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Trying to Establish Routine

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Today is the last day of Spring Break. I had a blast with Little Guy being home but honestly, I’m ready for him to go back to school. With the conference and the baby I have enough to keep me busy. Entertaining a 5 year old is fun but I need to get some thing accomplished!

That being said, I am making some great strides on the conference. There is still a lot to be done but every day I chip a little more away. Today I had to talk myself off a cliff with this little note to self…

Note to self: DEEP breath.. complete one task at a time and do what you can when you can. No sense in freaking out.

Sometimes I have a habit of getting really overwhelmed which gets me distracted and I end up wasting time instead of getting something accomplished. After I wrote that note, I sent Little Guy out to play and focused on accomplishing SOMETHING which turned into another thing and then another. That small refocussing exercise does wonders for me.

So does having a routine and I’m desperate for one right now. I’m not working out and I miss it. My body misses it.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to get up, feed the kindergartner, get him on the bus and then head out for a short run. I’m not sure if this routine is going to work for me but I’m going to try it on for size. If it doesn’t, then I’ll try something else. Sometimes it’s a trial and error thing before you find one that fits your schedule right.

I’ll figure it out.

I always do.

The food journal looks good today. I was going to post it but honestly, I need sleep and the baby is fussy–we are trying to establish a routine with him too.

You can see the journal on twitter by clicking here. I’m off to put on my running clothes so I have no excuses tomorrow morning.

Yes I sleep in them. ;)

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    Jen Dunlop

    April 25, 2011

    Hi Roni-
    I have followed you for years now and well…thank you. I have 3 kids under 6 and the absolute best book I have read about routines and bedtimes etc is ‘Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child’ by Marc Weissbluth. It is a great book and totally helped me with my kids. What I love most about it is that it is straight forward about sleep and routine without judging how the kids are fed or where they sleep etc. Anyway…keep up all you do…I appreciate it and I love what a great role model you are setting for your own kids! Thank you!


    April 26, 2011

    I’ll figure it out.

    I always do.

    You sure do…

    One day I hope to be able to say the same and believe it.

    I am so excited for Fitbloggin! I am sure all of your planning will pay off in spades! As for getting overwhelmed with being unproductive, I used to struggle with that all the time in my final semester of college. I think your strategy is solid though, and I am glad you are finding ways to overcome it.


    April 26, 2011

    I had to have the same talk with myself mentally about setting a routine in the mornings so that I can fit in running. I now run after I put my daughter on the bus. This is my fourth week and I am really amazed that I am able to stick to it. I think that this will work for you. My routine before I put her on the bus is; getting up putting on my running clothes , preparing my clothes and lunch for the day, check on her (she’s 10) and make sure she is dressed and had breakfast, take her to the bus stop, after that I run, come back home, shower, get ready for work and at work is where I eat my breakfast. I love this routine because it gives me a lot of time with myself before going to the (jungle) of work. My goal is to run 3 days a week. If I run more than this, this is considered extra.

    I hope your routine goes well with you. I am looking forward to hearing how it goes. You have been my source of motivation. I have been reading your blogs for years. Your blog is helping me to set routines that suit me. It has helped me to get focused on my health and fitness. So thanks for all you do. You are much appreciated.

    love, love, love, the idea of wearing the running clothes to bed…I am going to do that!! Roni, I too can not wait till fitBloggin, but I am really a little discouraged too…my 5 month old boxer puppy Zuzu gave me a black eye!! It is really bad and it better be gone by the weekend of May 18th. check out my blog, I did a post about it with pictures…I really hope it is gone by then…
    You are doing an amazing job of keeping it all together. I thing organization is the key and you seem to have that…


    April 26, 2011

    “I’ll figure it out.”

    I so needed to hear that today. Thanks for helping me out with those 4 words! Hope your day goes well!


    April 26, 2011

    I have read on other blogs that some people sleep in their work out clothes! Hey if it works why not.

    I am a list maker and it helps me to prioritize my day. Plus I get such satisfaction from crossing things off the list once they are finished!

    Laura of Lauralovinglife

    April 26, 2011

    You are doing great, Roni. I know what you mean about needing those calm down times in order to get stuff done. Sometimes in the midst of being super-busy, I just make myself sit at my desk, close my eyes for 1 minute, and clear my mind of everything. I push it all out of my mind and let my brain rest. When I open them again, I know what needs done next.


    April 26, 2011

    I had to post because so many similarities. (Maybe its cause we are both Leos.)
    1 – I work better, much better, under pressure, but if I’m under too much pressure I always step back and re-organize. I’ll do some sort of “cleaning ritual” like cleaning my desk, then I make a to do list…then I start to attack. One at a time. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. A manager once told me that and I thought it was hysterical…I laughed and said “I ate a nail today.”

    2 — I ALWAYS SLEEP IN MY EXERCISE CLOTHES TOO. LOL. And I even set my socks, shoes and heart rate monitor on the bathroom counter. When I wake up at 4:30 for bootcamp I need NO excuses. :o)

    Go Roni! You are doing fantastic and you continue to inspire me and remind me that there is no room for excuses. No room. :o)


    April 26, 2011

    You totally rock!


    April 27, 2011

    I def get overwhelmed by stuff to do and it leads me to procrastination. One thing that works for me is to tell myself “There is a lot to do AND you will get it done”.

    It seems simple but I guess it’s about NOT telling myself constantly how overwhelmed I am and how I have too much to do because then I convince myself that is true when it’s most likely an exaggeration.

    Good luck with the conference! Remember, ONLY YOU know what doesn’t get done, everyone else has no clue :) They just come and enjoy.