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Queen of the Week!

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That’s what the Little Guy crowned me as today. He said it was because I was nice to him all week. :)

I like to think it was because I kicked butt on my training so far. I’m proud of myself for making the time for it. I’m already feeling the effects.

Anyway, just stopping by to post my food journal. Off to watch a movie with husband and enjoy a beer. I have a craving. :)

In other news…

Food Notes
LaraBar Another crazy morning.
Strawberries with Chicken, Cheese and Couscous
More like brunch then lunch. I was SO hungry and psyched that I had all the ingredients to make it again.
TONS of blueberries topped with a cup of light blueberries yogurt Early afternoon snack since I ate lunch so early.
A few Triscuits with some Laughing Cow I just had a craving for something crunchy. The yogurt didn’t hold me over.
1 mozzarella stick, 4 "naked" wings and onion rings split with the husband plus a few nibbles of the little guys fries I was planning on grilling for dinner but the husband wanted to go out. Buffalo Wild Wings won.
a light beer and some pretzels. Having now as snack while I watch a movie with the husband.
Nothing. It’s a rest day
drank a ton of water… always happens at restaurants.

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    July 2, 2011

    Tis good to be queen!!!


    July 2, 2011

    Congratulations on being Queen! Out of the mouths of babes – I just love what kids come up with!

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


    July 3, 2011

    So fun. Have a great weekend your highness!