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This Friday Totally ROCKED!

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How NICE was it out today?!? Here in Maryland it was in low 70’s and sunny. I took a nice mile walk at lunch and brought little man to the park after school. That was two nice strolls for my pregnant butt. Plus some fresh air and SUN! ohhh the sun. It has me even more ready for Spring!

This week was hectic as usual. I wouldn’t have it any other way. :)

On GreenLiteBites…

I posted 3 new ideas; a fun Valentine’s Day Smoothie, a tasty turkey based sandwich with some avocado and a quick warm salad for my fellow cabbage fans.

Favorite pic of the week…


I actually posted twice! First was a bit into my mind set and fear about publishing a book and the other was a complete vent about web advertisers. Geesh! They bug me.

No Pictures this week.

On Poop Butterflies….

I shared a video Little Man I made with his legos, an interesting response to a bible quoter, pictures of my boys playing in the warm weather we are having and video about an insane race in Vermont.

Favorite picture of the week…

On BlogToLose…

Nothing new this week but more people are participating in our challenge from last week!

Pictures posted on social media sites…

Posted Wednesday – I DID it! Ugliest thing I ever drank but pleasantly surprised!
I’ve been experimenting with kale in my smoothies. Long story! Will post more on GreenLiteBites soon!

Posted Thursday – Irish is loving the baby bump. She has a new spot. :)

What’s in the works?

  • I’m almost done with my presentation for the WordPress Meet-up in Baltimore. Now I’m really getting nervous!
  • Continue planning FitBloggin’
  • Finish washing all the baby clothes
  • I’m working on a post about PointsPlus and discrepancies when calculating for recipes. I brought up the questions on this salad idea.
  • Planning on going to Boot camp tomorrow. Not sure how much I’ll do. I’m getting real uncomfortable.

Ok, that’s about it for me this Week. I’m shutting down and disconnecting. The husband and I are about to watch a movie. We have Buried!

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    February 19, 2011

    I think you are busiest person I know! And pregnant! You go girl!

    The turkey avocado sandwich looks SO good!!


    February 22, 2011

    I LOVED your weekly summary and seeing how busy you are….at the same time I kept thinking how fun it all sounded!

    Thanks again for letting me give away a copy of your book over at Friends For Weight Loss….I can’t wait for everyone to see what an amazing cookbook it is :)