One Mom’s Journey from Fat to Skinny to Confident


Ask Roni: Nothing Sticks, Carbophobic, Helping Others, Weight Loss and Confidence [podcast]

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FINALLY! This has taken me days to get up. Sorry for my inconsistent podcast postings.

Topics in the video include…

  • Can’t stick to anything and obsessed with food.
  • Going from a Low Carb Plan to Weight Watchers
  • Helping Family Members Losing Weight
  • Did my weight loss lead to more confidence?

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    July 5, 2011

    love those shelves – are they from IKEA? great video, as usual, roni… :)

    Really enjoyed your podcast, Ronnie. Thanks!

    oops… “Roni”… sorry!


    July 5, 2011

    I just want to say this podcast could not have come at a better time for me. I have also been struggling with yo-yo dieting like your reader from the first question. And yes, I do understand and know everything that you talked about…

    – eat healthy
    – don’t fret over “slip-ups” (nobody’s perfect)
    – find your own inner motivation
    – live EVERYDAY like you are already at your goal weight

    … but, for some reason when I try to tell myself these things, my food compulsion always wins. I know that I have the capability to be a healthy person, but I am struggling to find that person again. However, hearing the words of encouragement from you definitely helps those ideas take root a little more – as you are someone who has been there and continues to make the choice to live as healthy as possible. So, I guess I just want to say thank you for being an inspiration and also for another great post!


    July 5, 2011

    Oh Roni how I wish all of the logical ideas you have in response to the “making it stick” question would work for me. I’ve been struggling in all honesty for the past year, slowly gaining back weight that I lost in 2007. I’m now back to my starting weight, constantly trying to get it all to click again so I can lose 20 #. I know how I did it last time, no magic just counting points and lots of exercise, so why can’t I do it again?
    The thing is I can’t get into the groove again. Also, I’m now 41 and despite my best efforts to maintain a healthy weight heading into my 40s, it seems as if my metabolism has dropped, so even when I try to reach the same level of activity that worked before, I’m not seeing results and get discouraged. I’ve totally entered the hell cycle you always describe.
    I’ve tried to “find my tribe” but WW meetings weren’t doing it, blog to lose… not for me (no offense), and my own efforts at a blog have fallen by wayside. I have started a jogging program, actually following Hal Higdon’s 4 weeks to fitness for kids (I’m doing it with my son, he wants to try cross country in the fall…great motivation). I’m up to 10 minutes this week, so I do see success in that. Success in the fact that I’m sticking to it, but no physical/weight related results yet.
    I know this is a really long comment, but I’d like to know if any of your readers in my age range (early 40s) have noticed their metabolism dip too, and if they have any tips on bringing it back up?
    Thanks Roni for all you do, I swear I’ll keep listening to your advice, I just need it to spark something inside of me I guess. If you could bottle “it” you’d be a millionaire!


    July 5, 2011

    No need to apologize for anything! You are on your own journey and you have to find what works for YOU. It’s really the only way.

    I know you said the scale isn’t cooperating but you are seeing progress in the running. What if you shift focus for a little while. Continue to eat healthy and balanced but track your progress in the running department, paying less attention to the scale? Just a thought. I know how frustrating it can be to not see results. My fear is that you’ll take out that frustration by abandoning your plan.
    By focusing on something you have more control over you may just get that boost of motivation by seeing yourself reaching goals.

    I hope that helps at little. :)

    Hi Roni, really enjoyed your podcast. I’m helping some family members losing weight, so I want to share some ideas, if it is possible. We are all so different in so many ways, when one of us is having a great day, another one may be having a miserable day. So on YOUR good day, give your family members that little extra push, even if there was no weight loss for one specific person, re assure them that they will succeed and it will take time, but you must also re-enforce that it also takes effort, dedication and honesty to ones self.
    My best regards,


    July 6, 2011

    It is so amazing the way that you have been able to confront your own challenge and be successful, and continue to matain, and yet you can completely relate to people who are still at the beginning of their own struggle. It’s awesome that you don’t look back and understand the feeling of knowing what to do, but not understanding why we can’t do it. I love the way you haven’t lost that. Thank you so much for your podcast and your blog, it’s seriously like listening to a friend talk. :)


    July 6, 2011

    This podcast hit home with me because, like the original question said, I know the fact (about nutrition, and fitness and diabetes). I’ve read the books, etc. But somehow, I gained the weight back and now feel like I’m a) stuck b) not ready for change yet c) completely afraid that I’ll be in this waiting place, waiting for it to “click” again. I sometimes go to a behavioral group therapy thing where the leader tells us “action precedes motivation” and I have to keep reminding myself of that.

    I also connected with the poster when she said she is “obsessed” with food. I’ve been feeling like this is becoming a bigger issue now. Does anyone have experience with Overeaters Anonymous? I’ve been both toying with the idea of going and being intimidated by the concept.



    July 10, 2011

    I’ve been thinking about this podcast since I listened to it Wednesday. Confidence is a tricky thing. Your experience of gaining confidence via the process and not from achieving a number really resonated with me.

    I started my weight loss journey turned journey of self-discovery about 2 years ago. And though I am back up on the scale, I am more confident now than before I started this process, despite not being at goal, and (re)starting again.

    It’s a weird thing how confidence is not related to things that I once thought they were related to (the glorious number on a scale)…it’s much more related to being “me” and being okay with that…..

    Thanks for making me think!

    Hi Roni, this is easily one of the most useful articles I’ve read this year. I want to say something, when taking a trip to the grocery store together, let everyone choose his or her favorite nutritious foods, and remind one another to avoid the junk food aisles.
    Thanks for this podcast,