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3 Links and a Food Journal

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I totally ran out of time to post tonight. Then again here I am, so I guess that’s not totally true. ;)

I need to go to bed. Tomorrow is Day 3 of Marathon training and Tuesdays/Wednesdays are rough. They are my super early days as I need to squish in my runs/workouts before work.

Anyway, I did get my posts done on my other blogs so I thought I’d share those and my food journal. I had a great day on the food front. Much more conscious and I already feel better. The last few days were rough.

Here’s the links…

And here’s the journal…

Food Units
~*~*~*~ it’s a new day tuesday! ~*~*~*~
after my workout this morning i made a smoothie with strawberries, blueberries, 1/2 banana, protein powder and almond milk. so so good!!
yes… it’s 9:40 in the morning and i’m eating cabbage. what can i say? i like it that much! lol
went to subway for lunch! ham 6inch on honey oat, no cheese, with tons of veggies, a bag of baked chips and some light lemonade. so good!
bag of cherry tomatoes from my co-workers garden. omg… like candy!
some fresh watermelon on the way home from work
2 pieces of chocolate from the candy store with little guy
quick scallops with rice & sugar snap peas
more watermelon.. hey…. it’s summer! :)
kitchen is closed! :)
Total: N/A

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Hope you had a great day!

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    August 3, 2010

    I know you’re training for a marathon right now, but how often did you work out previously each week? I follow your food log on twitter but haven’t seen you post your work outs for the day for awhile now.

    stephanie@Avocado Nation

    August 4, 2010

    Oh man. I love fresh cherry tomatoes. So good!


    August 4, 2010

    MC – Depends on what previous means. ;)
    This past year I’ve been shooting for 3 workouts a week but it always didn’t happen. Before then I went when I could go. I stopped posting “activity” on my twitter food account because…. well.. it wasn’t food. I’m joking but I found other outlets to share my workouts like on my facebook page….

    Hope that helps!

    Sharon @ Weight Loss Tips

    August 4, 2010

    Hi Roni, I found your blog in a directory. You’re amazing, and your posts too. I started jogging 3 weeks ago to stay fit and I adore it. I spend like one hour every morning with jogging. It gives me a liberty feeling.

    Haha! Cabbage in the morning. :) I need to do this extended blog series on vegetables at breakfast. I think it’d be fun!