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What’s the Plan, Stan?

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What's the Plan Stan?

Since having a child I have this really annoying habit of rhyming random things. "What’s the plan Stan?", "Later Gater", and my favorite "Let’s go, Joe." I remember getting into arguments with the Litte Guy about what his name was when he was still "The Toddler". He’d argue with me until he was blue in the face. It was quite hysterical and he sometimes still brings it up.

Becoming a Mom also required me to start planning more. From cooking dinners, to scheduling naps, family vacations, trips to the doctors, baby photos, play dates. I don’t know about your family but in my household "Mom" is a synonym for "House Manager." Everything tends to fall on my shoulders. At least that’s how it feels even though I think I may secretly take most things on because I want them done *cough* my way.

I’m getting better though. The husband has really helped in this department. He so laid back and very much a "go with the flow" kind of guy that it helps counterbalance my "go getter" "let’s do this RIGHT now" personality. Honestly, I think it’s one of the reasons our relationship works.


What’s this post about again?

Oh yea! Planning!

This morning I posted this on twitter and my facebook page

What's the Plan Stan?

I’ve been wishy washy about working out since the weekend. Even canceling a date I had at the gym. Now I realize a few days off is fine and actually in some cases, good for me. However, I also know how easy good habits are sometimes broken. Three days turns into a week and a week into months and before you know it a year has gone by. You know it’s true! Geesh.. I have FINALLY framed my marathon photo and that was a year ago. Actually a year ago almost to the day and that picture has just been sitting on my shelf waiting patiently for me to put it in a frame.

Time flies. We know this. It’s really easy to forget about the things that are important day after day until something happens that reminds us. Think about it. Maybe you forget to floss (ok, ok, I’m totally guilty of this) then you go to the dentist and they are scraping away plaque for like an hour and you swear you are going to floss every night. Then you forget one night, which turns into a week, into months and then.. uh oh.. dentist time again. *scrape* *scrape* *scrape*

Or how about those of us with kids? One minute we’re pregnant and then wha?? I’m putting my 5 year old on the bus?!? You’ve got to be kidding?

Anyway, my point is time doesn’t wait for us. It’s just keeps ticking away while we got lost in the menusha of every day life. If we don’t stop to plan time in there for ourselves we can easily fill it doing "other" things. Some of which are just not that important. I know I’ve waisted many a morning simply becuase I put the TV on or got sucked into the twitter stream. All of a sudden.. an hour went by. Come on you KNOW it’s true.

When we plan and let others know of our plan it’s that much harder to just let that time dissapear. For me sometimes this is as simple as anouncing on twitter or facebook that I am going running tomorrow. It makes it real. It’s made me schedule it in my brain. It made me think about it. Plan it. I pull out (or put on) my running clothes to make it that much easier in the morning and then when I wake up there is no question what I’m about to do. It has been scheduled. I’m going for a run.

Maybe it’s just a stupid mind trick but who cares. If it works, it works. And planning works for me. How about you? What’s your plan, Stan? ;)

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    Donna Y

    October 6, 2010

    My plan is to train regularly in the next 1.5 weeks to prepare myself for my first 5K on October 16. My training got derailed due to my health (bad cold and herniated disc acting up), my family’s health (sick toddlers and husband), and my one-year-old who isn’t fond of sleeping at night. So, I’ve barely trained at all and haven’t gone on a run in weeks. OMG. I know that at this point, I might do this race so slowly that I get booted (or booed, haha) off the trail. But I’m still going to do it. I might finish last. I might not finish at all. I might walk almost all of it. But I’m going to do it. I’m going to try. That’s my plan, Stan! :) ((P.S. Any advice anyone has for a novice runner who’s done almost no training and is about to do first 5K is welcomed!!!! I’m having visions of being carted off the trail in a wheelchair, moaning piteously.))

    Cynthia (It All Changes)

    October 6, 2010

    My plan is to swim twice a week and ride my bike twice a week until I’m cleared to run and strength train again. I miss running but not working out at all isn’t getting me any closer to running again.

    maria @ Chasing the Now

    October 6, 2010

    My husband and I are very much the same way. I like to have things done NOW and a certain way. He does things when he finally gets around to them. Sometimes it drives me nuts, but a lot of the time it reminds me that life doesn’t have to be so planned out and organized. It can be fun (and freeing) to just go with the flow and leave the worries behind.

    That being said, I still like things done NOW and the right way the first time.


    October 7, 2010

    My plan is to run 3 days a week and strength train 2 days. I use the lay my clothes out the night before trick and also i print out a calendar each month and i get a star on the day if i run/exercise. Sounds juvinille, i know, but it seems to be working. I only had three blank days in September!


    October 7, 2010

    My plan is to STAY on Points! Internal propaganda wins much too often! ” Oh! This ONE little cookie/sweetie/bag of chips won’t matter. Go on!” Nope. If they DIDN’T matter, I wouldn’t be in the shape I’m in. Round.
    ( I totally agree with your statement about taking things on because of wanting them done ‘My Way’! Guilty as charged, right here!;p )


    October 7, 2010

    Advice for Donna Y – It depends on where you were before your training derailed… do the best you can and realize that MANY people walk the 5k races. No shame in it. You aren’t racing to come in first. You are racing to do something for yourself. And next time you can have a goal of running more than this one. And eventually you will run a whole one.


    October 7, 2010

    Donna, I agree with Lisa… you can and WILL totally cross that finish line and that’s all that matter. Do your best, walk when you need to, no shame it that at all. Just remember to have fun and soak it all in. Don’t pressure yourself!

    My plan this weekend (while traveling for work) is to make a plan. I was on vacation for two weeks and while I didn’t overeat — I ate all the things I normally don’t (which include white flour) and I think the flour has had an effect on me for the things I crave.

    So the plan is to work out 3 times while on trip — and create the guidelines for eating for when I get back.

    By then my P90-X should be here!

    Alysa Bajenaru, RD, CPT

    October 7, 2010

    Such a good post! I have definitely used these mind tricks on myself, and they work! I am going to RT this :)

    Jenn (GH)

    October 7, 2010

    I’m a planner. I agree announcing my plan certainly helps. I don’t like to say I’m going to do something and then not do it. If I don’t have a plan I sort of float through my day without getting a darn thing done.


    October 7, 2010

    It’s so funny you post this today as DH and I are going away this weekend to meet Sis and BIL in Montreal WITHOUT the kids. My sis keeps asking what the plan is and I keep telling her there is no set plan as DH and I are traveling alone and can keep stops short and our hunger at bay and our legs still. I too am the “house manager” in my family and never realized how much planning I do simply because I want it done my way. My plan for this weekend trip is to do step tomorrow before we leave and run on Saturday at hotel gym. I saved AP for a few drinks. I also plan to enjoy my alone time with the adults as I never really get any! Cheers!


    October 7, 2010

    Okay…your flossing example TOTALLY just made me think of this:

    As far as a plan? I think I have a problem there.

    I’m VERY reluctant to make a plan, and I know why: I’ve made plans (especially regarding food and exercise!), and FAILED so many times that I can’t trust myself anymore.

    If I make a plan, then fail…again? Gut wrenching. Kath is a FAILURE. Again.

    On the other hands, no plan means no progress. But then I’m NOT a failure. Nor a success.

    Does that make sense? *sigh* I’m a mess. :)

    Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

    October 7, 2010

    Well, you know I’m a fan of #anditshallbeso, so Twitter works wonders for me for the exact reasons you mentioned. Those people can be like Big Brother, right?

    One of my favorite quotes is:
    Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresea, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein. ~Life’s Little Instruction Book, compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


    October 7, 2010

    It’s true – I’ve posted my “plans” on FB before – just so I feel compelled to DO IT! My blog keeps me accountable too. However, I can also feel a weight on my shoulders when I do that, and then when I can’t get something done for one reason or another. Ugh. I am VERY conscientious. And you’re right – time flies. My “baby” is 21 now…


    October 8, 2010

    I could not agree with you more! I have been thinking since your vlog last week about the words “schedule your workouts like appointments”. While I still haven’t put them in my phone to remind me the thought is in my head. Yesterday I blogged about running at lunch time since its dark so early now. I’ve always thought working out at lunch was an impossible thing for me to accomplish. But today I went and LOVED IT! I really felt like I had no choice but to go because I wrote about it.

    For me…it worked! :)


    October 8, 2010

    My plan is to run my 10K on October 31 even though since I ran 6 miles on 9/12 I have let down on my training since then and now I found out I have shingles a few days ago. I tried to run today and could only make a mile. So I plan on training consistently 3 days a week until my 10K and walk if I have to.

    Donna Y

    October 8, 2010

    Thanks for the advice and encouragement, Lisa & Roni! I’ll be re-reading your comments to settle my nerves right before the race. :) This morning I did about 5K (alternating walking and running but not pushing myself super hard) in 41 minutes. I’m less freaked out now that I’ve tried it. :) I’m excited!