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Stuffed Up Sunday Still Sensational!

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How much mucus can the human body produce? That may be TMI but SERIOUSLY?!? My head cold started in yesterday and it’s just getting worse and worse. SO not fun especially so when your pregnant. I just feel like my body is falling apart.

BUT I forged on. I don’t do well throwing myself a pity party. Little Man came and woke me up around 7AM and we hit the ground running.

oh! Before I get to our day let me tell you Ryan was punished this weekend. He brought home a not so good report from his teacher on friday so the Husband and I decided on no TV for the weekend. He asked many times to put it on, believe me, but we didn’t cave and I must say–I LOVED the TV-less weekend. I feel like we didn’t waste a minute.

At 7AM we organized the laundry then checked on our apple trees and Sea Monkeys

I love having these little projects with Little Man and one day I hope to be plucking apples from one of those trees. :)

Soon it was smoothie time. I wanted to experiment with a new idea for GreenLiteBites…

Little Man couldn’t resist trying a frozen strawberry even though I warned him. ;)

I liked our creation, Ryan thought it was soso but, Bear was the biggest fan..

We brought our smoothie into the mess we call the Living Room. Last week it was laundry. This week it’s our Christmas mess…

But the mess is worth it when you have this to show for it…

I’m a big fan of involving Little Guy with all the Christmas preparation. He helped me wrap every gift for our family members and had fun placing them under the tree.

Finally Dad decided to grace us with his presence. I’ve learned to just let him sleep in. He’s just NOT a morning person. When he got up I made a big late breakfast. For him the traditional fried eggs, bacon and toast…

For me, a messy western omelet with a side of grilled ham slices…

Little man had some leftover blueberry pancakes. He’s gotten out of the egg habit. I miss our Mommy and me Omelets. :( But enjoying breakfast with my boys is still one of my favorite parts of the day…

After breakfast Little Man and I ventured out to shop for the Husband’s birthday. It’s Tuesday and he’s gonna be the big 3-5. We’ve been having many a "wow we’re getting old" conversations lately. He’s 6 months older then me so now I get to kid him about being an old man. I can’t wait until he’s 40 and I’m 39. ;)

After shopping I decided to take Ryan to a local Indian place for their lunch buffet…

I’ve been craving Indian for months. I had it for the first time a few years ago and simply fell in love. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever eaten before and something I now enjoy every now and then.

I’m on a mission to expose Little Guy to different foods. He’s normally game even though his tastes are pretty simple. He tried everything once but really only stuck with naan bread and some plain rice. The way I see it, it’s all about exposure and experience. Everything is a learning opportunity. We used our trip to the Indian restaurant to explore India on the map. We talked about how he like Chinese and Japanese food and simply had a wonderful time.

Oh! And I got to indulge in something I rarely get to eat. :)

After lunch we hit the grocery store and stocked up on a few things. I came home and took a break before putting the groceries away. By this time the head cold was really throwing me for a loop and all I wanted to do was crawl in warm bath.

After about an hour later I put the groceries away, made Ryan’s lunch for tomorrow, cleaned up the kitchen and just relaxed a bit. Hubby has a Monday deadline, which is why he was working all day but I also had an article for write for a project I hope to tell you about soon. (I got another blog side job!) So the hubz and Little man played while I got some writing done. Before too long it was dinner time. I had the foresight to KNOW I was going to be in no mood to cook. So I had the crockpot working for me all day. :) Dinner took about 10 minutes..

I made The Simplest Slow Cooker Beef Ever and shared the idea on GreenLiteBites since it was such an easy crowd pleasure.

After dinner I took a bath when Little Guy did. I stole his vapor bath and read a chapter in What the Dog Saw. The husband is a HUGE Malcolm Gladwell fan so we have all his books and I’m finding this one interesting. I may start to read his others although you guys know how bad I am in the reading department. :)

Post bath I read the Little Guy a book before bed and then settled into blogging in front of the TV for the first time all day. I enjoyed the finale of Survivor even though I didn’t watch it all season. Somehow it sucked me in.

Right now I’m watching poker on ESPN with a tissue hanging out out of my nose and a cup of hot green tea by my side which is my attempt at trying to sooth the soar throat. Ugh. I HATE being sick but I still took control of my day. Nothing makes me feels better then being productive. :)

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    December 20, 2010

    you did good for being sick! That is really impressive-
    I’ve never had Indian food- not too many Indian restaurants here in Montana :)
    Hope you get better soon!


    December 20, 2010

    I LOVE Malcolm Gladwell. I suppose it’s the stats geek in me. I think now that I’m pregnant (18 weeks!) I want to re-read Outliers. He had some great tidbits on what makes kids smarter than others. Ultimately, it was something like practice and time spent doing something — which is typically why the kids who are born Oct./Nov. and are held back a year, tend to do “better” at certain things as they have had more time to work at it. I don’t know what that means for our upcoming May baby :-)

    Feel better and Merry Christmas!!


    December 20, 2010

    I had the same cold you do, last week. Hot peppermint tea helped tremedously (as did whiskey and coke ;P ) I have been known to filch the Johnson’s Vapor Bath too. It’s GREAT! And so are the Vick’s Vapor Plug ins. ( Why should the babies have all the fun?)
    I, too, hope you are feeling better. Your Day in Pictures always inspire me to get off my duff and make MY house look nice! So, like the magician from ” Frosty The Snowman” says, ” I’ve got to get BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!”


    December 20, 2010

    How did you do the Apple Trees.?


    December 20, 2010

    Amy – A few Sunday’s ago we just planted some seeds from an Apple we were eating. I talked about it here…

    Totally fun and Im loving watching them sprout! It took about 2 weeks.


    December 20, 2010

    Neti Pots work wonders for all that nasal junk!!! hope you feel better.


    December 20, 2010

    HUGE fan of the neti. used it a few times already but all the junk is back with an hour or so. So frustrating.


    December 20, 2010

    I laughed at the comment about Ryan eating naan and plain rice because that sounds exactly like my niece/nephew – and they’re Indian! Born and raised in America, but still. The home versions are milder and less greasy, but a few bites of chicken and vegetable and we’re thrilled.


    December 20, 2010

    His “punishment” sounds like an awesome weekend! Good for you guys for being consistent. It pays big dividends over time. My “baby” is 22 and had plenty of experience with “mean” parents!


    December 20, 2010

    I love the no TV for the weekend “punishment”. I have been drastically cutting back on my boys TV time. It’s so easy to fall prey to it with all this cold weather and my despise for it! lol It stinks being sick while you are PG since you cannot really take too much to help ease the symptoms. You are a trooper though. Feel better.


    December 20, 2010

    I seriously LOVE these types of posts! I love hearing about your day, what you did, ate, fixed, etc… Seriously, you should do posts like this more often. :) That dinner looks awesome…may have to add that to the menu for next week. I too LOATHE the TV being on during the weekends. Sunday is a different story b/c we watch football. But we can’t watch just one game…oh no, we have to watch all that we have access to (which is 3–down from ALL of them last year when we had the NFL Sunday ticket). I like football but sometimes, I just want to watch our team and turn it off. Sorry–I got off on a rant there. :) I hope you feel better soon!!!

    Mary Nell

    December 20, 2010

    LOVE Malcolm Gladwell books. I haven’t read that one so I’ll have to check it out. My husband is six months YOUNGER than me so he is the one who loves giving me a hard time…sounds like you had a great weekend :).


    December 21, 2010

    Great post! I love to hear about your compromises with the husband, seems like you guys make a great team. :)

    Nicole S.

    December 23, 2010

    LOVE indian food! :)