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Creating Custom Products

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Hi Roni!

I love all of your sites. This is a random question but where do you get your custom shirts for your racing events? I am doing my first half marathon (!!!) in February and would love to have a shirt made.

Thanks and lots of love and congratulations on Mr. Evan!


Hi Sheila! Congrats on the half! That’s totally exciting! As I said in my marathon post, I highly recommend putting your name on your race event shirts. It’s a great way to get that little bit of extra support while running. I made both of mine, one for the marathon..

And another pregnancy version

on They have a great variety of products from binders and calendars to shirts to stamps. All completely customizable.

If you have an interest you can even create your own products sell them in a storefront. I experimented it a few years ago, click here to check it out.

I find the Zazzle products to be a good quality. I like the athletic shirts I used to my racing events very much. They also have great customer service. One of my shirts came with an ink stain. I contacted the company and they sent a replacement right away.

Whether you are looking for custom shirts for yourself, products for your blogs or even holiday gifts, I think Zazzle is great option!

Note and disclosure: For fellow bloggers, they also have a referral program. You earn 15% on every sale made from a link on your site. I’m a member myself.

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    Alison Golden

    December 11, 2010

    I’ve heard Zazzle is good. Like you say the quality is good. I do hear using them for shirts to sell can be price prohibitive. Have you found that?


    December 12, 2010

    Alison – I agree.. the products baseline prices after customization do get up there an if you want to make a commission on top it’s a lot of $$. I made a bit of money but the ROI wasn’t there for me. Maybe if I had more traffic or a larger audience it would have been.