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Quick Food Journal

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I posted early but wanted to upload my food journal real quick. Had a great day!

In other news, I posted…

Oh! and No One Can MAKE You Feel… Here on Roni’s Weigh earlier.

Food Notes
Leftover Red Beans and Rice Strange breakfast, I know, but it was easier than making something when in a rush.
Leftover Beef-a-Roni with summer veggies Still need to post this on GreenLiteBites. Made a great lunch
Larabar I had a chocolate craving
Cheesy Balsamic Cucumber Tomato Salad Something fresh I whipped up for GreenLiteBites
light yogurt with fresh blueberries Wasn’t going to make it till dinner
Thin cut pork chop grilled, baked sweet potato, 1/2 white potato, roasted veggies Fabulous dinner cooked on the grill!
Banana Soft Serve blended with a bit of cocoa almonds and dark choc powder OMG it was out of this world. May have to do a quick video with this variation.
3 mile run (.5 short of my training goal but it started to storm) + an after dinner walk with the family
Could have been better on the water front, off to take vitamins now.

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