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Custom T-Shirts

I made that shirt for the races I’m going to be running until the end of the year. Originally I had a 5k, 2 halves and a marathon scheduled to complete my 2010 running goals but that was before I found out about little bean. For the first 2 months I didn’t really change my plans because I’m a big believer in "You never know what’s going to happen." So I decided to keep running at the same level and take it day by day. Well at 2 and half months I’m getting more confident and MORE pregnant. :)

In lieu of my new situation I will be withdrawing from the halves and the full. I have continued to run these last two months but I have no desire to run any distance over 5 miles. Actually that was the level I was at when got pregnant so it kind of makes sense.

Instead of the longer distance races I’ll be running local 5k’s that I can find to complete my goal of running one event a month this year, which I still think is very doable and I’m very excited about it!

So for this weeks Thursday Thoughts I’m all about pregnant running…

Other news in my world…

Other than that I’m been helping a kindergardener with is homework and hanging out with the hubz. It’s been nice. :)

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  • Scott

    I love the shirt and I think you have a great running plan.

    Its good to remember that goals can be adjusted given life circumstances, but adjusted doesn’t mean giving up.

    My wife ran during both her pregnancies.

    Stay Fit,

  • CarolineC

    Love the t-shirt. You are such an inspiration. I thought of you and your pizza obsession when I posted on my blog yesterday about my local pizza place. The owner did a 30-day pizza diet that got lots of media coverage. He lost weight and improved his health, proving that pizza can be part of a healthy diet. Is the bean craving pizza? LOL

  • Lisa

    Yes, get Runner’s World. It’s a decent and interesting article, maybe more so for you, being pregnant.

    Love the shirt! And good luck with your running plan.

  • Lori

    That shirt makes me wish I was running during my two pregnancies! Very cute.

  • Debbi Does Dinner Healthy

    Awesome shirt!!! Great that you’re still running so much! Good for you!

  • Charm City Kim

    I LOVE that shirt!! And I’m glad to read that you withdrew from the halves and marathon… only because I’m pregnant and I was starting to feel like a super slacker for not being able to run a half marathon!

    I’ve been continuining to run but have kept it to the treadmill only because I’ve had some issues with my knees and I’m SO clumsy that I just felt it was safer to stay indoors. But that is totally my hangup. But seeing that shirt makes me want to take my run outside!

  • Rebekah

    Hey roni! Love the shirt! There’s a 5k in Frederick md on October 16th for St. Jude run for the cure. This will be my first race…it would be so cool to run with you! It’s at bakers park… It looks beautiful!

  • jamie

    That shirt is awesome!

  • Lisa

    I love love love the shirt!! Sooo cute! Someday I hope I can have a shirt like that. ;)

  • Kelly

    Where did you make this? Is it moisture wicking?

  • Jen (Mama Rocks)

    OH I wish I had one of those when I was running pregnant! So cute!


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