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I know not everyone knows of or shops there, but I LOVE Aldi’s! They don’t have many of the traditional products the husband wants but for your basic pantry stock–canned goods, pasta, condiments, and even frozen meats–their prices can’t be beat. I like to go at least every month or so and it helps me reduce my overall monthly grocery bills.

They have a brand called Fit & Active. I’m not a fan of all the products in the line as they are mostly "light" but not necessarily "heathy". However, there are some fabulous choices like the whole wheat pastas, the canned and dried fruit, the yogurts, the jellies, the lean meats and now these new frozen fruit bars!


There are only 58 calories with no fat and 1g of fiber (carbs 16g & protien 1g) That comes out to 1 old WWP and 2 new WWPP.

Even the ingredient list isn’t that bad. Here’s the blueberry raspberry flavor..

Blueberries, Raspberries, water, sugar, natural flavors, corn syrup, purple carrot juice, guar pectin, locust bean gum, citric and absorbic acid.

So yeah, there’s some corn syrup but that’s not a deal breaker for me. It’s pretty low on the list compared to other ice cream treats I’ve seen and I’m just not that obsessive about it.

Anyway, just wanted to share in case there are some other Aldi heads out there. If you are new to Aldi I have video and shopping list of the items I like to get there.

Here’s the food journal for today…

I started my day with a quick cheeseless western omelet.

2 eggs, onion, peppers, and ham. By Far my fav!

Then I hit the leftover sushi from last nights dinner.

and paired it with a bowl of Manhattan Clam chowder…

Then I ran! I don’t have a pic of the graph… haven’t had time to sync it yet but I ran to Little Guys School for a Mother’s Day party! It was so fun. We had strawberries and animal crackers. Well, I stuck with strawberries.

Afterwards we walked home and stopped off at Rita’s for a kids sized Italian Ice.

For Dinner, we came *this* close to going out as I had nothing defrosted and frankly, the kitchen was still a mess from 2 nights ago. But I decided it would be better to whip something up instead. So I cracked open a can of beans and pulled some broccoli and chicken tenders from the freezer. Then I literally threw everything in the oven while I nursed and bathed the baby.

1/2 our later we were eating this…

It ended up being a family pleaser!

Later we watched a movie and I had one of those berry ice cream bars.

That was my day in food! :) Now I’m off to take a quick shower and watch the season finally of Fringe!

Gotsta go! ;)

Full Disclosure: I am in no way related or associated with Aldi’s. Just a fan.

  • Laura

    Sounds like a great day! Way to see through a great day by deciding to throw dinner together. Looks like it was delicious, and you saved money and tons of calories!

  • Melissa (@MelGetsFit)

    We don’t have Aldi’s in my area. Our only “alternative” grocery store option is Fresh & Easy which is owned by UK-based Tesco. Of course, I guess you could also include Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Sprouts in the alternative category as well. We have all of those here.

  • roni

    Mel – Aldi’s are normally found in “marginal” areas. At least that’s how I’ve heard it described in a few articles and I think it’s their way of saying mid-lower income communities. Where whole foods and such are found in mid-higher. At least that’s my impression.

  • Melissa (@MelGetsFit)

    Your impression is right! LOL I would definitely say their demographic is the most upwardly mobile crowd, hence their nickname, Whole Paycheck. ;) I have seen an Aldi’s when I was visiting Detroit, but didn’t have occasion to stop in and check it out. Maybe I’ll stop in and check it out the next time I’m there, or plan a field trip when I’m at FitBloggin’. ;)

  • Wendy

    I utterly love Aldi’s whole asparagus spears and whole petite green beans from the freezer section! And turkey mignons when they have them in the freezer as well!

  • Wendy

    Btw what did you decide fruit/points plus wise? Or did I miss it in one of your posts?

  • Tiger G

    Those look sooo good! I use to buy these

    but I can’t find them at the store anymore, I’ll have to go to Aldi’s tomorrow and try those to see how they compare.

  • Katie @ Up Fit Creek

    Those Fit&Active bars are deliciously amazing! I like to go to Aldi’s. They do sell a lot of processed, “light” junky stuff, but they also have tons of legitimate healthy choices for a lot less money.

  • roni
  • Shannon H.

    Totally trying the ALDI fruit bars!! I love ALDI!!! Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Mo

    I am definitely an ALDI fan. I’ll check out the Super Fruit bars.

    I love their bags of Chinese Stir fry veggies and sauce. I make a quick easy soup with it by adding some onion and broth. I miss their Fit & Active wraps.

  • RG

    I thought of you when I bought xanthum gum in preparation for all the summer smoothies. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s supposed to make a much smoother, creamier product. We still have popsicle molds lying around (remember those?) though in the heat of summer I often just pop some frozen raspberries or grapes without bothering to add anything.

  • roni

    I have them in the freezer right now with leftover green smoothie in them! lol It’s not that good though.. froze funny.

  • Tara

    Your food looks tasty and delicious!!

  • Di

    Hi Roni, Look for the Soy Delicious fruit bars the ingredients are much more natural, no corn syrup. And they were only 60 cals I think so comparable. Other good ones I tried recently were the Julie’s Sorbet, blackberry flavor was DIVINE! So good!

  • Candice

    Hey Roni! Long time follower, first post. I love all of your ideas! Have used several of your LiteBites recipes. But on another note, I must know what did you think of the season finale of Fringe….

  • Renee

    Roni, your face is getting so slim! Go you! ;-)

  • Dawn

    I love Aldi’s I always get my ground turkey and eggs there the veggies always look great also and the frozen fish. Grey place to shop.

  • roni

    Candice – OMG I have no idea! The hubby and I have been talking about it all weekend. WHY would Peter not exist?? I’m totally stumped yet intrigued!

  • Mary

    Oh man, everything on this post looks so amazing…especially the sushi. 9 months pregnant (due Thursday!!) and warm weather have me craving raw fish something fierce! Also, I wanted to tell you that I’ve been making your spicy black beans for our taco nights (I add a red bell pepper, which makes it even better :-D) and since the husband won’t touch it, I have plenty leftover, and it makes a GREAT easy omelet filling.

  • http://deleted Paula

    Aldi’s is great for canned goods. I get all my canned beans there as well as diced tomatoes. The quality is there. I’ve not tried the fruit bars, I usually eat Edy’s Fruit bars. 80 calories and 0 Fat.

  • Candice

    Roni – I so agree. How can the last three years of story line revolve around a character that doesn’t exist…. Will FauxOlivia’s baby just disappear? How will they explain all of the backstory they just created of how Olivia and Peter have been intertwined since he came to the other world. So many questions go unexplained and we will have to wait ’til September to find out…. They truly have us….

  • roni

    That’s they do! lol

  • All Natural Eczema Treatment

    Yes Aldi is excellent and so is Lidl as well. Both have a good variety and not too many processed junk foods. I have found most of their food to be good quality so far…


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