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WordPress Plugin for Those that Host Giveaways

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This is GENIUS!

Have you you ever hosted a giveaway on your blog? You know, people leave a comment, you randomly select a winner, yada yada. I’ve done so many over the years and each time I found them to be a pain in the you know what.

Normally I use but I’ve also been known to have the Little Guy pick numbers out of a hat. Fun but seriously… who has the time?

Wordpress Plugin for Those that Host Giveaways - tools menuNot me.. not anymore anyway. That’s why I absolutely LOVE Jennette’s new plugin, Pick Giveaway Winner

I’ve already said this but seriously, GENIUS! It’s a very simple–so simple I can’t believe no one has thought of it before–plugin that picks the winner of a giveaway for you.

Once you install the plugin, it ads "Pick Giveaway Winner" to your tools menu. If you select the new option you get this screen…

Wordpress Plugin for Those that Host Giveaways - new page

Simply select the giveaway post, pick how many winners you need, click "Pick Winners" and VIOLA! It randomly picks a commenter and displays their name and email on the screen.

Wordpress Plugin for Those that Host Giveaways - the winner

One more time…. say it with me… GENIUS!

Click here to download it from

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    Pretty cool! I may have to try this when I someday get more than three people that participate in my giveaways. ;)


    February 7, 2011

    Awesome! I have a giveaway going on now, and I’m going to try this one. Thank you! (Oh, thank Jennette, too!:))


    November 28, 2011

    thanks for that review and information!