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5 Kid Friendly Addictive iPad Games

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A few months ago I was given an iPad for work purposes. I know. I know. I said they were overrated and I still believe that. However, I am not the main user of said iPad. Neither is my programmer husband. Nope, it’s the 5 year old that immediately gravitated towards the device.

The touch screen and intuitive interface make it easy for him to interact with. There’s no clunky mouse or confusing keyboard. Just big old colorful buttons and the promise of Scooby Doo episodes through the the Netflix app.

In the past month, the ipad has become his go to device. He watches movies, TV episodes, draws on a free app called Doodle Pad and plays games.

At first finding kid-friendly games was difficult. There are no categories separating apps by age group. Knowing which games were appropriate and functional for a younger child proved to be more of a trial and error experiment. I’m also not an iPhone user so the iPad was my first exposure to the world of iPhone/iPad apps. Searching didn’t help much. There doesn’t seem to be many kid oriented iPad sites out there. Unless I’m missing them.

Regardless, through some digging and experimenting we uncovered these 5 games that are now go to’s for the 5 year old.

1. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift was the first game we found during the Christmas break. Immediately all the kids–age range from 5 to 12 and geek parents alike–gravitated to it. This is my 9 year old niece and the 5 year old….

The goal of the game is to feed the cute little green monster by cutting the rope and releasing the candy. Of course there are obstacles in your way and puzzles to figure out.

Click here to download Cut the Rope HD for the iPad

2. Angry Birds

Angry Birds We may be late to the Angry Bird ‘movement’ but since finding this highly addictive game I now see it everywhere! This is by far the one I get most sucked into. The goal is to launch the "Angry Birds" (they are angry because pigs stole their eggs) using a sling shot at the Pigs to break up their forts. It’s sounds completely absurd but the game play is super addictive! Here is Little man bundled up on a snow day being obsessed.

5 year old playing angry birds

If you are already a fan of the Angry Birds this should give you a big smile…

Click here to download Angry Birds HD for the iPad

3. Geared

GearedGeared isn’t my favorite game but the 5 year old likes it and can easily play it alone. The concept is to complete machines by adding gears and making the hamster spin. It’s simple and fun with perfect problem solving puzzles for the young player.

Click here to download Geared for the iPad

4. Dizzypad

DizzypadDizzypad is another game I’ll catch the 5 year playing alone all the time. There is a basic memory level where you uncover colored frogs on lilly pads and make matches. There is also a battle mode and the main level where you must hop from pad to pad to complete the obstacles.

Click here to download Dizzypad for the ipad

5. Soosiz

SoosizSoosiz is the latest addition to our game collection. It’s a throw back to old style side scroller games like Mario with a horizontal aspect mixed in. There are monsters to jump on, friends to save and coins to collect. The levels increase in difficulty. I like to play this one with the 5 year old. We’ve been obsessed with unlocking levels for 2 days now.

Click here to download Soosiz for the iPad

As I said I’m knew to the world of iPhone/iPad apps so if you have any recommendations to age appropriate games or apps for us I’m all ears! I must admit, the iPad is growing on me. :)

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    January 30, 2011

    You should try “Cover Orange”. Very addictive too.


    January 31, 2011

    Awesome! Can’t wait to give it a try. Thanks. :)


    January 31, 2011

    Definitely Plants Vs. Zombies. I know it sounds scary, but it’s totally not. Easy to do, but hard to really master.


    February 9, 2011

    Thanks for posting this. My 3 year old tends to play some of the games his dad plays, but it would be nice to branch out and find him some games that are more kid-oriented. (For his entire 15-20 minutes a day of “screen time” which he may be losing for a few days pretty soon if he keeps whining for more… ;)


    October 23, 2011

    Cut the rope expeiriments is out! So fun! Suction cups and photos are so cute!