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Double Wrap Up Friday

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I didn’t post a wrap up last friday and I must admit I felt a bit lost. I’m getting a bit dependent on these posts to conclude my week. I can’t believe how much it helps!

I’ve been quite a busy bee these past two weeks. With only 5 weeks to go before baby, I’m trying hard to balance working while preparing. Here’s what I’ve been up to…

Here on Roni’s Weigh…

I’ve pretty much kept up with my own self-inflicted blogging schedule. I posted two Weekend Quotes, Being Proud, and Less and More, but I doubt I’ll get one written by tomorrow unless I get REALLY inspired. I have a busy day planned; boot camp, a friend’s daughter’s birthday party, Little Man’s soccer game AND a date night with hubby. We are trying to squish a few in before baby. I have a feeling we won’t be going out alone for quite some time come April. ;)

I also posted two podcasts, two Sensational Sundays with tons of pictures, two pregnancy update videos, and two Questions of the Week, What 5 Things Would You Do Everyday? and one of my favorites, What 5 things would you tell yourself? The comments alone are worth re-reading. Love all the life lessons!

Finally, last Friday I posted some questions about how to calculate the new PointsPlus on Weight Watchers and I feel bit less confused. There were some great insights in the comments!

Favorite pic of the week…

On Poop Butterflies….

I had TONS of fun on @Poop_Butt (<– my slang for the site and twitter name)

Favorite picture of the week…

On FitBloggin…

Oh BOY! I’m in full conference planning mode and there were so many posts I fear even listing them! Click here to check out all the fun things in the works! Oh! and I did update the schedule!

On BlogToLose…

Nothing. Nada. I need to carve a day out each week that’s devoted to the community but I don’t see that happening until AFTER the baby and the conference.

A few of the Pictures posted on social media sites…

The latest addition to our LEGO mini figure collection. We are quite obsessed.

I experimented with a honey/yogurt cake idea but it turned out like a muffin. I want to try one more thing before I post it. Little man loved it though.. so I may share my initial idea this weekend if I have time.

Posted 3/3 on Facebook.”I’m going with a fitted maternity shirt and totally embracing the belly today.” :)

What’s in the works?

More of the same. At this point I’m just trucking along and have too many open projects to even wrap my head around anything else. I’m all about the baby, the conference, keeping things fresh on the sites and of course, my family. I am considering registering for a race in June to set a running goal but I’m worried it might be too much too soon. So I’m playing it by ear at this point. Those that have babies know.. there is only so much you can plan. I’m going to be entering reaction mode VERY shortly.

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    Carolyn @ Lovin' Losing

    March 4, 2011

    A race in June! That seems fast! You aren’t due until the first week of April are you? Maybe August would be a little more realistic. Either way you’re an inspiration! My husband and I are going to start trying for our first this summer and I plan to wear tons of tight clothes to show off my belly and go on a babymoon so I can wear a bikini. ;)


    March 4, 2011

    I’m exhausted just reading about all you accomplished this week!

    You are on the countdown now! I remember the nesting instincts kicking in and I became obsessed with organizing right up to the end.


    March 4, 2011

    Love the fitted maternity shirt! You look great!!

    Zahra Brown

    March 5, 2011

    Wow, June? Three months sounds pretty soon. With a new baby, sleepless nights, etc. I’d wait longer than that, but only you know what you can handle.

    Off topic: You’re proof that being pregnant isn’t an excuse to binge eat for two (bodybuilding men). Besides your stomach, you wouldn’t even know you’re pregnant.


    March 5, 2011

    Roni- I enjoy reading your site but the ad that pops up covers your post and I can not figure out how to minimize it? Obviously I’m not clever enough to figure it out..its quite frustrating ..can you tell me how to close it..dont see an X on it???


    March 5, 2011

    Hi Carole – What is the ad for? No ads should cover the content at all!! If it’s for my book it should disappear after 5 seconds. Please let me know, I hate intrusive ads over content and try to keep mine to the sides.


    March 5, 2011

    A Gap ad is covering content. Also, opening your website in Chrome for some reason doesn’t work, just goes to a download, then no blog, just opens to an explanation (may just be me, computers aren’t my strong point!). But the website opens fine in explorer.