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Sensational Saturday/Relaxing Sunday

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It is midday Sunday and I am having the best weekend ever. Yesterday was JAM packed with active fun!

First, I got my butt kicked at bootcamp. I have really missed my Saturday morning date at the gym. Love that I’m getting back into the routine.

When I got back, I made breakfast for everyone while the boys (all of them!) played Ninjago.

That shot cracks me up as the husband cheered too loud, scaring the baby and making him jump. But it looks like Little Bean was cheering right along with them.

While this was going on, the cat reveled on “her deck.”

She cracks me up.

I made everyone eggs and also cut some fresh veggies up for dinner. I had a craving for marinated vegetable skewers.

After breakfast we hung out a bit, showered, and got ready to head to the park. Little Guy got a bike for his birthday and there’s a great paved trail not too far away.

He rode and we walked about a mile until we hit the creek.

Little Bean snoozed peacefully in the carriage.

After a little while we headed back. Notice "Dad" is not holding the bike in the picture as he was in the first. We were working on Little Guy’s confidence. He fell a few weeks ago and has been a bit timid on the bike ever since.

It worked!

When we got back, we relaxed until dinner.

I grilled some burgers and the veggies. It was nice.

Once the kids went to bed I totally crashed. It was time to catch up on some sleep.

WOW was that ever the right decision! Little Bean slept until 6:30 giving me 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. First time in MONTHS!

I woke up refreshed and relaxed and ready to enjoy today doing NOTHING.

That’s right, nothing.

No plans. No outings. No expectations.

Just lounging around the house with the boys. So far so good. We are watching Despicable Me. :)

I do have a 4 mile run scheduled for training which I take tonight after dinner. I’m getting into the evening run groove again.

I’m also taking a break from my food journal–NOT from eating healthy just from recording it. I wanted no pressure over the holiday weekend. I’ll be back Tuesday with it.

OH! and I also recorded a podcast. It should be up tomorrow.

In other news…

I hope you are enjoying the weekend! Anyone have crazy plans tomorrow?

I’ll be grilling and being goofy like this guy…

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    July 3, 2011

    We have had a weekend with ZERO plans & I am bored out of my mind!! Maybe its b/c I was soooooo incredibly busy this past week, I don’t know what to do. ;)

    Enjoy your weekend!!!

    LOVE all the pics! I can’t help but wonder how many more cool pics I would have taken if digital cameras were around when my kiddos were little! I love all the moments that you’ve captured. Looks like you’re enjoying your family so much!
    I still enjoy all of your posts!! ;)
    Oh and the one w/ baby’s feet showing (in the carriage) <3


    July 3, 2011

    You had the weekend! You deserved it too. Enjoy.

    Kris @Krazy_Kris

    July 3, 2011

    so precious! ty for sharing!
    my son is a few years from his “cute on a bike” stage LOL


    July 3, 2011

    Glad you are having a relaxing weekend. We had people over for a BBQ that was moved inside due to rain. Tomorrow I am babysitting my 5 m/o niece and I am psyched we will be hanging with the DH and my 2 boys doing nothing!


    July 4, 2011

    Looks like a great weekend sofar… hey, you guys playing Ninjago reminded me, I got Lego Heroica for my birthday, and it’s so much fun. You guys should check it out.


    July 5, 2011

    Love your cat on “her deck” super cute! love the confidence building for little guy!