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I snuck in a quick recording session while the Husband was in the shower. We ventured out today. It was nice. Nursing is getting easier and easier and I’m getting a few hours of sleep in between sessions. I also snapped a few more photos. This one I posted on Poop Butterflies is by far my favorite. He’s alert like that about twice a day. I’m in love!

  • Michelle

    Congratulations on the new baby. He’s so cute and so tiny! From one sap to another, I totally cried watching this video (I know, I know.)

  • Daniela

    What a sweet sweet post and a sweet sweet baby. Even though I have been following you for quite some time this is the first time I’ve ever left a comment, but I wanted to say “Congratulations” to you and your family..


  • Christie

    I LOVE hearing birth stories! Yours sounds like it went pretty well all things considered. One push!?! And your little man is too cute. Your story almost brought me to tears.

  • Tj

    So glad everything went so smoothly for you! He is adorable! :) enjoy your new baby boy! :)

  • Dev

    Congratulations Roni!! He’s beautiful :-)

  • Amy

    Roni I’m so happy for you guys. You look great and “the baby” is a real cutie. Thank you for sharing him with us. ♥

  • Tiger

    Ahhh! I was leaving for my best friend’s baby shower and saw your post about the OB appointment on Wednesday, and then I get home and a baby is here! I’m so happy for you and your family, what a beautiful little boy (and trust me, I’ve seem some not so beautiful babies!) Yay!

  • Jessica

    I have been following the blog for at least 2 years now but this is the first comment. He is so precious, Roni. Congratulations!! Totally brought a tear to my eye when you brought him out of the bassinet :)

  • Erica @ suBOURBON Tales

    So, so cute! I’m so glad everything went well for you…although I’m totally jealous that you only had ONE push!

  • shandy (@webgals)

    GREAT update!! Roni, he is so sweet. Congratulations and thanks for sharing!!

  • Amber

    Awww, congrats! One push? What a dream, I have to push for hours and I work out regularly! So happy to see that you are nursing with ease after a breast lift! I nursed my first 3 for a year and was worried that I wouldn’t be able to nurse my surprise 4th after the breast lift. How’d your tummy hold up? You had a great pregnant belly! So happy for you and your beautiful family!!! :)

  • Ana Myre

    Wonderful update, thank you for sharing such a personal experience!!!
    God bless you!!!

  • Deb Cadovius

    Oh my gosh he’s so tiny and cute and gorgeous and sweet and handsome!!!! You brought back so many memories of my little guys (now 5 and 6). I’m so happy for y’all!

  • Crystal

    Congrats! So glad baby and mom are doing well…and he’s SO CUTE

  • Darleen

    Do get some rest – although I do love seeing a post from you popping up :) Glad you are doing shorties.

  • Andrea@WellnessNotes

    Loved hearing your birth story! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your little baby!

  • Debbie

    He is so teeny and cute! Get some rest! Loved the update! You and the baby look amazing!!!!

  • momgetsfit

    Congratulations!! What a precious baby. Keep going with the nursing. It gets way easier in the weeks to come.

  • Amanda

    ONE push?!?!? Are you kidding me?!?! I am SO jealous!!! I pushed for 4.5 hours with my first one (yes that is HOURS!) and then 30 minutes w/ my 2nd. I was so hoping for a 1-2-3 push then baby but that didn’t happen. Both times I had to ‘move’ mine down b/c they were stubborn and wouldn’t drop down. I am so happy for you! He is so very tiny!!! Both of mine were 8#15 oz…so having a small one would be so weird! I wold feel like I am going to break him. I love hearing birth stories too…so glad all went well! And good for you for being your own advocate and demanding to walk around for as long as you could. That’s awesome! Way to go momma!

  • Laura

    Once again, congratulations! So happy for you and your family. He is gorgeous. You are looking fantastic too!

  • kim

    Way stinkin’ adorable! You look blissfully happy and in love…

    Hey, I was a one pusher too… Kevin was 4 pounds 3 ounces – and after a mini practice push, they were holding him “in” so the doctor could come! One push later – he was here! :O)

  • jennifer p

    i have been reading your blog for 5 years .and i think you are the so happy for you and the family.and so glad everything went well.
    i was 11 days early and 5lbs.12 oz. and i grew up to be 5’7 .we may start out small but we are substantial.

  • Runeatrepeat

    Love love love :)
    He’s too cute!

  • http:/// Reinaldo

    Congrats Roni!!! He’s a beatiful baby boy! =)

  • Tara

    so cute! LOVE it! I love hearing birth stories! I love that you update us! :)

  • Caroline

    Congratulations! He is absolutely precious!

  • Jeannie

    Thanks so much for sharing Roni! I love hearing these stories and what a cutie! Yes, the subsequent ones come out so much easier and faster.

  • Melissa

    Thank you so much for sharing the story of his birth! He is absolutely adorable!! :)

  • Svanhvit

    He is so precious! And you look really happy!! And the one push – I think that’s baby number 2. When I had my younger one, it only took me two pushes – and he was full term, weighing 9 pounds!!

  • Laura

    Oh Roni! I just can’t get over it! He’s so tiny and precious! I’m so happy for you!!

  • Lay Down My Idols

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, what a sweetie – and you look great!! ENJOY this time! Oh how I miss it sometimes!

  • Laure

    So teenie….I loved how you started whispering when you thought the husband was about to walk into the room! Like he doesn’t know you do this!!

  • Angiebaby

    Congrats! He is a cute little angel!:)

  • Karen

    Congratulations Roni and family! Your new addition is adorable!

  • April

    Congratulations! He is a cutie!!

  • Patty

    What a great birth story! He’s so tiny and cute. You are looking great my friend :) Your happiness is contagious!

  • Lori T

    So glad everything went well! Glad he’s home and you guys can settle into a routine :) Big hugs!

  • Gina

    I’ve followed your blogs for a couple of years, this is the first time I’ve commented. Congratulations on your new addition; he is precious!
    Also…my epidural only took on one side of my body also. It was very strange!

  • Anne Marie@New Weigh of Life

    I actually teared up at the end of the video. I am so, so happy for you and your family! You are such a great mom, Roni!

  • Kathleen

    Congratulations! So happy for you and your family. You truly have been blessed. Evan is just adorable and I am happy to hear that Ryan is adjusting so well. Enjoy your time with “The Baby”

  • Ericka

    Congratulations! So adorable.. he looks a lot like his big brother… :-) now we need the little girl!!! :-) enjoy this time.

  • Jzbell79

    Roni, you are absolutely radiant.

  • Tina

    Oh my goodness you look radiant and that’s so exciting that this is your ‘pregnancy post’! I teared up when you took him out of the bassinet. So so sweet.

  • Deanna @ The Unnatural Mother

    aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh congrats!! This is lovely!! and I agree with everyone above!

  • Amy @ A Little Nosh

    I love love love birth stories. Congrats!

  • Nikki

    I had 4 friends/acquaintances (including you) that were due right around April 1, only one of them is still pregnant. One baby is still in the NICU, having been born 10 weeks early at 2 lbs. 14 oz. Your 36 week, 4 days Evan was an ounce heavier than I was, only a week early. lol I’m still pretty small, height-wise, but my even smaller sisters are taller than me, so that’s not so much of an indication. I am glad that everyone is doing well. Congratulations to all of you!

  • Jeni

    Oh Roni! He is an angel! And I”m so glad you told your birth story on video. One push, that is incredible! I am 24 weeks right now and I’ve been loving following your pregnancy updates. Congrats!

  • Jessica

    Ooooo! He’s so TINY! ( count me among the bawlers. *sniff, sniff* I want another one!!)
    I had to chuckle, as your story sounded alot like mine. Water breaks in the middle of the night, no contractions, no return phone call. Had to DEMAND to walk around. Man Cub was about a week early and is gleefully eating us out of house and home. He’ll be three in April.
    Congrats!! Go smooch that sweet baby head! ( and Mr. Ryan too!)

  • Christina

    Congrats and thanks so much for showing us the baby!!!

  • Sunny

    Congratulation Roni. hope the baby brings more happiness to your life. Thanks for sharing your moments with us.

  • Ruby W.

    congrats on your new family member.

  • Jane

    Wonderful story of baby’s birth! It’s a miracle every time!

  • Janelle

    I just wanted to say good for you for listening to your body and not letting yourself become pressured into going to the hospital early! The best thing for your body during labor is to move around and be mobile. You were rewarded with an easier labor (mental is important!) and of course your precious little boy! Good luck with the nursing and enjoy every moment. I don’t need to tell you how fast it goes. =)

  • Sheri J

    LOOK at HIM!!! LOOK at YOU!!! Wow you are an awesome mom!

  • Tami@nutmegnotebook

    Congratulations Roni! He is beautiful and oh so tiny. Thanks for sharing the story of his birth with us. What a blessing he will be in your life. Wishing you all the best.

  • Sandy

    Hey Roni! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted, but, of course, I have to post now to give my heartfelt Congratulations to you and your family! Evan is adorable! I am so glad everything is going well!

  • Thea @ I’m a Drama Mama

    Roni, he is so beautiful! And what a great birth story! I’m so happy for your whole family!

  • Theresa

    I’m just reading this story right now about the “little bean”…warms my heart so much! I saw his pic on “poop butterflies”…I just graduated from ND! Did you/your family go to Notre Dame??

  • roni

    Nope. My husband is just a HUGE football fan. :)


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