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Ask Roni _v56 – Calorie Recommendations, My WW Experience, Popcorn, Dieting on Vacation

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Sorry for the bad audio this week. I propped up the laptop and it caused some audio feedback from the fan. Lesson learned. :(

Topics included in this video…

  • How many calories and workout days a week do woman need?
  • My Weight Watchers Experience
  • Did I notice scale blips when I ate popcorn?
  • How do I avoid the all-or-nothing mentality while on vacation?

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    Ana Myre

    March 4, 2011

    Love the podcast, every single questions where super good!!! I love the last one, all or nothing mentally!!! Off to bed now!!! God Bless you for being such a great inspiration to so many people!!!


    March 4, 2011

    Making homemade popcorn in the microwave helps to cut down on salt and there are no funky chemicals that are in the store bought kind. Also, I think this tastes way better!,-cheap-and-easy/


    March 4, 2011

    OMG SO glad you brought that up! I do make my own (some of time – I flip flop depending on my mood) I also have this video on how to make your own 100 cal popcorn bag as well…

    See I totally forget what I’ve done anymore more! Thanks for bringing that up!


    March 4, 2011

    I too was an all or nothing person regarding exercise. I committed to a 100 challenge that said move, on purpose, for a minimum of 30 days, for 100 days. Today is day 63 and I can no longer see any reason to not get at least 30 minutes a day every day. Some days that voice creeps back that says that wasn’t really “hard” enough but I also now know that 30 is better than 0 any day.


    March 4, 2011

    That was supposed to say 30 minutes for 100 days! oopsssss.


    March 4, 2011

    Great pod cast Roni! I totally get what you were trying to convey on the all or nothing mentality. Having been a yo-yo dieter most of my adult life because of this type of thinking I finally had to make a shift in my thinking in order to achieve success with weight maintenance.

    I had to shift my mindset to one of focusing on eating healthy and treating my body well rather than a temporary “diet” that would be followed for a short period of time for the sole purpose of losing weight, only to go back to my old habits and gain it all back!

    This little shift in thinking of living my life with the purpose of feeding myself well meant that I couldn’t “go off” my healthy lifestyle. What it does mean is that I have choices about what I eat and how much. Instead of trying to be perfect with my food plan I try to eat healthy 80-90% of the time with some room for not so healthy foods that I enjoy just for the pleasure of their taste. I only eat things that I really love to eat. If I splurge it has to be on something that I deem worthy of the extra calories. Also since nothing is now off limits so many foods have lost their appeal to me because I know I can have them if I want to.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this! It was great.


    March 4, 2011

    Great question on the all or nothing mentality….I have been stewing about this myself, for I am going to be taking 2 roadtrips back to back in a couple weeks and I am kinda freakin’ out. I think I am more freaked out about the 24 hour road trip to Texas and the 16 hour road trip to Virginia x 2. Being in the car and eating through drive thurs. But I know if I have a game plan before hand. I should do ok, and I totally agree with you Roni, I am an all in, if i have that indulgence one day I will not let it define the rest of my day or the rest of my trip. Thanks so much for your insight, and I think i will do the food journal while on my trips……just to keep me in check. LOL!


    March 4, 2011

    Thanks Roni, for answering my question. I started doing the new Points Plus in November and have found it to be the same, at least for me. I have to eat within my points allowance and only use exercise points or I gain. I have found the “less to lose” board on their site to be helpful. I only have about 10lbs left to lose so it’s getting harder, and on top of that I am only 5’3″. It sounds like on the board a lot of the shorter people with less to lose are having to not eat any weeklies.

    Another website I have found that helps is
    it’s part of the Livestrong website. Anyways you can track food and exercise there and it breaks down the calories, protein, carbs, fat, fiber as well as a few others for each meal, as well as your entire day. The other thing I like is that you can enter in things specific to you to find out about how many calories you should be taking in. It’s a nice compliment to WW.

    thanks again.


    March 8, 2011

    Aw, your little guy is SO little in the popcorn video, and I love your long hair in a ponytail – wish mine wasn’t so curly so I could do that.


    March 18, 2011

    Hey Roni,

    What microwave popcorn would you recommend? I haven’t bought it in years but after listening to this podcast….mmm…

    Also, RONI. I have to tell you that you are SO GOOD at breaking down your thought process and explaining things. Maybe I have mentioned that before, but you totally are great at this, despite claiming that you’re “all over the place” etc. :0) I remember on a podcast you mentioned wearing sleeveless shirts regardless of how you thought you looked in them, and that matches up EXACTLY with what most psychologists would recommend for body hang-ups. It’s even in the book “The Body Image Workbook” (e.g. don’t wear makeup one day and realize that no one disowns you as a friend; wear shorts and see how you feel, etc.) The idea around “stateless dieting”, is also found in a book called “Feeling Good”, but sort of in a different way. In Feeling Good they coin that term “black and white thinking”, (where if one thing goes wrong, you think your whole day is shot because you’re “off-plan”). That book is more about depression, but a lot of the concepts transfer to several areas of life. Anyway, perhaps without even knowing it, you are really giving some solid psychological counsel, you know? So thanks for taking the time to do the podcasts. They are fun and informative!


    March 25, 2011

    Thanks so much for the feedback! :)

    As for the popcorn, I’ve been popping my own on the stove or in the microwave like this…

    It’s cheaper and easier to measure out a serving in my opinion.

    Hope that helps!