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My Type-A Weekend

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I’m HOME! I didn’t have much of a Sensational Sunday as I spent 9 hours in the car eating my way home from Asheville. Ugh. I feel so yucky now.

BUT I’m not going to focus on that. Tomorrow is a new day and I’m home from my little excursion refreshed and motivated for the week.

The weekend was FABULOUS! The drive, albeit long, was BEAUTIFUL! The leaves were just starting to change so I didn’t have full fall colors but the mountains were amazing. I arrived in Asheville around 7:30 and immediately went for a walk and had dinner. I settled on Salsa’s thanks for @Krissieb‘s recommendation. OMG so good! It was Caribbean Mexican! What a great combo of flavors.

The next two days was filled with blogging presentations and networking. I love being around fellow bloggers. It’s oddly relaxing and comforting like maybe I’m not such a freak. ;) Oh! and I got to have dinner with MizFit, Amanda and Kristy… SO fun. We had Thai Japanese at Kanpai. I’m loving the Asheville cuisine combos!

Anyway, Saturday I had the second Lighten Up telecourse but hit some technical snags. Remember how excited about the Droid X I was. Well let me tell you it’s been nothing but problems ever since! I won’t get into here but I’m thinking I got a lemon. Anyway, if any of you were on the call I apologize, I tried to get another line in time but it didn’t happen. I’m sure Laura was awesome. She shares some really great tips in the course.

As if the conference and the call wasn’t enough excitement an old friend came to visit me Saturday night. We had dinner at Chirizos and then when to see Devil. Our love of horror movies goes ways back so anytime we get together we try to see one. :)

The weekend ended with us staying up to the wee hours in the morning catching up. I then woke up early, grabbed breakfast and hit the road.

When I got home the little guy greeted me in the garage. He was ecstatic to I was home. I whipped up a quick dinner and read him a story before bed. His lunch is made for tomorrow and I’m thinking about starting my day with a run tomorrow. After all the sitting my body is craving some movement!

Right now I’m all about relaxing! The inbox is full but I’ll get to it tomorrow the husband and Mad Men are calling. :)

Oh! and for fellow bloggers I posted a couple of things about the conference on (Become a Famous Blogger! and Why do you do Things?) and I plan on a posting a few more. Just got to go through my notes!

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    September 27, 2010

    Dinner was so fun! It was great hanging out in Asheville.

    Julie J.

    September 27, 2010

    Hi Roni,
    Glad you had fun in Asheville. Was wondering if you would feel comfortable posting some info on how you are feeling? Maybe there’s a new website in it for you? “GreenLiteBaby”??? :)


    September 28, 2010

    Please.. NO! I don’t think I can do ANOTHER site. My head might explode. ;)