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Week Quote: Defining Goals

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This weekends quote is in honor of, well, ME! Today I did it! I reached my 2010 Running goals!! (note: Click here to read the post where I set the goal.)

I traveled up to York, PA for my final running event of the year. The Jingle Bell 5k. I ran it in in about 34 minutes and only stopped to walk twice. Not bad for being 6 months preggers….

Chart taken from Nike+ web site after sync. Click here to see how I did it.

Setting this years running goal kept me active and moving, exactly what I wanted it to do. I know myself and I know that if I don’t have direction or a measurable goal I tend to feel lost and unmotivated. I’ve learned to set goals that are achievable, completely in my control, and allow me the flexibility to adjust when life gets in the way. Because life WILL get in the way. If I didn’t get pregnant I would have ran a marathon this month but I did, so I settled on the 5k instead. Allowing myself to still achieve the goal without feeling like a failure or walking away from the commitment I made to myself, is very important.

All this leads this weekend’s quote…

The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don’t define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them. -Denis Watley

If I had a nickel for every time I set a goal to "lose weight," "get skinny," or "be a size 6" I’d be a rich woman. Those type of goals never worked for me. But once I started the blog, I knew where I was going, how I was doing it and I shared it with all of you. Just like the quote says. The combination of those 3 factors are very powerful.

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    Michael J. Matusinec

    December 18, 2010

    Get job Roni, I hope you have a wonderful healthy baby.


    December 18, 2010

    WOW!! Congratulations. Fantastic work.


    December 18, 2010

    You are so incredibly insiring Roni :)

    So happy you met your goals and what a wonderful reminder for personal growth!


    December 19, 2010

    You did a great job yesterday. And you finished way before Santa :-) Glad I could be there to cheer you on…


    December 19, 2010

    Congratulations, Roni!!! Way to go! It must feel amazing to achieve a very personal, important-to-your-self-worth goal. Did you ever hear/read JK Rowling’s Harvard speech? She mentions achievable goals, in a humorous way, but I personally believe they’re part of the way she operates.


    December 19, 2010

    Congratulations Roni! As usual I am so impressed, I hope I will commit to being as active as you are when I am pregnant :)

    Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

    December 19, 2010

    I’m the same way with working out and running…if I’m not signed up for something, I have ZERO motivation to follow through.

    I am totally inspired by your determination and I hope that 2011 will be my Year of the Run.