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Ask Roni: Can You Help?

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Hey Roni,

I just tried to lose a few pounds doing the 30 Day Shred, but didn’t lose 1 pound. Which site do you suggest I follow to drop a few? Your card has a few options, but I wanted to know which one you think would work for me. I have about 14 post baby pounds to lose.


Hi Jenna,

Unfortunately, none of my sites will actually help you “drop a few.” I don’t have any quick loss secrets or plans or diets to share. My entire online presence started because I thought blogging would help me stay accountable on my goal to lose weight and it did. Five years and 70lbs later I have a collections of sites that have all become creative outlets for me…

Roni’s Weigh

Roni’s Weigh ( is my journal that helped me lose the weight. I journaled my weigh ins, shared my feelings, tips, and ideas. I used the site as a form a therapy and it gave me something to focus on besides the number on the scale. I continue to blog here to give weight loss motivation and share my continued story of how I’m maintaining the loss.


GreenLiteBites ( is a place where I share my food ideas that are a little bit lighter. Things that I ate while losing and are eating while maintaining. I use this site to motivate people to cook more at home and try new healthy things they may be hesitant to try. Since I’m a mom I also like to inspire others to cook more with their kids and involve the whole family in making healthy food choices.


BlogToLose ( is a community I started so others could use the power of blogging and an online community to help them reach their own goals. I had so much success blogging my weight loss that I thought creating an online community for others where they can find the support they want and need would be an easy way for me help others. I realized not everyone has the desire or time to create their own blogs and build a community online like I did. Why not make it easier for people to harness the power of blogging without the overhead as it requires a lot of work.

I have people that email me and thank me for helping them lose the weight but I can’t take the credit for their loss. They did ALL the work to make that happen. All I do is share my story and thoughts on weight loss.

I’m sorry Jenna, I didn’t know how else to approach your question as I’m not sure I have the answers you seek. I think it’s great that you started the 30 Day Shred but you didn’t talk at all about what your eating and in my experience that is a more important factor in actually losing weight. Again, that’s just my opinion based on what worked for me.

I hope that helps shed some light on my sites and I hope you are able to find the help you need to lose the weight. I would suggest joining BlogToLose if you’d like to get a little support while trying to lose but at the end of the day you have to find what works for you.


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    October 17, 2010

    Great advice Roni. I would like to add that if you were doing the shred you may have exchanged some fat pounds for muscle. Do your clothes fit any differently?

    The scale is but one measure of your success. I like to also use how my clothes fit as one of the best truth tellers there is!

    Making some simple changes in your daily diet can also help. A focus on simple healthy back to basics foods and cutting out processed foods (that are high in fat and sugar and usually lacking in fiber) will help you drop those pounds.

    Good luck to you!


    October 17, 2010

    Aw Roni, you knew exactly what to say…30 day Shred is just the exercise piece…the book actually gives a food plan to follow for 30 days that is pretty intense — but you’re right, it is 80% what you’re eating — so, my advice to Jenna would be to figure out what your body is burning on a daily basis (resting metabolic rate) — and then cut it by 300-500 calories depending on how much you’re exercising. Some people think its obsessive, but, calories in – calories out almost always = pounds lost!


    October 17, 2010

    Thats great that you started the community, things like this really help people stick together and stick to their goals.