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10 Things I Worry About When Conference Planning

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I’m not a conference planner by trade but I’m in he midst of organizing the second FitBloggin’ event. In two weeks more than 200 people will be in arriving in Baltimore with a lot of expectations. This is what I’m worried about…

Staying on Schedule
By far my biggest worry on site. I’m getting stressed just thinking about it.
Non-popular Sessions
Sometimes ideas just don’t work. I fear having a sessions and speaker scheduled and not having anyone show up.
Over Popular Sessions
Not enough seats. Aaak!
Everyone at a blogging conference has a need to power. Laptops, phones, tablets. These are gadget people and gadget people need power!
Food Choices
It’s a lot of pressure picking meal options for a couple hundred strangers. Especially Fit Bloggers! Many of who blog about food!
The Internet Connection
Have you every been to a conference, or a hotel for that matter, that has a good, stable, internet connect?
Happy Sponsors
In addition to worrying about the attendees I have the added pressure of making sure the sponsors have all their needs met.
Not Going Over Budget
I tend to go overboard and spend, spend, spend when it comes to creating a fun conference experience.
People Bailing
Not necessarily on purpose, things happen of course, but you always have to worry about a speaker or volunteer simply not showing up.
Happy Attendees
Isn’t this the biggest concern of all. I just hope I can meet all the exceptions.

All I can do is breath and remember what I learned last year.

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    May 4, 2011

    Regarding #2 on your list, if my session is non-popular I will actually be a bit relieved. Less people to embarrass myself in front of!

    I’m sure it will go great!


    May 4, 2011

    All I heard from last year’s FitBloggin conference was RAVE REVIEWS so obviously you put together a great conference for all! :)

    I am super excited and cannot wait! :)


    May 4, 2011

    whoa, I just saw the countdown said 14 more days. Not to raise expectations, but last year was awesome, and I can’t wait.

    If it is any consolation, if my session is empty, I’ll just present to myself. :).



    May 4, 2011

    hi roni

    i work in publishing and work on an annual conference that we put together for 700 i totally hear you on the stress.. but i tell you this, the biggest success for any conference or event is having attendees who are dying to be there and are coming to take in as much information as possible.. i have never been to fitbloggin but just based on what i heard last year i was dying and so determined to go… trust me everyone wants to be there so badly that it can’t help but be a success… i can’t wait for Fitbloggin.. :-)


    May 4, 2011

    I have no doubt that everything will go wonderfully! So excited and I can not wait =)

    Lacey Q

    May 5, 2011

    It will all go wonderfully! I promise I will show up for my part! I’m so excited :)

    Tiger G

    May 5, 2011

    At some housing conferences we had, we set up a power charge station during the breaks where people could charge their phones or any electronic devices for 20 minutes. Power plugs are always iffy in meeting spaces. Also since most cell phones only have 2 kinds of chargers these days, you could set out some in case people forgot their chargers.
    Budgets are always difficult. You feel like you want to give people the most and so just one more thing, then just this one last thing, oh and how can you resist buying these things? You just have to say no to yourself, will the conference be a bust without the clearance priced deal of the century glow in the dark retractable lanyards? NO! It won’t! And lastly, don’t stress about food. These people aren’t coming to your convention because you’re a 4 star chef that will satisfy their every need. As long as you have the vegetarian/kosher stuff covered, you really can’t offend people too much.