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Ask Roni _v34 – Scale Disappointment, Retrying WW, Weight Loss Rewards, Running Breathing Techniques, Snack Recommendations

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I haven’t wanted to make any promises as I’m still finding a self-employment groove but here’s my return to the Ask Roni video/podcasts! I may not be able to do weekly off the bat but that’s my goal!

Topics included in this video include….

  • Scale Disappointment
  • Retrying Weight Watchers
  • Weight Loss Rewards
  • Running Breathing Techniques
  • Snack Recommendations

Podcast/Audio only version


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    September 1, 2010

    Perfect timing for me – I started WW US today (though I’m in Italy) and I am on the search for new snacks after I discovered my “light cookies” were actually 4 points. I know it will be a bit harder in Italy without all those low-fat and fat-free alternatives but I think it will be interesting nonetheless! :)


    September 1, 2010

    Hi, I love the videos!

    I too travel for work – on Mondays I go to my WW meeting and then head about 75 miles north to teach and drive home during dinnertime. Here are some foods that work for me that keep well:
    Apples, Carrots, pretzels, Fiber One bars, muffins, Trader Joe’s light kettle corn, fruit leather (I like the Fiber Full ones from TJs), turkey jerky, sandwiches (PB&J works well). If you have a cooler you can also plan to bring some perishables but plan to have them for breakfast or early snack and save the less perishable stuff for dinner. Things like yogurt, string cheese, grapes, and other fruits and veggies would be good for the morning.

    Thanks for all of the tips Roni and I hope this helps your reader :)

    Rebekah Teal

    September 1, 2010

    Your blog is lovely!
    What great, helpful, positive information you provide!


    September 1, 2010

    Concerning the question about the person who goes to exercise classes and has to pack snacks, lunches and dinners. I have been a big fan of Clif bars, which I eat about 1 hour before a long run/exercise class (about an hour long) with a glass of water. It is easily digestible and it keeps me feeling full until I get home and can make a dinner.

    Grapes don’t require refrigeration. Citrus fruit is safe, too. Celery and carrots, as others have mentioned. Also, some cereal without milk would work. Fruit cups packed in juice? Small cans of flavored tuna?


    September 1, 2010

    Thanks for answering my question about rewarding weight lost. My system has actually morphed into rewarding fitness goals. What happens is I will see something I want, but normally it is expensive. So I try to justify buying it. So I will tell myself that if I run 30 miles in the next 30 days then I deserve it. I know this sounds a bit selfish but it works for me.

    I do understand about punishing myself. I actually do need more running shoes, but I keep telling myself if I REALLY wanted them then I would do……whatever goal I set. I guess I have not found a pair of shoes that I want yet. But once I do, then I will make the goal and work hard to meet it.

    I find this system keeps me in check with all the different gadgets and clothing that can quickly add up, and keeps me excited about exercising. I love wearing new workout clothes to Zumba, so every 25,000 calories I burn I get a whole new set of workout clothes. Which makes me so unbelievably happy it is sick.

    Patty @NYC Girl at Heart

    September 1, 2010

    Another great video! I’m so glad you will be doing more of these. I have also been toying with the idea of weighing myself daily for to get the “weight data”, I think it will help me learn more about my body but I’m not totally sold on it yet.

    Wow, 4 lbs up for Chinese…unreal. I don’t think I would know that unless I weighed myself daily. Definitely a selling point to do it.

    I don’t treat myself for successes but I am extra hard on myself for every setback. I think my attitude needs to change. I’m on one of those 5 month gain/loss seesaws so something has to give and right now I’m willing to try anything.

    thanks Roni for some great info.


    September 1, 2010

    While I no longer travel for work and school and don’t spend a sustained 17 hours away from home on a daily basis, one of the things that I did do when that was my reality was make oatmeal in the school or work cafeteria/work room. I would have a bowl w/ lid with my measured whole oats and any flavor enhancers (raisins, cinnamon, etc.) and a premeasured water in a bottle and then make it when I was about to eat. It was ready in minutes and satisfying. Another option would be pre-packaged soup that you could heat and eat, there are some healthier versions out there, but watch the sodium levels.


    September 1, 2010

    What about a really great insulated lunchbox with lots of ice packs? I used to take one and keep it in the trunk of my car. Also the snacks before grabbing a lunch is a great idea! I made the mistake of going to the grocery store with low sugar, ate two mini cupcakes on the way to the car :/


    September 1, 2010

    Always amazing to watch an “Ask Roni” video! I love how I hear the question, immediately thought of an answer, then you answer a completely different thing and I think to myself my original answer was so wrong! LOL I would suck at this.

    Sheri J

    September 2, 2010

    Another great, helpful vid Roni! I have done WW but had the most success with The site is totally free with so many great tools and a very supportive global community.

    Another thought for the person with the “brown bag” problem is what about a larger cooler with a frozen gallon or half gallon of water for the ice pack, then transfer whatever you need into the smaller cooler with the smaller ice pack when you need to take that in. I would have 2 frozen water containers going, one in the freezer to go on the road the next day and rotate them so as to always have one. You could also freeze your skim milk and lowfat yogurt for the next day. I would eat the yogurt with lunch because the texture might not be so nice later on in the day.


    September 2, 2010

    The reward concept is interesting – I did not do any rewards per se for weight loss, although I did try to find a new piece of clothing sometimes as my wardrobe got baggy/unflattering. But what keeps me motivated to maintain (actually, losing 10lbs. that crept back now) is the feeling that I get when I eat healthy foods in the right portions for me. There’s just this energy that I feel that’s hard to describe.


    September 2, 2010

    all-day food: what works for me is for the later meals (dinner and possibly late lunch) to completely freeze it. If I have a frozen water bottle, bag of frozen vegetables, and a frozen tupperware of quinoa, they’ll keep each other colder longer. Assuming you have access to a microwave near your class, you can finish defrosting and reheat at the same time. Though I’ve also been known to eat my defrosted veggies as is.


    September 2, 2010

    Great video Roni. I loved hearing your answers. We have a cooler that plugs into the car so when the car is running it keeps the cooler cold, you can pack ice packs in it so that when the car is off things still stay cold. It is amazing and works like a charm!

    Jasmine @ Eat Move Write

    September 2, 2010

    Hi Roni! Your hair is so adorable! :)

    I love the idea of answering questions via video. I really like what you said about the scale. I’ve never been a daily weigh-er for THAT reason. It’s hard to see the up and downs and not feel upset.

    Gail @ Shrinking Sisters

    September 2, 2010

    If you’re not looking for carby things, Laughing Cow Light cheese doesn’t require refrigeration (and I’m not just saying that because I’m one of their Daily Laugh bloggers). They’re great w/baby carrots or apples or crackers and come in a bunch of flavors. Almonds are great, as are Larabar Minis, which are little 100-calorie Larabar chunks.


    September 5, 2010

    I totally agree with you about the chore list for the little guy! Rewards can be given for extras when he gets old enough to want his own cash which won’t be for at least a year, right? :)

    I tried giving myself rewards but it didn’t really work and I definitely find enough motivation from following my plan. I also think we should do good things for ourself without tying it to goals because we deserve treats just for being us!