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Review of the New Weight Watchers iPad App

I know there are a few people waiting for my experience with the new Weight Watchers program but Unfortunately, I don’t feel comfortable (and they won’t ‘let’ me) following it while pregnant. Once Evan arrives I’ll be diving in head first and sharing my thoughts as I apply the new program and points to my lifestyle. Then you’ll get more than just my initial reaction.

In the mean time, as a Weight Watcher Insider, I’m reviewing the tools and resources Weight Watchers provides like the Weight Watchers iPad App. Now, I must first disclose that I was not an iPad owner when Weight Watchers reached out–frankly, I find the device pretty overrated–so they provided me one. Now that I’m and iPad owner I plan on reviewing the device itself on my other blog but for now I’ll stick to just discussing the Weight Watchers App.

My first impression when launching it was… "ohhh pretty!"

Review of the New Weight Watchers iPad App - the interface

I’m a bit of a food photo freak so I loved that the recipes were driven by photo not title. I rarely make a recipe that doesn’t have a picture. For those less visually oriented have no fear there is also a list view of the recipes by title which actually also has small thumbnails.

Now the App isn’t a complete cookbook, it only takes down the latest 10 featured recipes from the Weight Watchers web site. Part of me likes that I’ll get new content all the time so it’s different but I think I would appreciate a large database at my disposal in the kitchen even more. The iPad really is a great tool for the home cook. The Weight Watchers app allows you to check off ingredients as you add them and even keep multiple timers right in the program.

Review of the New Weight Watchers iPad App - recipe

Other cool features….

  • Save up to 10 recipes
  • Watch technique videos
  • Share favorite recipes via email or Facebook

All those aspects of the program are available to members and non-members alike. However, if you are a Weight Watchers Online & eTools Subscriber you get full access to all the features which includes…

  • searching all online Weight Watcher Recipes (So if you are member you do have a large database at your disposal,)
  • send recipe to your Plan Manager for tracking,
  • access to the Weight Watchers Recipe Builder.

The recipe builder was the first thing I gravitated towards, of course. I must admit I found it easier to enter my recipes on the iPad then on my laptop. It could be because my laptop sucks but the iPad touch screen interface was very intuitive and the response time for my ingredient searches was instantaneous.

All recipes I entered in eTools were available on the iPad and vice versa. So from what I can tell, integration between your online account and the iPad was seamless. You are you on both devices and it’s aware of your activity in either location.

Overall I find the app really well done. I didn’t find myself wishing it could do this or that, it worked just fine the way it was and made access to info, recipes and my account very easy. I’m not sure if my opinion will change once I’m using it while actively following the program so I’m curious what other members think. Do you have an iPad? Have you tried it? Please share your thoughts!

Full Disclosure: As a Weight Watcher’s Insider Weight Watchers has provided me a free membership which includes access and other tool as well as other tools but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  • Beth @ Beth’s Journey to Thin

    Wow that is so awesome that they provided you with an ipad!!! The app looks really cool, but I too don’t have an ipad. I think they are coming out with a program for the Droid, which I DO have, so I’ll have to wait for that. :)

  • roni

    I have a droid too! I’ll be sure to check it out when it does!

  • @bek1826

    I LOVE the iPad app. I find that it’s an essential tool in the kitchen. I love being able to quickly calculate (and save) the ProPoints values for my current recipe.

  • tj

    I love this app and have used it a couple of time already. I think it’s a great addition to all of the helpful tools that WW has for us! :)

  • Anna

    My parents surprised me with an iPad for Christmas! I love it so far (my laptop is so slow)!

    I downloaded the weight watchers app and liked it so far. It seems handy to keep in the kitchen. I can’t wait to cook with it.

  • http:/// Reinaldo

    They are not only paying you but also they gave you an Ipad???!!!?!?!??!?!?! Dooooooooode, you are doing something right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Melissa @MelGetsFit

    Even as big a fan as I am of all things Apple, I don’t have an iPad because I also feel they are a bit overrated. I bought a netbook instead which was half the price and didn’t have the limitations of the iPad. I have to admit though, reading your review of this app makes me want one though. Maybe for my birthday … LOL

  • Nikki Moon

    I have no clue about the ipad app but the Panini picture on the sidebar totally drew me in and I must make that! And I loved you used the George Forman grill I hate having 100 large kitchen things that only have one purpose. I need that sandwich and your roasted radishes ASAP. Yum! Keep up the good work Roni.

  • NYCPatty

    I definitely want an iPad and will probably get one for my bday in May! Can’t wait! The WW app sounds great! I’m glad it keeps your info in sync!

  • Alisha

    Wild to be working for Weight Watchers so long and leading meetings and never get a chance to view these things for free! You are a lucky lady!

  • Patty

    I am NOT a fan of Apple but I have to say that I am soooo glad I didn’t let that keep me from getting my iPad. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I use mine to track groceries, make shopping lists (no more paper and pen at the grocery store) read books (kindle app) and making dinner with the many different recipe apps and/or websites! Honestly I still love my PC because I work in excel a lot, but the iPad has basically taken the place of my computer.

  • roni

    Reinaldo – Ohh they don’t pay me… hopefully one day though! ;)

  • laine

    I have the iPhone app and use etools, I love it and I’m loving WW. Down 5.4 pounds on my 3rd week, I lost 2 pounds over Christmas!

  • BG

    Really? Really? Free or is it?

  • roni

    Oh! Sorry! Should have mentioned that. It’s free. :)

  • http:/// Reinaldo

    They don’t pay you- yet!!! Still, you got a freakin’ Ipad out of the deal!! Hope you don’t need to give it back :$

  • roni

    I don’t and I must admit.. that’s pretty sweet. :)

  • Meg

    I have been able to download the app with no problem, however I am unable to track my points. I am getting a pop up that says apple doesn’t support flash player! Can anyone share what or how they’re able to track?

  • Janice

    My question exactly Meg! I had all these great hope of using my iPad to get me more organized with WW. It would be so nice to do most of it via the iPad,having the larger screen… and from my iPhone when I’m not home. So now Im confused. If it has to have Flash, then what exactly can be done on the iPad? Does the WW Kitchen Companion take the place of something or not really….?

  • roni

    I’m not sure what you guys mean. There is a specific app for the ipad. Have you checked itunes? Just do a search for it.

  • Janice

    Yes. I have the WW app from iTunes downloaded. But it will only allow reading and browsing the site. When I go to the weight tracker or other options that would allow my input or adding info, the message “this requires Flash application’ and to download it and then return to the site. Apple does not support Adobe Flash so I’m not sure how to get around this. Makes me sad to have all this at my fingertips and have to go back to the small screen of my phone or to my old computer. Not sure why the iPhone has no problem with the application… Go figure..

  • http://WeightWatchers John

    I joined WW today for the first time and I have an Ipad. I discovered today that I was not able to use either the WW website or WW App due to the same issue reported by Janice above. Help!

  • Annabelle

    I am really disappointed too, can’t use any of this on my i-pad, is there a solution?

  • roni

    Guys you may want to contact Weight Watchers directly. I’m just a blogger that tried the app for them. I don’t use it anymore. Sorry. :(

  • Frances

    I’m using my Ipad as will as my Iphone and laptop. I just love the weight watchers app. Now I have it were ever I’m at ,on the go or late night in bed with my best friend (Ipad). Or out with family and friends I can keep track of my points easy-easy-easy. loving it! Yes I to am disappointed that I can not do some things on the I’s but this keeps my lappy happy that i return to it now and then, I do hope that some time soon this will be a fix for the app user.

  • Trudy

    I was very happy to see WW come out with their iPad application. So, I signed up. Then I found that without adobe flash I cannot track my points. That was the whole idea! In fact, the Apple store told me that even if I chose to pay for adobe flash it does not work on iPad. How can WW advertise that they are now iPad compatible if they are not. I don’t want to pay if I haven’t got full access.

  • Janice

    Good luck to all. Don’t think it’s been resolved. Too bad their site HAS to use adobe flash…since in the meantime we can’t use the app.

  • Frances

    I have an Iphone and IPad and I downloaded the weighter weathers app and used it for four mounths but was very unhappy that I needed flash player to have total acess.I droped the WW plan found an app on iTunes for .99 were I can track points as well as calories. Doing good so far at a 20lb lost and I’m not putting out the monthly fee.

  • Denise

    Frances, what is the app you’re using to track points? Can you track activities also? Thanks.

  • Frances

    (Shroomies) Nutrilion it may have been a free app. It’s very nice easy to use . Juts takes a little time to get used to but works great. Can do a lot with it. I spend a long time looking for this and am very happy with it. I also went to the goodwill and got two WW cookbooks to use on the side. Works great for me. Can put my custom food in. I think you well like it. Better then putting out the 18.95 each mo.


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