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I got sucked into this series of video on youtube this afternoon and I feel the need to share. You guys may know from prior posts how I feel about body image and photoshoping. I believe the more we talk about it and expose the better off we’ll be. I hope you enjoy the series as much as did…

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    Rob Dyess

    October 22, 2010

    Wow!!! Really great videos. It is not every day that I see videos and actually WATCH the whole thing.

    I think that this is an extremely important issue. However, I think that it is very unrealistic to think that we as a society (or the media as an industry) will adopt a “warning label”. Sorry, just not going to happen.

    I am not a woman…. but I still think I get it- at least a little. I just think that women and men have to have enough self esteem to “love themselves” and accept who they are. This self esteem can overcome the media.

    Thanks! Great post! One of the best I have seen!


    October 22, 2010

    Wow very interesting! Thanks for sharing.


    October 22, 2010

    Those videos just raised my self-esteem a good few notches. I always forget about photoshopping, but it is really insidious, pervasive, etc.

    Ah yes, I stumbled upon those videos several months back. So crazy! I wish all girls (and guys!) could see these so they know that the perfectly taute and glowing women they see in magazines and movie ads AREN’T REAL.


    October 22, 2010

    Good videos. It’s amazing how much they disort a picture. I feel bad for young girls because it wasn’t this bad when I was young(er), not that I didn’t/don’t have my own issues to deal with. I hear a lot of moms talk about if my kid is fat they will go to fat camp or other sort of statements and all I wonder is when did society turn into only valuing what is on the outside? Are we really this shallow? What happened to teaching a child to eat properly and learning to love and value themselves for who they are?


    October 22, 2010

    Thanks for this Roni. I need the reminders too. Like you said, if it’s talked about enough, it’ll raise awareness.


    October 22, 2010

    Let me give it to ya from the male point of view.

    When Roni posted this issue the first time (the very first link from the post), I thought “Oh come on. Girls really believe that Madonna looks like that?” The photoshopping was so obvious to me… I thought “How can someone look at that unrealistic perfection and compare themselves to it? I mean, isn’t obvious that….” And then I stopped my self…
    I got all my Men’s Health mags together, and stared at the cover model pic from each one. “Are this photoshopped too? This guy’s abs, the abs that I want, Are they real? Or not?” I had to eat my own words :P I was believing that BS for YEARS!
    And what about the pics inside the mag, with all the exercise routines? Those are smaller, so it could be even easier to retouch…
    Or another example, the wolf dude from the New Moon movie.(DISCLAIMER: I DO get to keep my man card because I haven’t seen the movie, just pics! I swear! XD)
    Anyway, the wolf dude said in an interview how he trained for the shirtless scenes. Months of training, just to look like that for a few days *just to shoot those scenes*. So that’s not how he really looks like everyday. It’s like when bodybuilders compite and do hell stuff like dehydrating themselves and the like just to look like their skin is leather for one day – competition day.
    This issue is genderless. We are bombarded with this lies all day long… So, the best exercise I can think of is remember these videos everytime you see a magazine cover, roll our eyes, and think “yeah, right!”


    October 23, 2010

    I’m usually a lurker, but this post really spoke to me. As a 21 year old (almost!) college graduate, I’ve definitely fought the late night fast food runs, the all nighters, and the catty girls who attack even the slightest imperfection. In a world where it is becoming harder and harder to make conscious efforts to make healthy choices, let alone work out to be the “perfect” body type, I think that spreading the news about things like this is really important. So many girls my age ARE striving for that perfection- I’ve been there and done that with an eating disorder and I never want to go back to that place! By raising awareness, hopefully we can all slowly be reminded to love our bodies and ourselves just where they are at. This post especially reminded me of one of my favorite empowering songs- India Arie’s song “video”, where the main line in the chorus states that she is “not the average girl from your video, and I ain’t built like a supermodel, but I’ve learned to love myself unconditionally….” What a good reminder. Thank you so much for this post!