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I can’t stop buying domain names!

Right now I own 30. THIRTY! Some I’m using, of course, others are ideas. Site ideas, blog ideas, book ideas.

I may not have time to act on these ideas right now, but buying the domain name is a first step. I give myself a year. One year to do something with a domain name I purchase. If I don’t make any progress towards using it within that year, I let it go.

This morning I purchased yet another one. I had an idea while running and snatched the domain on is my domain registrar of choice. I’ve been using them for over 10 years. They have great customer service and an easy to use interface. My only complaint: price.

Before I checkout I do a quick google search for a promo or coupon code (side note: I do this for ever online purchase) and I always find one that saves me a few bucks.

This morning I found the ultimate one: REG5

Just plop REG5 in the promo field and get any domain for $5!

It only works for a year, but that’s all you need to secure a name. When and if you actually do anything with it, you can always negotiate longer terms with I’ve done it for all my permanent sites like,,, and All of which I now own for 10 years.

So if you are in the market for a new domain name check out and use the promo code REG5 for a cheap way to grab that domain name you’ve had floating in your head.


Disclosure: I am a affiliate.

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    September 21, 2011

    Roni, THANKS. This is great!!! Wordpress doesn’t allow us to have ads on our website. Does allow ads?


    September 21, 2011

    @BrittnyCantero I was only talking about domain name registration not hosting but they do offer that service as well. So you could self host wordpress there and then have ads. Does that make sense?


    September 22, 2011

    Curious if you have any thoughts about


    September 26, 2011

    Oh! Thanks for the tip! My only problem is the domain I want to purchase is “taken,” even though the website doesn’t have anything on it. Laaaame.


    September 27, 2011

    @NewLeafEats ohh HATE that!


    September 29, 2011

    @rejmane Honestly, I’m not a fan but I’m picky when it comes to hosting.


    October 10, 2011

    I’ve used godaddy exclusively because of cost. It just didn’t make sense to pay 3x more for the exact same thing. That said, godaddy as a company is annoying as hell. But all I have to do is get in there, register the new domain, then get out. They had me at “cheap.”

    I finally had to uncheck the “automatically renew” box on many, many domains. It was getting out of control and even as cheap as $8 a year or so, it was still adding up. I’m finally down to 16 keepers after hitting a high of 33.