kick in the pants that I need.

    Tracy aka Tiny Tank

    October 1, 2011

    Just signed up for the Challenge too! Thanks for highlighting this. I was disappointed to see that the Rebates were no longer available. I thought I’d try one of the new Brita products they look great. I’ll check out my local Target or maybe even Amazon maybe I can find them there.
    Funny thing is my goal this month is to drink more water so I made my blogs monthly raffle prize a new Life Is Good wide mouth water bottle. This challenge is very timely.
    Looking forward to being inspired to drink more water!!

    There are several benefits of drinking water. Drinking water especially “cold water” increases metabolism. It makes the body burn calories to raise the body temperature and burns another 10 pounds a year.


    October 29, 2011

    Im not very good at drinking what I should so i know I have to pour it all in one large container every morning. I’m a visual learner. ;-) if I see it it helps me know I’ve got a goal. One I can see. If I have to keep refilling without seeing how much I’ve accomplished? I won’t succeed.