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Holy Hot Wings Batman!

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Just a quick food journal. I’ve been working my butt off all week. It’s time to walk away from the computer, cuddle with hubby, and watch FRINGE! Anyone else a fan?

Anyway, here’s my food journal tonight. MAN wings are costly….

Food Notes WWP WWPP
3 Banana Pancakes Little Guy Request. :) 3 4
clementine mid morning snack 1 0
Butternut Squash Pizza This is my new go to! 4 4
yogurt and berries Quick afternoon snack 3 2
8 Grilled Hot Wings, 1/2 sweet potato and broccoli It’s AMAZING how fast the points add up. I saved up for this fun Friday meal! :) 20 20
Sugar free pudding I just needed something sweet! 1 2
Total: 32 32
2 mile run and 1 mile walk with the kids

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    October 1, 2011

    Just have to ask “are you happy after eating the wings.
    It doesn’t seem like you ate alot of food today like others day.
    I can’t eat greasy food anymore.


    October 1, 2011

    I did enjoy them. Not every day will be “perfect.” Wings are a tradition for us and it’s something I enjoy now and then.


    October 1, 2011

    Love Fringe. we’re on season3.


    October 2, 2011

    Go Fringe team!