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Ask Roni _v46 – Binge Eating Help, Lowering the Grocery Bill, Feeding the Bottomless Pit, Running and Leg Shape, Holiday Eating

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I’m heading out for my husband’s office Holiday Party. So excited! But I couldn’t leave without posting this weeks video podcast!

Topics this week include…

  • Binge Eating Help/Solution
  • Lowering the Grocery Bill
  • Feeding the Bottomless Pit
  • Changing the shape of your legs by running?
  • Holiday Eating Advice

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    December 10, 2010

    Loved your response to the last question about handling the holidays. It is so true when you say that it isn’t about the one Christmas meal where you over eat – it is the days that follow where you feel like you’ve “blown it” so you just keeping eating and eating! I’m already feeling like, “well, I’ve got this Christmas party coming and I know I will want to eat this and that so I might as well not worry about my diet now because my party is in 2 weeks!” It makes no sense at all! So thank you for the reminder. I also liked what you said about the fact that no one is stressing over what you look like but they are focusing on how they feel around you. I need to remember that as well!


    December 10, 2010

    Just wanted to comment on the question about getting thinner legs by running. I run up to 50 miles per week, (for the past 20 years)and find that if anything my legs have so much muscle to them that they are bulkier, then when i cut my running back a bit.. It totally comes down to what your body type is. I find ultimately my legs will look most thin when i am in the lower end of my weight range, and not running quite as much….but I’m choosing to feel fit over having my legs look more slender.


    December 10, 2010

    I wanted to add a tip for Emily’s grocery shopping question. She mentioned in the question not having things for recipes, and those things adding up to big bucks. One thing that I was always spending buckets of money on when figuring out how to cook for myself was spices. Trying a new recipe sounded fun, until a couple of 5, 6 or 7 dollar spices were called for. I spent around $20 and maybe didn’t even like what I made! So: BULK SPICES! If you’ve got a health food store/food co-op/large grocery store nearby with a bulk section, they might also have a bulk spice section. I find that they’re usually at least 3 or 4 times cheaper than the spices in the jars, but the best part is that you can just buy what you’ll need for that recipe, so a teaspoon or whatever. The little baggies can get hard to manage (I invested in refillable jars because I like the bulk spices so much) but just make sure to label them with the spice and you’ll be fine. Hope that’s helpful to someone!

    Shannon H.

    December 11, 2010

    You were on FI-AH (fire…said with sass) in this one. I loved it! So appreciate your passion.


    December 11, 2010

    These Ask Roni videos are posted with viddler, right? And your pregnancy updates are just posted through YouTube? I read my blog subscriptions through my iPad, and I’m trying to figure out why I can view the pregnancy updates no problem, but the Ask Roni videos never show up. Even when I click through and visit your actual site through Safari there’s just a big blank spot where the video should be. Is it something that just doesn’t play nice with iPad (like Flash)? Or maybe it’s the reader app I use? I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed this or if you had any suggestions.


    December 12, 2010

    Mary – yup.. some are on Viddler some YouTube. Mostly because of time constraints. Youtube only allows videos under 10 minutes so all my cooking and ask Roni videos must go on Viddler. I’m trying to become a You Tube partner but they have ignored all my requests. :(

    Unfortunately I don’t know why viddler won’t play on the iPad. They don’t seem to have any documentation on it either.


    December 13, 2010

    I really liked your popcorn, grape, cherry tomatos idea for work. I think I will definitely bring some of those in this week because there ALREADY are cookies, waffles, and cakes here today. HELP!

    I’m NOT going to have any…today :)

    Thanks for the bit about the holidays. My sister and I have taken over the Christmas Eve meal so I will be going to Greenlite Bites tonight to get some sides idea for out roasted chicken.

    Oh yeah and dessert ideas.

    Roni you always make me feel better! Love my Monday mornings with you! Hope you had fun at the holiday party :)


    December 14, 2010

    OH! Apparently I needed to HEAR you say what you did about Holiday’ stratergizing’. I actually said ” YES! OF COURSE!” out loud, prompting Man Cub to come over, look at the screen, and say ” RONI!” -I’m not kidding. It was adorable :)
    ( just another stubborn German-Irish girl, who is trying to find her groove!)


    December 16, 2010

    I like what you said about overeating, but overeating in a clever way by choosing grapes, tomatoes or popcorn instead of junk. I agree that some days you are just more hungry/bored and rolling with it rather than fighting it is so much healthier for your mental well being! I also agree with your strategy with dealing with Christmas. Only problem is that there have been two days so far off plan, and there are two more until Christmas is over, but I’m trying to enjoy these days guilt free, enjoying the days with friends and family, and then I’m getting back on plan the next day. Ok, so maybe by New Years I will of put on a pound or two (or three…) over a three week period, but to me its definitely worth it! Christmas is all about enjoying yourself with friends and family after all!