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I announced a few weeks ago that I would not be counting points on Weight Watchers any longer. I came to my decision partially because of my discontent with with new PointsPlus plan and partially because after 6 years, I just don’t need points as much as I used to.

I have heard from many who are also unhappy with PointsPlus yet still want and need the structure of a plan. If you are one of those people, know that you aren’t alone. Here are a few resources to help you find your way.

SparkPeople Group – Classic WW/Tuning the New Plan to Our Needs!

From their description, "This board is for WW followers who have been struggling with recent plan changes, have decided to revert back to one of the old WW plans, or simply want to make the new plan their own!"

This group also meets on the Less to Lose Weight Watchers Message board and welcomes all struggling with the new plan regardless of how much you want to lose. They start a new post daily called Old Plans Preferred & Working with PP.

Nice resource for both the original Points and the new PointsPlus. They have calculators, restaurant lists, recipes, tips and articles.

Dotties Weight Loss Zone

Dottie may be the original online Weight Watchers poster girl. I’ve been visiting her site for over 6 years. She has one of the largest collections of Weight Watcher Point information I’ve ever seen. She’s adding pointsPlus but is thankfully keeping the original point listing as well.

Old Weight Watchers Points and Plan Write Ups

On a blog post from, the author writes up the gist of the old plan pretty well. Including how to calculation daily targets and activity points.

Starling Fitness has a fabulous post from 2005 called, What You Need To Know About Weight Watchers. It’s VERY comprehensive.

Wendie Plan Calculator

The Wendie Plan has been around forever. Many believe it helps beat weight loss plateaus. Their calculator support the old points as well as PointsPlus.

A special thanks to Nat for helping me compile the list!

I hope that helps those of you who are disgruntled. :)

  • jessica

    Thanks for the links, Roni! I, too, just couldn’t get into the new plan. I’m a creature of habit and like the ease of the old plan…I have it so ingrained in my noggin that I can just look at the labels and calculate a food without a calculator or slider.

  • tessler

    If you have an android smartphone, you can get WWDiary from the android market. It will let you calculate the old Momentum points or the new PointsPlus points.

  • Tina

    Thanks! I told my WW leader last week that I was working the old points plan and she gave me ‘the face.’ She wasn’t pleased and I DON”T CARE! The old plan worked for me and it’s my fault that I regained some weight. These links will be very helpful. :)

  • Laura

    Thanks for the link. I use the WWDiary app tessler mentioned, I’ve always preferred to the official WW one (which once you hit lifetime and are no longer paying, you no longer have access too).

  • Natalia

    Ooh, Tessler thanks for that info. I wish I had one of those, will keep in mind for future reference! :)

  • Melissa

    Thank you so much, I too love and had success with the old plan. I gave points plus a try and just couldn’t get into it. I know the old plan forwards and backwards, It’s like second nature to me now and it works:)

  • Tami@nutmegnotebook

    I think this will be helpful to many people who are struggling with the new plan. I wonder how things are going for those members who are attending WW mtgs? Has anyone heard?

  • Robyn @ Blueberries and Oats

    Thanks for the resource links! I just got off of WW for the 2nd time and am very glad to see that I could still look up some points if I needed to.

    I’m not sure which plan I like more. I feel like both work when it comes to weight loss but the points plus plan prepares you more for being off the plan. However, the old plan works faster.

  • Laura

    Tami, I attend meetings. The weight loss is much slower with the new plan and I’m not the only one struggling to get the last few pounds off. The only advice I tend to get is “You know what to do, just keep doing it and it will eventually start up again.” Though I love the group support thing, I often can get more information online than I do at the meetings.

    My cousin just hit lifetime (had no issues with the new plan); but now she feels left out. It’s like once you hit lifetime they could care less whether you’re there or not.

  • Pilbara Pink

    Let’s face it WW is a business, which sells weight loss as its product. Lifetime members who stay at their goal and don’t pay anymore don’t exactly contribute to the bottom line! Pardon my cynicism but I am constantly shocked to find WW brand products nutritionally poorer and way more expensive than the regular (low-fat but normal brand) products. For example the local home-brand cottage cheese is lower in calories and fat and way less expensive than WW.

  • Cynthia (It All Changes)

    Thank you for these options Roni. I recently quit WW because the new program didn’t fit in with my health issues. I might check one of these out to see if I can apply them to my life.

  • KC

    I’ll be curious to see how your weight loss goes without counting points. Are you still going to meetings and weighing in? or are you done with WW alltogether?

  • roni
  • Hilary

    Thanks for this! I still loosely follow the “old” WW for maintenance, but haven’t attended meetings for over 2 years, so these resources are good to have!

  • Vicki

    I truly can understand where all you folks are coming from – I’ve been there a bazillion times myself over the years. But, I can now recognize excuses as just excuses and they just do not belong in any weight loss program. I honestly dont’ see that much of a difference in the way the new Points Plus program is run. The way I see it adding a couple of more items into my points calculation is not such a big deal. I have a better understanding now of what it takes to figure out a calorie – and fat and fiber is not all that a calorie is. Sure food costs more points than before, but I also have more daily points to work with now and wow! 49 extra points for the week! I do have to look up more food values than before – but I’ve become accustomed to it now. We al know that just about any weight loss program will work “as long as you actually stick to it”, so the Points Plus program also works – well- you just have to stick to it, right? And remember this is a life style that we are trying to achieve – so sticking to it is the way to go. I wish you all good luck with your searches to find something that will help you to lose weight – I know the struggle I am in it too! Thanks for the list – I use Spark People regulary as well as WW because it is so people friendly. Tons of tips, lots of tools, great recipes, etc.

  • Laura

    Vicki I’m glad the new program is working for you so successfully as a matter of fact it is working extremely well for my cousin with whom I go to meetings with. You are “assuming” that the people who it doesn’t work for aren’t sticking to the program. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have lost weight on PP (more than on the old plan )but I’ve been at a standstill for over 6 weeks now just 5 lbs. from goal. My leader can not seem to offer any advice other than keep doing it. By tracking with Sparkpeople I can actually see the calories, fat, carbs, protein and fiber I am consuming which can help me “tweek” the program (MANY people are now doing this with PP). But I recently also started calculating the menus both the old and new way…I always come up UNDER in points plus but when I do just points the same menu takes me over (when I did the old plan I rarely ever went over dailies). So I AM consuming more calories than I did before..which explains the standstill in my weight. THAT’S what I needed to see so I knew where to make the changes – not “continue what you’re doing”. I have no intention of quiting WW and like you (while I was losing) I couldn’t understand everyone else’s hate for this program but I’ve discovered that their are many struggling. I believe this program was pushed out before it was ready…it needs some tweeking.

    And if someone wants to go back to the old plan – I see no issue with that at all. Yes there are more to calories than just fiber and fat; but remember calories were included in the calculation as a whole in the old plan. I “do” like the 0 pt fruit though and didn’t really understand why fruits had a value on the old plan.

  • Vicki

    Hello Laura, Thanks so much for your response. I truly understand the frustrations that come hand and hand with weight loss. I know that every plan does not work for everyone for a myriad of reasons. I did not mean to sound like I assumed that all people not succeeding are not “sticking”, I was pretty much using myself as the example to try and make my point. I was very tempted to do the flip flop thing with the old and new program because I was not happy with the change. But, I decided to as I say to “stick” with it and it works for me. I don’t assume to judge anyone – I know how hard it is to lose weight – On the other hand I have seen people in my own WW group who instead of trying to work with and make a succes of the new program – come up with so many excuses as to why they can’t do it, why it doesn’t work and so on and so forth. When you talk with them and find out where they are experiencing problems it very often turns out to be inconsistent inaccurate tracking. Not measureing and weighing their foods. Poor choices both at home and while dining out, not following the healthy guidelines, no or very little physical activity, etc. I know without a doubt that the old program works and WW did not need to change it – it was more than likely a marketing strategy – a shake up to get more people to buy into their company. In our group I don’t see the “new” folks having a problem – it’s mostly the oldy goldies (like me) who find the change difficult. That’s why I had to “stick” to it or I would have nosedived. I applaud your research to do what you had to do for yourself – I don’t think most of us would have gone as far as you did to seek answers to your standstill. I’m sorry that your leader could not come up with a better suggestion to help you out. Her failure and a shame. Same scenario at our meeting a couple of weeks ago. Since this person was following the program correctly, etc. and her weight was not budging – just like yours – our leader suggested that she switch her meals around for a week or so – shake things up a bit, ie. breakfast for dinner, lunch for breakfast, etc.She also suggested that she change the time of day and some of the exercises that she did. It did the trick for her and her last few pounds came off and she was able to get to goal. Thanks again Laura for your response to my message. I have enjoyed communicating with you. Oh, and I also love the fact that I don’t have to count my fruit! Makes my banana – or 2- taste just wonderful!

  • Laura

    Thanks for your response and I may try the “switch” of food around. Another option than trying to report the entire program since it foes seem I can maintain.

  • Laura

    Gee I hate using the phone to post!! My last post should read:
    Thanks for the response and I may try the “switch” of food around. Another option than trying to rework the entire program since it does seem I can maintain.

  • Debra

    Thanks for mentioning my link- I was wondering why I was getting a lot more hits on that page lately!

  • Laurie

    Thanks for posting this. I tried the new plan for a few months and got very frustrated at the slow rate of loss. I went from being allowed 18 points a day to 29 . . . it was just too many! If I used any of my extra allowance points, I would stay the same or gain. This made me feel like the new plan was not so much about health and weight loss, but about keeping people in the program as long as possible. I can’t blame them for wanting to make money, but I am thankful that I kept my old materials from the regular points plan.

  • Pam

    Thanks for posting the information! I’m an “oldie” that lost weight in 2002 on the old plan and the new PP plan and I just don’t work well together. Laurie, I tend to agree with the “if they don’t come, we don’t get paid” thinking. Wishing I had my original materials – have found 2004 material which is better than nothing.

  • Frances

    Hi, thanks! The new plan stinks…free fruit makes absolutely zero sense–most fruit, although good for you, is absolutely full of calories, sugar, and carbohydrates! I am not ready to boycott meetings, but I am ready to go back to using the OLD points system! The advice is much appreciated

  • Star

    It has been very interesting reading what everyone had to say about both WW plans. I lost weight and reached my goal on the old plan. When we switched to the PP plan, I have gained almost 1/2 of the weight I lost back. I have tried so many things with my leader that I have finally made my mind up to go back to the old plan. I told my leader that I would do that and she said she would try to help me. Nothing has worked, even with me being a vegetarian I can’t actually get in the 5 fruits and vegetables. I gave it a year and to be honest I wasn’t always doing the right things like tracking, excercising, etc., but when I did give it everything and still nothing, after a year it’s time to go back to what worked. Thanks for all your insight, and hopefully this helps someone in some way!! STAR

  • Laura

    I’m “hearing” on the Weight Watchers message board that an “enhancement” is coming to Points Plus in November. Everyone is very closed mouth on this subject though. On the UK boards they are saying that the extra weekly pts. will be lowered and the lowest daily will go to 26. Don’t know how accurate that is but WW can’t possibly be ignoring the issues when so many are struggling.

  • Star

    It would be great if they actually adjusted the PP because it really does need some tweaking!! I’m still not sure if the tweaking will help me so I will definitely stick to my decision of going back to the old plan. Hopefully I will make some headway.

  • Mercedes

    Personally I find the old plan to be most beneficial for me. It’s nice to knw Im not the only one. With the new plan I did not loose, and stopped tracking all togther for a few weeks, due to frustration and being unsatisfied w/the PP change. When I switched back to the old plan (20pts a day) I lost 8pounds in one month.

  • Phoenix

    I tried the new plan and I gained weight. I lost 100 pounds on the old plan. With the new plan, if I even thought about dipping into those extra points, I gained weight. I’ve gained back 25 pounds and I hate it. Today I go back to the old plan because I KNOW it works. I was very glad to have found this site! Now, I just need an old calculator…

  • Star

    Mercedes that is great news that you did indeed lose. I know the old plan works because I lost 50 lbs. on it. Like I said i have gained 25 of that back on the PP. I just started the old plan this past saturday so even if I gain a little the first week, I know it works. Instead of starting with the basic 29 i only have 22, and with only 35 weekly to work with it makes a difference.

    Phoenix, my leader tried all kinds of things with me including only using 40 of my weekly points all to no avail. i have been climbing since the beginning. I am just so happy to have found this site because I knew I couldn’t be the only one having these issues. I found one of my old books with the calculator slide in the back of it. Maybe see if you have an old book laying around.

  • Phoenix

    I found my old book with the points finder slide in it, so I’ve been using that. My niece is going to send me her old materials and calculator and I’m chomping at the bit to get that. But I started back on the old plan yesterday and am looking forward to getting this weight that I gained on the new plan back off. You would be amazed at how many people don’t like the plan and who have actually gained weight on it. Don’t know what they were thinking. If it works, don’t fix it, for crying out loud! The good news is that I’m back to cooking again. Fixed a fabulous breakfast omelet for a whopping two points. Yeehaw!

  • Star

    They said they changed it because they had to take into account other things to calculate for the points for the food you eat. In the meantime tho, we all were kind of forced to buy all the new hardware to go with the new system since now the old system no longer was available. In the beginning most of the people in my meeting were grumbling, but then they started losing big weight. I don’t know how they were doing it. I never lost anything. Now tho, I know a few in my meeting are disgruntled. I no longer am cause I am now back on the right track now that I chose to go to the old system.

  • Phoenix

    Well, here’s the deal. I used to be a WW leader, during the old system. I was good, because I believed in the system. It’s how I lost 100 pounds. One of the things I learned is that WW changes it’s program just about every year, and that forces people to buy all new stuff. New books, new calculator, new this, that and the other. I never liked that, but it puts money in WW’s pocket, and the leader’s pocket as well, so nobody gripes except those that have to buy the new stuff. This time, though, it was, IMHO, a disaster. The new program doesn’t work (at least not for me), and now it’s getting towards the end of the year and I’ll bet you dollars to donuts they’ll come out with something else that will force you to buy something new to go with it. And if it doesn’t happen this year, it will happen next year. I love Weight Watchers. WW saved my life. But I don’t like the new plan and I’m glad to be back on the old one. I think maybe WW should give people the option of which program they want to use. There…off my soapbox for now.

  • The Baronessa

    The new Weight Watchers plan is a total DISASTER, and I guarantee they will be soon be so fed up with all the complaints that we will see another change. What’s wrong with the new plan? #1— WAY TOO MUCH FOOD for most of us who are older, less active, have slower metabolisms, or worse yet–thyroid and other medical issues that exacerbate the difficulty of losing weight. And we are the majority of their customers, the ones with the cash to keep WW going–HELLO?
    Another problem is the no points for fruit fiasco. Many of us are compulsive overeaters and food ADDICTS who must have guidelines for food portions. Before it was basically one point per fruit which kept one’s intake at a reasonable maximum. But now with no points required, how many addicts are going to stop at 3 or 4 fruits? There aren’t enough apples at the market to satisfy this fruit lover’s addiction, and I’m not going to psychologically or arbitrarily be able to control that addiction when you tell me fruit is now points free.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg with my “kvetch” about the new plan. So it’s back to the previous plan, and I’m losing weight again–well, DUH! Only difference now is my friends and I no longer go to WW and listen to the BS anymore from lecturers who don’t like the new plan either but have to promote it or lose their jobs. So we have formed our own support group, and we are not only saving money and losing weight-but we love our social time together each week. So good-bye WW until you come to your senses and remember the basic old adage that is wiser than Solomon: IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT!!!

  • Phoenix

    I just wish the powers-that-be at WW could read this thread… I’ve been back on the old plan for a week and lost 4 pounds. The old plan works. The new plan doesn’t. Don’t know what’s so difficult that WW doesn’t “get it.”

  • Laura

    I noticed on the WW board someone mentioned that their leader said “Fruits are free for NOW.” That gives me the indication that changes are a coming! If you have a smart phone there are still apps that calculate the old point way (some do both) so that could be an option if you’re looking for a calculator. I happened to mention at the WW board that a member was told by a leader that her plateu was due to eating too many fruits – that the guideline of eating 5 fruits and veggies daily doesn’t mean you get a choice – only 2 of those servings should be fruit. Man-they jumped all over me saying the leader was a terrible one, etc… It’s beginning to get
    U G L Y….

  • Phoenix

    I feel for the poor leaders. I was one, but that was when I really believed in the program. It worked for me. When I came back from Mexico and the plan had changed, I had to opportunity to go back to work for WW being a leader, but when I tried the new plan, I gained weight, so I couldn’t in all good conscience stand up in front of a room full of people and tout the new program when I knew it didn’t work. I hope they change it. I really do. Just go back to what works.

  • The Baronessa

    Honey, the “poor leaders” need to speak up and tell the company how so many of us feel. It’s virtually impossible to contact the company directly and expect any concrete response. I recently went into a tirade about the new plan and sent it to the company directly. All I got in response was an automated “thank you for contacting us”and a recipe for some soup that I’ve been making since Methusela and Jean Nidetch first sat down for tea together.

  • Phoenix

    Don’t you just HATE those canned letters? Makes you wonder if anybody reads them at all. Trust me, as a leader, the company didn’t listen to us either. Leaders go to the supervisors and that’s where it stays. I don’t think the district supervisors had any better luck than we did. Too bad.

  • Laura

    Okay, from the Weight Watchers message board, here’s some of the talk regarding the “enhancements” (don’t know what’s true and what isn’t):

    Lifetime members that maintain their weight will get e-tools for free.

    There will be food categories – nothing specific. I’m thinking Good Health Guidelines – probably separate the fruits and vegetables and limit you.

    Fruits will have points.

    Changes are only enhancements and not a big change like last year.

    So…..we’ll have to wait and see what, if any, are true.

  • Erika

    Okay my boyfriend and I decided that we were going to start WW b/c I lost 45 lbs on it awhile back, so I know it works. However, after researching and reading through these messages I’m really hesitant to start with the PP system. I don’t know it and really dont’ want to invest money into something that might not work according to what I’m reading. Can you give me suggestions on this?

  • roni

    Erika – You would have to evaluate it yourself. It works for some and not others just like any program.

  • Yvette Demoines

    If anyone has the OLD 123 success stuff I will BUY it from you! I am desperately trying to find it!! thanks

  • Janice

    After researching I am glad I found this site. I too will not even try the new PP program. Thank God I never let my old program materials get away from me. And many thanks for this site.

  • The Baronessa

    Erika– In all fairness to WW, I want to point out that WW has been around for 50+ years. It is a marvelous program that has helped millions of people(including myself)to lose weight in a healthy manner.

    So there is nothing inherently wrong with the program or with WW making changes that the company believes may work for more people. Everyone has to find out what works best for them.

    The new points plus system may work fine for YOU and your BF.

    My situation is exacerbated by the fact that I have had lifelong weight issues and to have to accept the fact that I am a compulsive overeater and food addict —not just a person who needs to lose 20 pounds so I can get back into my size zero dress or my summer bikini.

    People like me need to avoid or strictly limit foods that cause us to binge and trigger a relapse into extreme obesity.

    I don’t want to vilify the new PP program, and I certainly don’t want to diminish the rewards of eating healthy foods like fruit. However, fruit for me is a trigger food. When WW gave me the “green light” to eat fruits without using points, I gradually started eating bananas, grapes, cherries, melons, pineapple, etc. mindlessly because my disease tells me. “It’s OK, they’re free!”

    I basically need to count points for everything except water, non-starchy vegetables, and certain condiments and calorie free foods. So, in case, the older WW programs were much more beneficial.

    I wish you the best, and kindly pray for me as I pray for all this site.

  • Star

    Well, I finally got my act together. I couldn’t get in gear from being on the old plan. I finally did and last week i lost 3 lbs. That was the first time I have lost in a year since I made lifetime and then gained half of my weight back. It felt good to finally hear the words, “You’re down!” Hopefully I can stay on track. Good luck to everybody and don’t give up just keep trying!! Star

  • Joanne

    My best friend and I have decided to go back to the old points program(momentum). I do not like and have not liked the new Points Plus program. I have started twice and stopped. I cannot foresee how fruit does not have any point value when there is so much sugar in bananas (for example)! We dug out our old points book, slide and are starting all over again. I lost 50 lbs on that program (gained half back due to my own fault), but I only gained 2x on that program and I was on it for 18 months. In one month, I lost 12 pounds. This is a more structured program (in my opinion). I feel like you are eating too much on the new program. The first time I joined, it took me 7 weeks to lose just a total of 9 pounds, and I followed the program to a tee! Very frustrating. I love my leader, but I too am tired to hear “well, you just have to stick with it.” I want to see results and with the Points Plus program, I am not. They neglect to tell you that Jennifer Hudson lost most of her weight on the old program! I thought that was the best program they came up. SO many success stories. I would love to see the data in comparison.

  • Jeremy

    Thanks so much for this! I’ve been searching for others who are unhappy with PointsPlus. Does anyone know of a good iphone app that calculates old Points values?

  • charlotte adamis

    Reading these posts comes as such a relief. I’m another lifer and I had about 3 pounds to lost last year when the new PP system was introduced. I immediately gained 2 lbs! I stopped, out of frustration, and started it again several months ago – I am now up 8 pounds. My leader has tried to work with me –don’t eat bananas. I’ve stopped. Lower carbs. I have. I am 50 – but I exercise an hour a day (run, spin, etc.). I try counting fruit, not counting fruit, counting exercise, not. I’ve approached the new plan like a scientist, shifting variables. Tracking religiously. Yesterday, I decided enough was enough. I am going back to the old. My sister had kept her book/slider (dummy me, I’d thrown it all out….) and I’m hopeful. It’s great to read that it’s working for others. I’ve been with WW since I was 16 years old–and this is the first time ever that it’s not worked for me.

  • Phoenix

    It will be interesting to see what changes are being made. They’re advertising the NEW PointsPlus 2012 and I just wonder if they’ve even HEARD how lousy this new system is. The closest meeting to me is a good half an hour away, which uses up a lot of gas I don’t have the money to pay for. I seem to fall off the wagon trying to do it alone, even the old plan. It’s frustrating. And the online isn’t the same as a real meeting. I’m just really frustrated. I know that I need to do this FOR ME, but I’m alone now and nobody really gives a hoot if I’m heavy or not, and it’s way too easy to slide back into the “food for comfort” habit. I wish a meeting was closer. Having said all that, when I stick to the old plan, I start losing weight again. I just need to do it.

  • Laura

    If you root through the UK Weight Watchers site you can see the new program. Changes seem to be very minor…there will be no change in how points are calculated; however there are lower amounts for both daily and weekly for those who are struggling with things as is. There also seems to be a “free” day each week where you can do the “simply filling technique” instead of counting points. Also Lifetime Member at goal will get e-tools for free! And there will be more emphasis on activity points.
    But all the details should be available next week!

  • Marianne

    I too was totally frustrated with Points Plus. I am 5′ tall and lost 18 lbs on the old WW plan steadily each week. I stopped going when I reached my goal weight, but gained back 6 lbs. Decided to rejoin, but was unaware of the change in plans. The 1st week I dropped 2.5 lbs, but that was probably because I was just off vacation. The next two weeks, I followed the plan carefully and stayed the same weight. When I weighed the same after the 3rd week while still following the new plan, I voiced my concern, & the team leader said, “WW would never put out a plan that wouldn’t work well for everyone…” Still, I dropped out (& we all know that’s an expensive thing to do), but couldn’t find my old book / plan. Thanks so much for posting all this information here. Old Plan & 5 lbs lighter – here I come! (fingers crossed :)

  • Phoenix

    Well, they’re changing the plan again. Tweaking the Points Plus, so I understand. It will be interesting to see what they do to it. I might have to pay my twelve bucks just to go back and see what they’ve done. I know the new plan just didn’t work for me. The old plan works, but I find I need the weekly support in order for me to stay on track.

  • Lenna

    I have been trying to find an old Weight Watchers plan from the, I believe, 1980s. It was a kind of brochure layout, came in a folder, and there were different menus laid out for like 6-8 weeks. I loved that plan, but I cannot find mine, and I was hoping someone could tell me where I could locate it. I absolutely hated the points system and would love to find the “old fashion” way of following Weight Watchers. It was a good plan and it was all spelled out for you. I don’t know if I’ve explained/described what I’m looking for well enough, but any input you could give me would be greatly appreciated. If you have any information, you can contact me via e-mail at:
    Thank you in advance,

  • The Baronessa

    I’ve been back on the old program which always worked fine for me, but I wasn’t losing any weight this time around and just figured my metabolism has slowed down because of my age.

    Well, I went for a complete physical a few weeks ago which I hadn’t done in over 3 years, and my bloodwork shows that I have hypothyroidism. My doctor immediately started me on Synthroid, and I hope that this combined with the old WW program will help get the scales moving downward again.

    I guess it’s a blessing in disguise that I found I have this condition, otherwise I would have been like a hamster in a wheel– just dieting and exercising faithfully and not losing a pound.

  • Angi

    I am looking for the old points restaurant guide & food list books as well as a slide. I too am having problems w/ the points plus program & want to go back to the original points plan that was in place when I first joined (I’m a lifetime member). Unfortunately, I can’t find my old stuff.

    If anyone can help me get these items, please let me know.

  • roni

    Angi – have you checked Ebay. There’s always a few people selling old materials up there.

  • Deborah Belton

    I need to know the old plan for Weight Watchers in the late 70′s early 80′s. I hate the way they keep changing a plan that worked. Please does anybody have this program to pass along to me

  • Gail Leider

    check out this website for the old WW plan, it looks like what people want from the 70′s/80′s:

  • Tracy Love

    I lost 170lbs on the old WW program and then started on the Points Plus and GAINED 20lbs. I believe too much fruit is NOT A GOOD THING. I follow

  • Anna

    So not only did I lose 62 pounds with Points, I gained 15 with Points Plus. So glad I searched and found you. Going back to the old program.

  • carla

    I’m going to checkout these websites.I am SO FRUSTRATED with “points plus” I was very upset they didnt offer a choice. I lost 136 lbs on the OLD PLAN as soon as they rolled out the “NEW PLAN”… I GAINED 35 LBS!!

    UGH! I really hope these resources get me back on track.

  • Phoenix

    I too am more than frustrated. I decided to give it one more try. I weighed in on Sunday. I’m sticking exactly to the plan, but also trying to stay under 1200 calories (yes, I’m counting both.) It will be interesting to see what this Sunday’s scales show, because quite frankly, I don’t feel any thinner…

  • Phoenix

    Ok, all last week I stayed between 23 and 26 points (new WW plan) and usually just under 1000 calories a day. I lost a whopping 2 pounds. Very frustrating. I know, I know. I should be happy with the 2 pounds, but I’m not. For staying under a thousand calories a day I should be losing more than that. Tempted to try one of those over-the-counter diet aids just to move things along. Your thoughts?

    • WVBB

      I have been trying everything and nothing seems to work. Getting very frustrated.

  • Yvette Demoines

    On January 1st, I started the WW 123 success plan…after week 1 I lost 9 lbs…week 2, gained .4…week 3 after starting insulin, I gained another 1lb back…so here is how the weight played out…365, 356, 356.4, 357.4…getting frustrated and very ill w/the flu, I decided after my sister told me to stop with the “whites” like bread, potatoes, rice etc that I would go to whole grains, sweet potatoes etc along w/portion control instead of the WW…I lost 10.4 this week! now 347…in 4 wks I have lost a total of 18 lbs! With that being said, I lost more in week 4 than I did any other week! Just change the way you eat..not necessarily what you eat! I had spaghetti…dreamfields…I had pizza, 2 slices not 5!

  • roni

    Phoenix – It depends greatly on how much you have to lose. 2 lbs a week is fabulous in my opinion. Your comment leads me to believe you are in for the short term loss instead of learning how to eat healthier to maintain a happy weight. Take the 2 lbs, smile and work on getting out of the quick fix mentality.

    Those are my thoughts. You asked. :)

  • Phoenix

    Roni, I lost 100 pounds on the old WW system, so I know about being in it for the long haul. But the new system just isn’t working as well as I thought it should. I just felt that for as hard as I worked on it, I should have gotten a better weight loss.

  • kate

    On the old plan, prior to WWPointsPlus, I lost 20 pounds in the first 3 months. Then they started with PointPlus. I have continued to go to the meetings every week since the new program started. I lose 1/2 pound. Gain 3/4. Lose 1. Gain 1-1/2. I looked at my weight loss chart this morning and I was right! PointsPlus works wonderfully for a maintenance program, just not a weightloss program. According to my chart, I weigh the exact same amount as I did on Feb. 8, 2011 at my WW meeting. I will continue to go to my weekly meetings. I truly enjoy my “old gals” that go to my Tuesday morning meetings and we have a wonderful group leader. It is so good to find a site that relates to not only my discontent with PointPlus but also for my “gals” in my meetings. I’ll pass you on tomorrow morning. In numbers we can change things.

  • Kim

    Years ago I was on the older ww plan,It was in 1982-3 it was great I lost over 60 pounds. Ive tried to remember the plan but am not sure but still trying to go by what I remember,I have lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks. If anyone has the plan from that year,please e-mail me the correct amounts(like 4-6 protiens a day and ounces) I think it was call Quick Start,you eat less on the 1st week and then the 2nd week you re introduce foods like bread,fruit etc.On that plan I remember losing 11 pounds my first week. Thanks and good luck!

  • roni

    Kim – I wasn’t in WW back then. You may want to try Ebay. Lots of people see old program materials there.

  • Linda Tuck

    I lost 34 lbs on the old points system in 1999. I kept it off during the lost of my husband to cancer and when I retired in 2009, I begin to put a little back on. When it got up to 10 lbs I knew I needed to get back in the grove. I stated Points Plus the first of February. I lost then gained . I went by the plan the last 2 wks and also started waling 3.2 miles 5 or 6 days a week. I lost .2 lbs. I have switched back to the old points system and canceled my monthly payment plan. So until 4/22/12 I will congtinue going to the meetings but will be using the points not the points plus. I love fruit and fresh veg’s, but I prefer to record 1 point for an apple or 2 for a banana than to just keep eating.

  • Sg

    I lost almost 80lbs on old system. I tried new plan and hated it. I just went back to old points plan and am back on track. I found the formula for old Ww points:
    Points= calories/50 + fat/12 – fiber/5

    I can count my own points. Does anyone have the old carry point card? Or has anyone thought about creating a website for grocery items with old points where we can add items as a community?

  • Jay

    try the public can find it in the diet section as WW published a binder just before they went to the points system.J

  • SarahR

    Thank you so much for this site and these posts! I do NOT like the PP plan! I lost the first 2 weeks, but on the 3rd week I am gaining! WHAT??!!! So, because I love my iphone, I am buying several little apps to create my own, old plan. I have already paid for the new online plan, so I adjusted my points to the old plan as best I could (it would not let me drop down in daily pints though, so I had to adjust my weekly points and just realize I only have a certain amount each day. Then I can just do the math…grrrr.

    The apps I have found are…
    Points Classic – $.99

    Restaurants and Food Units – $.99 (has all kinds of restaurant points…old and new….TONS of good stuff on this app!)

    Points Calculator Plus – $1.99 …funny how I thought that was expensive when I am paying $65 for 3 months of WW tools I really can’t use! This has a tracker and a calculator, but the other one is easier to use and see (I have old lady eyes). My son is currently using this one and he really likes it, and I just downloaded it!

    Good luck, everyone! Hopefully WW will see the light. I heard they were also under a lot of pressure from several organizations that they do not stress eating “healthy” enough. So ridiculous…people that live the longest don’t eat super healthy – they just don’t eat very much.

  • The Baronessa

    I’m sure WW is scrambling to tweak their new Points Plus program because of all the backlash from clients and lecturers speaking up, but there’s probably big bucks involved when they make any dramatic changes, so notice the stubbornness they exude in the ad with Jennifer Hudson where she proclaims in so many words how the old program was great but she just loves the new program. Sheeesh – - corporate America will beat a dead horse before they will make any changes or admit their clients were right.

  • Linda Tuck

    Since returning to the Points System, not PP, I have lost 12 lbs and only have 4 lbs to be back to my goal weight that I reached in Sept. 1999. I use the 3 month tracker and I also write the time of day that I eat. A helpful tip I got from Dr. Oz to make sure I drink my water, I put three rubberbands on my wrist. As I finish a 16.9 oz. bottle I remove one band. This keeps me on track and I don’t have to remember to write it down.
    I Love the points system and plan to continue to use it.

  • Phoenix

    Well, now that I’m back in a place where I can go to meetings again, I have decided to give the new program another try. It feels kind of like how I was eating on the old plan. I tried doing the new plan on my own and it didn’t seem to work for me. But, maybe with the meeting room support, I’ll do better. I’m in my first week so will report back after Saturday with results.

  • Laura

    Question for those going back to the Old Plan – how are you eating differently? I guess what I don’t understand (and I’ve used both plans and have had success with both)is if you are eating the exact same food but only calculating the pts. differently..I don’t understand why it would work with the old plan but not the new. Make sense? Is it the fruit points?

  • Phoenix

    I’ve been into the new plan for almost a week and I really don’t see that I’m eating all that differently from how I ate on the old plan. Of course, the scales will tell something on Saturday when I weigh in. I don’t overdo on the “free” stuff either. I mean, you can’t eat 12 servings of fruits and veggies just because they’re “free” and think you’re going to lose weight. We’ll see what happens on Saturday!

  • Phoenix

    Ok, my first week back to WW. As you may recall, I had tried doing the new plan on my own and it didn’t work well. So I started back to meetings last Saturday and worked the new plan all week. Stepped on the scale and lost 6.8 pounds. Now, of course, I’m not going to get a loss like that every week. But it was a motivating start. I’ve also stayed for the Power Start sessions. There are things you hear in the meeting rooms that you just don’t get on your own. And when I look at how I eat, it’s not really that much different from how I was eating on the old plan where I lost a hundred pounds. Again, I think part of the new plan is learning how NOT to go overboard with portions. And I don’t think I went into those “extra” 49 weekly points either, but then I rarely used them on the old plan. So far, so good. I know next week will be a much smaller loss, or perhaps no loss at all. That’s just the nature of the beast. But I’m encouraged.

  • The Baronessa

    I new “mentor” and I decided to actually calculate the amount of calories I was consuming when I used my Points Plus allowance and bonus points, plus the calories in all the fruits and veggies, and other “free” foods I was eating that didn’t have to be counted into my Points allowance. The total was over 3000 calories. My new food sponsor told me she was amazed that I didn’t gain 1 or 2 pounds a week. I am now on a 1200 calorie diet specially made for me, and I’m walking at least 1-1/2 miles a day. I have been reborn, I’m losing weight, and I feel like a million.

    For me it was all about finding a health care professional who was able to determine what was best for my age, health issues, metabolism, personal history, individual eating habits, taste preferences, and activity level–not walking into a weight loss center, being weighed, and then being given a points allowance by someone who is not a health care professional and who knows nothing about me other than my weight and gender. The one-size-fits-all approach did not work for me.

  • Laura

    Baronessa – you hit the problem right on. I do Weight Watchers but have been logging my menus at Sparkpeople as well. I have been able to stay within my points as well as my calories, fat, protein, fiber and carbs. Anyone not losing on WW should spend a week logging things in.

    The problem as I see it is that people over do it with the 0 point foods. One lady in my group was consuming 20 fruits a day!!! And she wondered why she couldn’t lose; the group leader didn’t even respond when she listed all that! Privately, someone else told her to replace some of that fruit with veggies – she started to lose again.

    Yes, the leader tells you not to over do it with fruit, but people with weight problems are overweight because they over do it – we need guidelines to follow. IMO – WW should limit the number of “free” fruit and make you count points for any over that limit. Someone I work with just started and we were talking about fruit…when I advised her not to over do it as those fruits have calories, her response? “No, no…fruit is free, I can eat all I want.” Hmmmmmm….yeah, no.

    0 pts. doesn’t equal 0 calories – write it down and hang it all over the place!

  • Phoenix

    Well, I’ve been on the new plan for a month and have lost 9.8 pounds. I think I’ve finally got a handle on it. Unlike the old plan, where you were told you HAD to eat ALL of your points, with the new plan, if that doesn’t work well for you, you’re allowed to cut those points down and be ok. I know some people in my group who can eat all 26 points AND the extra 49 and still lose weight. I, however, am not one of them. I find that if I stick to 21 or 22 points a day, and not overdo on the zero point stuff, I lose. I can even go up to 26 points one or two days a week and still lose. But I can’t do 26 points every day and dip into the 49. Just doesn’t work for me. I’m older now, and even though I do walk every day, I’m certainly NOT a gym rat. And I’m tellin’ ya, there’s magic in the meetings. I’m convinced that half of a person’s success is attending the meetings on a regular basis, even (maybe especially) if you’ve screwed up. So, I am back on track. I have six pounds to go until back at my WW goal and don’t have to pay any more. But to be truthful, I have another few pounds to go after that to be where I really want to be.

  • Laura

    Glad to hear you have it under control Phoenix! I just started back last week..doing it as written right now plus inputted on Sparkpeople to make sure the calories don’t over due it! As I see results I’ll know how to tweek!

  • Phoenix

    Now that I’ve settled in to the new plan, I find that I simply have to use my good old COMMON SENSE! I keep my zero point foods to no more than 2 fruits a day, but veggies I can go up to 5 servings and still be on track. I mean, a nice big salad for lunch does it for me, and I love adding one of those Baby Bels to my salad. And the WW chocolate/raspberry ice cream bar is positively decadent. So, we progress!

  • The Baronessa

    I think it’s wonderful that some WW are able to tweak the program until they figure out how many fruits they can handle, how many bonus pts. they can handle, etc. etc. If I was able to do that routinely on my own, I probably wouldn’t have my weight issues in the first place.

    My lecturer was not aware of my hypothyroidism, or my personal history, or my food addiction issues nor would I wish to share those issues with anyone other than a doctor or certified nutritionist. So my lecturer apparently did not feel any need to tell me that 8-10 fruits a day was too many or that I shouldn’t perhaps use my bonus points if I am not losing satisfactorily, etc.

    So a relationship with a health care professional is essential for my situation, and it is working well for me.

    That being said, for the majority of overweight people, I doubt there ever was or ever will be as wonderful a program as Weight Watchers.

  • Blaire

    I must admit that the old program worked best for me as well.In the past I lost 49.5 pounds on the old program and since beginning the pointsplus program I have lost a total of 6 pounds in 4 months. I do agree that the fruit consuption should be monitiored in order to lose weight and tracking your food and attending the meetings is the essential to a successful weight loss. I guess with me I just seem to find the old program more rewarding for me. I would rather count my fruits and veggies opposs to eating these items for free. It just makes me more accountable for what goes into my mouth.

  • Cynthia

    Like others, I can’t stand points plus. I lost 70 bls on the “old” WW and have gained almost 20 back on PP. I’m looking for an online flex points calculator and can’t find one that is still functional. If anyone knows of one, can you let me know?

  • Cynthia

    Roni…you are a lifesaver! Thanks! What Blaire said about counting fruits and veggies – I think that is a huge part of my problem.

  • Pam

    Find old Weight Watchers Cookbooks, they had the program in the front of the cookbooks. They also had menu planers for weeks. I too do not like the new plans and can not loose weight. I have started the old plan and love it. Go to old book stores or see if they are still in print.

  • Laura

    If you have a smart phone check for “unofficial” apps…there are still many that work with the old point system.

  • mary

    I bought an old Weight Watcher’s cookbook from Amazon (used) that has the whole “Quick Start” program layed out in the front. It has sample menus as well. I’ve tried doing the points system twice and recently have lost a whole 1 pound in a month. Going back to what worked for me in the late 80′s.

  • Cynthia

    I’m doing the same thing, Mary. In two weeks, I’ve lost 8 lbs. 22 more to go! I’ve gone back to flex, from 2008.

  • Jennifer P.

    I absolutely do NOT like PointsPlus. It has taken me 8 weeks to lose 4 pounds. That is crazy when I look back at my old food and weight logs from WW 123 Success and TurnAround (Flex). I lost 35 pounds in 12 months in 2002-2003. I kept most of that off until 2008. I have tried going back to WW three times since they changed to PP. Don’t care for it. I have resurrected my old books, sliders and journal. Going back to Flex. So happy I found this site. Great info!

  • Vickie McDowell

    I loved doing the old ww plan and then they have got this new plan and I just don’t get on with it I have put some waight on and I need to lose it again but I have missed placed all the old plan stuff like how to work out my points for the week and how to work out all the points so if anyone can help me that would b great please

  • roni

    Check ebay! Lots of people selling old stuff.

  • Laura

    There’s tons of old stuff on ebay, you just need to take the time to go through the listings. I just did a posting at my blog about it with some links to some of the old stuff at ebay.

  • sandy

    Yesterday I started back on old points program.need to get back on track. Haven’t had great luck on pp.

  • Phoenix

    Sigh…yes, me again. Up and down, try this, try that. I am so bloody SICK of the fight!!! I do know the new plan doesn’t work for me. Tried the old plan, which DOES work, but for some reason just couldn’t seem to stay motivated. I know 90% of weight loss is in the head and I just couldn’t get my head into the right mode. But, I know what works, and here I am again. Got my old materials and calculator and will start again. It’s not how many times I fall down that counts. It’s how many times I get back up and try again!

  • Cynthia

    Phoenix, you are an inspiration. We know what works, we just have to try. I’m trying right there with you. :)

  • Phoenix

    Cynthia, thanks, but I sure don’t feel like much of an inspiration. It costs money to eat in a healthy manner, and I don’t have two pennies to rub together these days. Food bank food is heavy on beans and rice and other such high-point foods. Makes it difficult. But, I persevere.

  • bikenrun

    when I saw My old weight watchers leader 3 years later she looked like she gained 15-20 lbs on the points plus system. I use the old program for my personal training clients and I’ve had huge success. I just go on Amazon and I purchase the book from 2008 and I give them to my clients as start up kit.

  • NookLou

    I hate the new WW points plus! I want to go back to the old points. Does anyone know of an app for smartphones that I can track my points using the old points?

  • Sindee

    I also don’t like the new PointsPlus and loved the old program that used Set Points. Lost over 20lbs on it. I stupidly threw all that program’s info away to when starting pointsplus. Now that I have gained much of what I lost, I want to get on the old program again. I can’t remember the name of that program that used setPoints. Anyone know for sure. I want to buy the correct dining guide and complete list books.

  • Sandy1606

    I lost 35 lbs in 5 months on the old points system, but couldn’t lose a thing on the pointsplus system. Last week, I found an android app called Diet Watchers Diary, which costs $1.99. You choose which points system to use. It follows your intake of water, oils, veggies, dairy, and you can add things to the list to follow. It has lists of foods, the calculator to figure your own foods out, etc. Needless to say, I am using the old points system and it works great! Love it! Will never pay WW $$$$$$$ ever again!

  • rd

    I lost 50 pounds on the old system. I have gained 15 from that back and tried many times with the new point plus system and HATE IT!!! i cant loose anything with that one. I wish did not through old books and way to figure out points. Anyone out there knows how to get that somewhere?

    • RoniNoone

      Check ebay!

  • Lu from PA.

    Can anyone tell me where I can purchase the old weight watchers materials (Quick Start – Momentum), including the points slider?

    • RoniNoone

      Try Ebay!

    • SilverFoxyBlog

      I have a complete set of 2008 and 2009 WW materials I am moving and feel guilty just throwing them out.

    • Lu from PA

      Are you selling them? If so, how much?

    • sweety

      Hi Lu,
      I just found this site. But I wanted to tell you I found the Weight Watchers Quick Start Plus Program Cookbook (the one I use) on (new books) and (used books). Good luck.

  • Lu from PA.

    Thanks so much!

  • SM Tatum

    I was involved with Weight Watchers successfully back in ’93-’94 (pre points). At that time I was on Level 1, with the booklets that specified how many of each category. Then there was a booklet that had all the items and weights for portion control.
    I cannot find mine and am desperate to return to what worked.
    How might I find these materials again???
    Thank you sincerely,
    SM Tatum

    • RoniNoone

      Try Ebay. People sell a lot of old materials there.

  • Erika

    Thank you for posting these resources. I tried the new plan and it just doesn’t seem to work as well as the old one.I was searching for some helpful info and came across list. :)

  • Nicole

    I thought I was the only one! I lost 80lbs back on Flex and have gained it back and have been trying to get back on the WW wagon and I just can’t. After doing some research I am back to old school WW’ers! here’s to much succcess again!

  • Judy

    Not only can you find the old weight watchers materials on ebay, but if you have a local Goodwill check it out. I recently picked up the “complete food companion and the dining out companion” there for $1.99 each. Also tons of the old weight watcher cookbooks. If they are soft cover, they are around $1.99-2.99 in our area and most are in very good condition.

  • Di in Texas

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for setting up this site. I am on my third unsuccessful try at Weight Watchers Plus. I hate it!!! When WW changed over to the Points Plus program I got rid of my other points materials for some crazy reason. I did great on the old plan, but retired and have gained 20 pounds back. So glad there are others out there that feel the same way. I’ve complained to my WW leader, but wonder if there is someone higher up I can express my feelings.

  • Elizabeth Cantrill

    Yes I have the old system it would be about 30 years old. I am from Australia and the menu book is a little worse for ware. It was a saviour I found it as I am Type 2 Diabetic and I don’t have to worry about counting Carbs. I am In the process of typing it up.(Word for Word as the format) Please send me your email address and in the subject line please put weight watchers otherwise it will go to junk mail. Email address:

  • Trying2LoseInMI

    Well, when W.W. states all fruit & vegetables are free then W.W. states but, you can not eat more then 3-4 fruits and vegetables a day. I don’t see it in the new W.W. points plus plus but, if you don’t lose weight on their new plan the leaders will ask you if you are over eating fruits and vegetables. I thought they are suppose to be free? They are not. I can’t eat what ever I want, I won’t lose weight. Yet W.W. tells you, you can eat anything you want. I have not lost 1 pound yet after weeks of rejoining again. The only time I can remember losing weigh is when I was limited to eating, so many proteins, starch, fruits, vegetables, etc… I got to learn to not give Weight Watchers my money, “It Don’t Work”


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