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It’s FRIDAY! You know how I know?

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  • My house is a mess.
  • We let the 5 year old stay up late to watch a movie. (This week it was Temple of Doom)
  • I’m exhausted!
  • I have 2 full laundry baskets taunting me.
  • I had to battle the husband on eating out. Again. I won. ;)
  • I have Boot Camp tomorrow.
  • It time to write a wrap up post. I need to close up the week in the name of sanity.

ok.. deep breath…

Here on Roni’s Weigh…

Last weekend’s quote was about perfection followed by another Sensational Sunday with lots of pets. :) I posted my Week 30 pregnancy video! WEEK 30! I asked Where you go for support, hung out with my buddy Foodie and posted a new podcast.

On GreenLiteBites…

I made The Quickest 3 Bean Chili Ever, blended up a new Green Smoothie with Little Man for a video post which prompted a lively discussion in the comments and shared the 10 spices I really can’t live without.


All I had time for this week was a quick post about our favorite kid friendly iPad games.

On Poop Butterflies….

I shared a fun fortune cookie, a favorite movie of mine, a clean kitchen that lasted all of about 3 hours, and a cute picture of Irish the cat.

On FitBloggin…

I shared another session overview and announced a Cherry Recipe contest by one of our sponsors.

On BlogToLose…

NOTHING! Ugh.. I’m totally disrespecting our community. I have about 10 post ideas started and a new challenge I’ve been wanting to share but the time to do them is escaping me.

Things that caught my eye on the interweb this week….

The only other thing I can think of is my failed attempt recipe this week. Jen asked if I could "Roni-fy" this recipe for Peaches and Cream Muffins by Paula Deen. First attempt… utter FAIL. I’m not giving up though. I love the idea of a peachy muffin! :)

oh! oh! OH! For those that care, I’ve been making strides on the nighttime teeth hygene thing. Writing this post about unhealthy habits really helped! I’m even flossing. lol I had to force myself the first couple of nights but now I’m settling into a pattern. According to this post on PsyBlog, I have a couple months to go before it becomes a habit but I’m making the effort!

Hope you had a great week! Let’s enjoy the weekend. :)

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