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Scatterbrained Thursday Thoughts

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Not that I’m not normally scatterbrained but today, or rather more recently, I’m just simply out of it. My house is in a state of disarray. I lost my glasses. I’m missing appointments. I can’t seem to get out of bed in the morning and I haven’t been to the gym since before vacation. Any NORMAL person would take the weekend to get themselves together but I have Little Guy’s fifth birthday party and a running event this weekend.

What was I thinking?

Oh heck.. it will be fun and life is better when you are actually living it, no? Let’s get on with these links before I forget what I wanted to say!

  • Let’s start with a laugh. Normally, Crabby makes me smile but her recent post about getting older totally cracks me up! And really, you have to laugh about it, especially when your child says things like this to you at the breakfast table.
  • You’ll never get old if you keep dancing! Well…may be you’ll look old. I have no shame anymore. I don’t care how ridiculous I’m being (and believe me, I look ridiculous) I’ll get my groove on anywhere. Although it’s much easier to do in my living room. Especially with Just Dance for the Wii. Oh my WORD is this fun! 30 great songs, cheesy moves, and a little meter to tell you how much you suck. It has it all! I even got the husband to do it and as you can (kind of) see, little guy was running circles around him. (For those that think the Wii doesn’t cut it in the workout department, after three songs I was one sweaty out of breath momma!)

My Updates….

I came home from vacation thirsty for some time in my kitchen! So GreenLiteBites saw some actions this week. Little Guy and I had fun shopping and picking out produce for the week. We recorded a produce pick video where he tries fennel, says he doesn’t like and yet continues to eat it. It cracks me up! I ended up turning the fennel into an amazingly green soup with some spinch and on tuesday I experimented a bit with chocolates and cherries, a favorite combo of mine. Who am I kidding chocolate with anything works for me. ;)

SkinnyMinnyMedia saw only one post this week and it’s about the theme I’m using to develop my new site. Long story short, since I will soon be a self employed blogger I thought the smart thing to do is blog under my name. My company is and will still be called SkinnyMinnyMedia (click here to see why) but I’m going to do all my blogging about blogging and other miscellaneous stuff under which, at the moment, is just a solo page with all my feeds on it.

Over on FitBloggin I posted Making Money From Your Blog. Wonderful advice for the blogger who wants to start monetizing their blogs from the FitBloggin’10 conference.

Other then that I haven’t done anything. No work on the cookbook or book proposal. I think I’m gonna have to put most things on hold until I wrap up my full time position on August 13. I have a feeling this scatterbrained feeling’s not going until then anyway.

Ok, I’ll end with my food journal. I just finished day 6! So glad I decided to do this. I feel wonderful!

Food Units
2 egg omelet with spinach and bacon bits 4
wrap from the school cafe (veggies, feta and a slice of bacon) and a bag of baked chips – estimating 9
orange 1
2 pieces of choc from the candy store 2
turkey sausage and veggie skillet over whole wheat pasta made like this 6
chocolate vitatop and some chocolate almond milk 3
Total: 25

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator. Follow live @RonisFood

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    June 11, 2010

    I have been the same way lately!! I forgot to send out last month’s rent check, forgot to book the rental car for vacation, forgot to set the automatic coffee grinder, etc. I think it is really tons of stress in my life at the moment…but it sucks!


    June 11, 2010

    Hope you find your glasses & I’ve gotta check that Wii game… ;)


    June 11, 2010

    I eat the Apple Berry for breakfast pretty often (and just got the 12 free!!). I like it room temp (and banana nut for that matter) instead of hot though. It has the smoother consistency like banana nut, not so grainy like the bran one.