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Ask Roni _v55 – Starting to Run, Fresh Greens, My Video Process, Crazy Appetites.

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Loooong day today but I managed to get this up at the last possible minute. I must admit this pregnancy is really starting to take it’s toll. I’m exhausted! By mid day my energy level takes a dive bomb. This baby is also a kicker! He’s making it heard for me to focus! In a good way, of course. :)

Oh and be warned, pregnancy hormones are in full effect. I lost it in this one. Tears were plentiful.

Topics in this video include…

  • How do I start Running? My emotional story.
  • How do I keep my greens fresh?
  • How do I record/edit my videos?
  • Advice for increased appetite.

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    Lay Down My Idols

    February 25, 2011

    :) Great post! I remember those emotions! Lots of things to be emotional about. IT’S NORMAL!!!


    February 25, 2011

    Loved the answer to the last question on this post. I feel like I’ve had a light bulb moment while listening to you today. I’m not pregnant or on any medication but, like you I’m always hungry. Dieting for me is constantly telling my hungry voice “No” and I feel deprived and it’s a real strugle. I need to work on finding those low cal filling foods to get me through the work day. Maybe your next book ;) could be a book about volume cooking, snacking and how to get the same volume meals when you are at work and can’t cook. Thanks again for all that you do!


    February 25, 2011

    I totally agree with the volume of food being what I crave. And also a handful of chips would never satisfy me which is why I rarely keep them in the house! I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of your cookbook! So excited.

    Laura of Lauralovinglife

    February 25, 2011

    I agree with Tonia… I had a lightbulb moment with this question as well. I feel like I understood this concept, but just couldn’t have described it like you did, Roni. I was talking to the dental assistant I was with yesterday, and she was like “I’m so hungry! I’ve just been trying to eat less…” and of course I could barely respond because her hands were all in my mouth, but when I could I was like “You need to eat better, not less…” I hadn’t really considered it as a “bulk” type of thing, but you’re absolutely right. We just like eating a lot of food, period. No need to freak out about that, just eat the right stuff.

    I told my husband the other day while cleaning cherry tomatoes, that one of my favorite things “about Roni is that sometimes she’ll just sit down and eat an entire pint of cherry tomatoes.” He couldn’t imagine why anybody would want to, but I totally get it. I LOVE cherry tomatoes, but never did I think it would be okay to just eat a whole pint… but now I know that, of COURSE I can! Nobody’s stopping me, it’s not many calories, and they’re so darn satisfying! Thanks again, Roni.


    February 25, 2011

    OMG I ALWAYS eat a whole pint! lol


    February 25, 2011

    Thank you so much for linking to me. It means so much because I really admire you and all the work you do. Its also great to know about the bagged greens, I’ve shyed away from them because I just thought they weren’t ‘fresh’ enough but you’ve convinced me to give them a try.

    I can totally relate to how emotional you get when talking about running. When I ran my first 5K I also started bawling when I saw the finish line and my family. So much so that I could hardly see where I was going. I remember being so happy and then going to hug my sister. Who thought something had happened to me during the run because of the tears. I barely got out the words “happy tears”. I’ll never forget that day. I also never thought I would EVER run a race. I was probably one of the last 10 people to finish but I didn’t care. Finishing is what it important. It was because of your post that I just signed up for a race last year and did it. You made it sound SO EASY to just do it that I went for it. So thank you for talking about running and peeking my curiousity to do it.

    I can’t wait until FitBloggin! It will be my first 5k of 2011. I’m excited for 3/13 to start the training with everyone! :)


    February 25, 2011

    So excited to hear about the Couch to 5K series you are doing! I’ve tried that program before (twice!) and got to week 4 or so and have lost motivation and given up. It was never “too hard” though and I do think it would be the ideal way to train for a 5k. I’m hoping this series will help keep me motivated and on track.


    February 25, 2011

    Great podcast Roni! I too am a volume eater. I have to laugh when I see the suggested menus in a WW magazine, I would never feel full eating so little food!

    I use kale in my green smoothies, toss it in fruit smoothies too, no green showing and it taste like fruit but I have the satisfaction of knowing I ate some super foods for breakfast.