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A Sunday Picture-fest!

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I’m really starting to love dragging the camera around with me on Sundays. Photography is becoming quite an obsession and my Sensational Sunday posts give me lots of practice. So bear with me. :)

Today started odd. I woke up alone. Yes.. ALONE!

What a rare treat!

I decided to take advantage and have some fun in the kitchen.

Chocolate avocado pudding

I know it LOOKS like pudding but you may be surprised by it’s "secret" ingredient. Click here to see how I made this unlikely Chocolate Pudding.

My time alone ended fairly quickly. Little man joined me for breakfast so I made him a simple omelet and some hot chocolate.

After breakfast we were off to our traditional Sunday chore…. LAUNDRY!

I finally finished washing and folding all the 0-6 month hand-me-downs for the baby.

I can’t believe how much we have and a lot of it was actually Ryan’s that I handed down which was handed back.

Before moving to our laundry, Little Man and I decided to have a little fun…

laundry Fun

That’s just one of MANY pictures I took of our laundry dive bombs. The rest I put into a short video. You have to click here to heck it out on Poop Butterflies. I went a little geek on it adding audio and doing a sequence of his in air shots.

Once the laundry was started we played with our new LEGO Ninjago characters.

This is a new obsession of the Husbands. He’s getting a bit crazy with the LEGO stuff.

Although I must admit this is fun to play and Little Man seems to really like it.

We finally got dressed and headed outside for the first hike of the season. We went with a friend, her son and new 6 month old baby girl.

It was a PERFECT day for a walk in the woods. Chilly but nice and the boys had a BLAST!

They went nuts in a leaf pile on the trail.

Wanting to be buried.

So we obliged.

About a half hour in we started to notice these really cool rock sculptures.

I snapped shots of each one and plan on posting them on Poop Butterflies tomorrow. They were fun and really interesting. The boys decided they would make one of their own.

The hike was long–about 3 miles and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Towards the end we decided to let the kids play a bit in the mud throwing rocks in the river. I mean, what’s the point of hanging out in the woods if you don’t get at least a little dirty?

After a couple of hours the boys started to lag behind, but overall, they were little troopers.

When we got back it was grilled cheese and some pepper slices for lunch.

The rest of the afternoon and evening we just relaxed.

Notice the laundry basket. The husband came through while we were hiking and folded all the laundry. :)

He also discovered that Voltron is now available as a "play it now" option on Netflix. We were ecstatic and Little Man seemed quite mesmerized by the classic cartoon.

As the Little Guy was watching Voltron on the iPad, the Husband watched golf on TV and finished folding while I indulged in that new obsession of mine…

Soon it was dinner time and even though I had a turkey breast defrosted we ended up ordering in. I just didn’t have it me to cook. Hubby wanted wings and honestly, I was craving pizza since the hike. I went a little overboard with it but you’ll have this. I’m not going to dwell.

After dinner Little Man took the Lightsaber outside for some fun.

Then he took a bath and we settled in for the night watching Broken Tail: A Tiger’s Last Journey.

It was seriously a fabulous day! I just ended it with a grapefruit and now I’m headed to bed. Both my boys are off tomorrow and I have NO idea what we are going to do.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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    February 21, 2011

    Roni great pics! What kind of camera do you have? I’m getting into photography, my camera has manual settings I’ve been playing with, but it has auto focus…

    Looks like you guys had a great day! :)


    February 21, 2011

    The hike looks great.


    February 21, 2011

    The hike looks like it was a lot of fun!


    February 21, 2011

    Looks like a great day! It is nice when the hubby will help with laundry. When I go out on the weekends without him my laundry is always folded when I get home. For some reason it makes me feel like a million bucks!!!! Have a great day with family!!!!!!

    Shannon H.

    February 21, 2011

    I always love the sensational Sunday posts. Those little rock sculptures might actually be trail markers…I learned that lesson when I was out West in some national parks last summer. In Arches N.P. (in Utah) I would not have known where to go without them!


    February 21, 2011

    I looked it up! They are called Cairns!


    February 21, 2011

    The hike looked just like something that all ages coukld enjoy. I knmow Jackson loved it since being outside is a wonderful delight for him. I am gald that the weekend went well for you These photos and captions are great!@!!


    February 21, 2011

    In Canada we call the sculptures Inukshuks!

    Cynthia (It All Changes)

    February 21, 2011

    Playing in the woods is so fun. The boys look like they had a blast.

    Voltron is now added to our streaming NetFlix list. I watched this with my brother all the time as a kid.


    February 21, 2011

    No Irish cameos?! What did SHE do this weekend? (lol)
    I gotta tell ya, I really enjoy the Sensational Sunday in Pictures. It’s like we get to hang out with you, at home, hiking, whatever you’re doing!


    February 21, 2011

    The first line of your post from yesterday struck me because I had just watched this:

    Knowing you, from here I mean, you will love it.


    February 21, 2011

    Watching it now!


    February 21, 2011

    That hike looked great! I remember burrowing in leaves growing up in Indiana- so much fun. Those rock sculptures look like cairns- they are pretty common out here in the Rocky Mtn. West- they mark trails, especially where they are used after the snow starts to fall and it gets hard to see them.

    Erin M

    February 22, 2011

    Love your Sunday pictures!


    February 22, 2011

    Great Sunday pictures…I love this feature on your blog & look forward to it every week!