One Mom’s Journey from Fat to Skinny to Confident


Ask Roni_v47 – Your "OK" Weight, Mentality of Being Fat, From FAD diet to Weight Watchers, Weight Training Advice, External Solutions

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I feel all over the place in this weeks video. Not sure if I made ANY sense but here it is all the same. :)

Topics this week include…

  • Getting past your "OK" weight. Should you?
  • Do you still struggle with the mentality of being fat?
  • Getting out of the FAD diet cycle.
  • Weight training exercises that have helped you?
  • Stop looking for an external solution. I’m not selling anything.

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    December 17, 2010

    love these video updates- especially how you have the bullet points for those of us who don’t have 30 minutes to spare. i listened to #1 and #3, and they are SO where i am right now…so THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! very inspiring stuff!


    December 18, 2010

    Great podcast, thanks! The advice I would give to Amanda regarding her ‘ok’ weight is to use that weight to practice maintenance. Stay there for awhile, and eventually your mind will catch up with your body, and at either 170 will become your happy weight, or after awhile of maintaining you will become motivated to keep going down. It’s like taking a pit stop on a road trip….pause for awhile to check out the scenery, enjoy the break from driving and stretch your legs until you’re ready to get back in the car and keep going!


    December 18, 2010

    I look forward to watching your videos every week! Thank you for taking the time to make them!


    December 18, 2010

    Thanks as always for your fabulous podcasts and heartfelt responses to the questions. I wanted to speak to this one:

    # Do you still struggle with the mentality of being fat?

    I completely concur with the idea that it is about identity. Identity is huge and changing one’s sense of self is no easy process. Especially when we have based our sense of self on the external packaging rather than the inner being. Unfortunately, the inner being is often so clouded over by all the distractions of our life (busyness, obsession about appearance, over-reliance on other’s opinions of us, etc) that we rarely give that inner self a chance to shine. Obviously, this is something I’m currently struggling with – embracing who I am and who I was created to be and allowing those other measures to fade away. So, I agree it is an identity issue and where one gets their identity. It is a hard process to change who one is. I know I have experienced those kinds of identity crisis around issues of work and job title kinds of things – it is similarly hard to work through. But this issue is so much deeper and a “core” issue that it is that much more difficult to navigate.
    I have to believe that it is worth the work though, that is why I keep trucking along through discouragement, frustration, and disappointment.
    I also think that language is powerful, so, Roni, as you mentioned in an earlier podcast the idea that “fat talk” is no longer a part of your relationship with your husband – changing the way we talk about and to ourselves is powerful! It may take some active, positive self-talk to readjust the sense of self to embrace the thinner/healthier version.
    Not sure this makes sense (and I’m not pregnant so can’t blame hormones:)) but this particular one about identity really spoke to me! Thanks for sharing your journey!


    December 18, 2010

    I love these videos, its like one of my favorite weekly TV shows!

    LOVE your answer to #1. My max “healthy” weight range according to WW is 155. My happy place is 168. I feel like my body settles in at that weight and I am very comfortable there. I had to get a Dr’s note for WW so I could count that as my goal weight, I was really glad they offer that as a option. I weighed 155 at one point but I was not healthy.

    The other question about still feeling fat….I am the opposite. I always felt smaller than I was. I was always shocked when I saw photos of myself b/c that was not what I saw in the mirror. Delusional huh? When I finally lost my weight I just felt like I was finally the me I had always pictured.


    December 19, 2010

    Roni, thank you SO MUCH for these videos. They have become my weekly “treat” to myself (30 minutes spent not doing a chore!?! when there’s so much to be done!?!) and honestly, I think they’re like therapy — with results.
    Now, about the structured programs. I think that they serve a wonderful purpose — they get you started. I’ve done WW, hospital-based weight loss, and Jenny Craig. I reached goal each time in 90 days and maintained each for a couple years before caving in to my cravings. But…they require you to starting counting everything, working out regularly and being accountable on a regular basis. Paying the money is your commitment, then you have to show up and do the work. And goodness knows, the work goes on for years and years — hopefully, moving toward healthier, quality food and increased activity as time goes on . The programs serve as a “kick-in-the-butt” and after that, it’s up to you.
    Thanks again for your site, your videos and your wisdom!


    December 19, 2010

    Hi Roni. This was the best podcast you’ve ever had. The idea of creating a lifestyle that supports your happy weight clicks with me. I’ve been trying to live a “balanced” life but that idea has backfired on me. I wind up eating everything convincing myself that I am just living a balanced life and not obsessing. the idea of supporting your lifestyle is a concept that I understand better than living “balanced”. thanks and keep up the good work! your weekly videos are truly supportive and inspiring. Merry Christmas!


    December 19, 2010

    I love your segments! I have them on while I clean my kitchen. It’s the closest I get to talk shows since I don’t have a TV.


    December 20, 2010

    I could not agree with you more on the mentality. I had that “fad” mentality for so long, I wish I had been enlightened sooner! My weight loss journey started with Jenny Craig in Feb 2009, on their foods I lost 25 lbs in a year. However by Feb 2010 I had been sick of their food! I also realized I couldn’t eat prepackaged food for the rest of my life. But what I did learn from JC was to ea a salad with every meal and for the first time in my life learn to eat yogurt. Two important changes that really help me out. Since March 2010 I’ve been on WW and I’ve been up or down 5 lbs but I haven’t given up. I realize it might take my body a tad longer to keep going but I’m not going to let the progress made go to waste. My clothes feel better I’m down 2 sizes in jeans and I’m happy. I’ve embraced this lifestyle in every way.


    December 21, 2010

    Roni, I just want you to know that you make complete and total sense in all of your answers :) You make a lot of really wonderful points and it’s interesting how your journey has been both physical AND mental. There really is so much mental work to do in this process. I feel like my process has been more of an effort to get to know myself again more than anything else!

    Charlie Hills

    December 22, 2010

    I had to laugh at “Back in the Fridge”. :)