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Nighttime Running, Little Guys Lunch and Today’s Food Journal

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I decided to do things a little differently today. Instead of starting my day with a run–something that was pretty easy to do with just the 5 year old but not so much with an infant–I headed out at 9 PM after both kids were in bed.

Chart from the Nike+

It was EXACTLY what I needed to do!

I feel FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC! Even with a beet red face and sweat dripping from my brow, I have a smile ear to ear.

This was exactly what I needed to start my snack-less nights challenge. I don’t even feel like eating now. It’s weird.

Let’s see, in other news…

He has sugar snap peas, sweet cherries, whole grain ritz with The Laughing Cow cheese and turkey pepperoni, leftover roasted potatoes and 2 chocolate chip cookies. It’s one of his bigger lunches because he requested the potatoes. We’ll see if they actually get eaten.

If there is enough interest I’ll start this up in the fall since there are only 2 weeks of school left. Let me know what you think.

Ok, that’s all I have in me today besides my food journal. It’s now 11:30 and I STILL have no desire to munch! YAY for nighttime running!

Food Notes
All bran, with frozen wild blueberries ans choc almond milk An old favorite breakfast of mine.
Larabar Hungry and wanting something substantial to hold me over until lunch.
apple I was hungry bit it wasn’t quite lunch time yet
brown rice california roll, spring roll, miso soup Out to lunch. GUESS who’s idea that was.
Salmon with the Zesty Asian Marinade, roasted potatoes and roasted broccoli ALL cooked on the grill again. I’m obsessed.
Sugar free Rita’s and a few bites of the little guys.. family outing for ice cream on a hot day.

My 2 mile run at the end of the day! see above

Sucked some down after the run and just took my vitamins.

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    June 2, 2011

    it really is almost freaky how parallel our lives are, lol. Tonight I went to the gym and came home telling my husband I think I am going to go at night from now on because it will distract me from eating at night(I’m sure you are acquainted with Mr. 9 pm bowl of ice cream,lol). Good luck in your challenge! I ran for 30 minutes on the elliptical, so I feel accomplished!


    June 2, 2011

    I do have one thing when I get back from the gym, a fiber one yogurt mixed with kashi go lean crunch. i sprinkle a few mini chocolate chips and it takes the place of Mr. 9pm! so good!


    June 2, 2011

    Was this run indoors? I get scared running outside at night!!! Good job!!


    June 2, 2011

    I’d love to see the Little Guy’s packed lunches in the fall. I’m always looking for ideas of things to pack, especially that use fresh vegetables that we get from our CSAs.


    June 2, 2011

    I would love you to continue with the lunches in the fall! My daughter is started K in the fall – we’ve been packing her lunch for a while, but it gets boring after a while. We have a traditional lunch box but we also have the laptop lunches and I am not sure which I want to use. We also have to pack 2 snacks for her (she’ll be in the after school program) so I am not sure if I need to put those in her lunch box or somewhere else.

    Yeah for nightime running!


    June 2, 2011

    Sana – It was outside. I’m not a fan of running on the treadmill.


    June 2, 2011

    Looking forward to seeing the lunches posted for Ryan in the fall. Thanks :)


    June 2, 2011

    My little man starts kindergarten next year and I would LOVE some help with healthier lunch options!


    June 2, 2011

    I LOVE the lunch idea. Would love some insight into healthy little lunches for my five year old. She will be starting school this fall and ideas on what to send her with would be wonderful. School lunches really are soooo unhealthy. They dont offer the children close to the healthy options that they could.v I mean for heaven sakes in my little girls pre k class it is a treat if the teachers buy bananas because the school doesnt buy them to serve. That in my opinion is obsurd!


    June 2, 2011

    all I can say is that you are doing a great job and be careful running at nite.

    Definitely want to see more of Ryan’s lunches next fall. I’ll have 2 kids in school by then, and your “bento box” style lunch looks awesome!


    June 2, 2011

    Recently, for the first time EVER I went for a run and actually enjoyed it! I was sweaty, I was happy and I walked in the front door and my husband said I was smiling. :) Feels good, doesn’t it?!

    I don’t have kids but I think adding Ryan’s lunch menu come fall would be a great idea! I think sometimes people just resort to PB&J every single day or those disgusting Lunchables.

    As for the safety or running at night. I think if the iPod isn’t in the ears, there’s street lights, the area is a good part of town and you wear reflective strips on shoes, clothes, etc then why not? It’s not like it’s 3am or anything.


    June 2, 2011

    I love the idea for kids lunch posts on Green Lites Bites. I don’t have kids yet, but I have a husband… and I’m always thinking of the future too! ;) Great Idea!

    Melissa L.

    June 2, 2011

    I would love to see posts about what you pack for Ryan’s lunch….it would really give me some ideas on what to pack for my kids. I like running at night too, it’s not too hot and always quiet ; )

    Oh Gosh Roni, here goes the mother in me…do you were a reflector vest or a flashing light when you run at night? Please tell me you do.

    Ryan lunch looks amazing…


    June 2, 2011

    LOL I’m only on sidewalks and mu community is well lit. :)

    Becky Perry

    June 2, 2011

    That’s the healthiest lunch I’ve ever seen! Looking forward to seeing more.

    Love the idea of posting kid’s lunches online. I also do not have kids yet but my girlfriend does pack me luch sometimes and I’m 34! I would love ideas.. haha. thanks for the entertaining read.


    June 2, 2011

    I am really interested in see what you pack for your son as I have a daughter that I will soon have to pack lunches for!


    June 2, 2011

    Go Roni, Go Roni! I would be interested in the lunch section as my oldest starts full day school in September and I am a complete rookie!


    June 2, 2011

    I’m really impressed by the wide variety of foods that your five year old will eat (especially green vegetables). What’s your trick for getting kids to eat veges/fruit and not hate it?


    June 2, 2011

    I have three posts on GreenLiteBites that give my approach…

    The Little Guy’s diet isn’t perfect but he likes his greens! Especially broccoli, asparagus, Brussels sprouts and sugar snap peas. That does make me proud. :)


    June 5, 2011

    Yes, please do post lunch ideas this fall! That would be a beautiful addition to you site :)

    Mary Nell

    June 5, 2011

    With my schedule, I had to either get up SUPER early to work out (which just isn’t going to happen consistently if I’m honest with myself) or go at 7:30-8:00 after I put my little ones to sleep. It means I lose some time with my husband, but it definitely keeps me motivated and prevents evening snacking. I also found a couple of girls with the same issues who are willing to meet me which helps.