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Post Disney Wrap Up

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Sorry I’ve been MIA. Between wrapping up the last two days of our vacation and driving home we’ve been busy bees. After spending a wonderful day at Animal Kingdom on Tuesday and having the most amazing time at Disney on Wednesday we decided to take it easy Thursday and frolic in the wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon. We had a blast! Little guy was pretty much game for anything (with some coaxing.) He’s he’s just about tall enough to go on most rides and slides but there were a few he missed by a measly half inch. :( The magic number seems to be 48 inches.

After spending the day at the water park we headed to Hollywood Studios for the evening. That completed out trifecta of parks. Mixed in was 2 trips to downtown Disney, pool time at the resort (we stayed at Port Orleans), fun at the arcade and umm I don’t know.. SLEEP. Unfortunately we had to do that. ;)

Here’s are a few more pics from our last two days…

As you can see Little Guy is entering the Star Wars phase and we are loving it!

Friday Morning we hit the road and headed back home. Driving straight through we made it by 2AM.

We rushed home to get a good start for the week before work on Monday morning. Today was all about laundry and grocery shopping. Little Guy and I walked to the store (it’s about 3/4 of a mile) with our wagon and stocked up on TONS of fresh fruits and veggies. We did a quick produce pick video (fennel) for GreenLiteBites and then I whipped up this tasty soup…

It felt good to be back in the kitchen but I ran out of time to write up the recipe tonight. I’ll post it tomorrow.

In other news, I did start counting points today. I feel the need to have some extra accountability. Remember those tight pants? Yea.. well they aren’t getting any loser. I’d rather be proactive now then wake up one morning to discover none of my clothes fit.

My points are real low today but honestly, I just wasn’t that hungry. This normally happens to me when I get back from vacation. Especially vacations where I was pounding pretzels at midnight the night before just to say awake in the car. ;)

Food Units
1 serving of all bran buds, 1/2 cup frozen wild blue berries and 1/2 cup vanilla almond milk 3
grilled cheese on a thin w/ 1oz ham, 1/2 oz cheese & roasted red peppers (takes it up a notch ;) & carrot sticks 4
1 cup of fennel spinach soup i made up today 1
boca burger on a whole wheat bun with tons of veggies, bakes beans & roasted asparagus 5
popcorn! while watching star wars with the little guy. :) 4
Total: 17

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    June 6, 2010

    It sounds like a wonderful family vacations Roni. I am so impressed that you and the little guy walked to the grocery store with your wagon! That is way cool!

    It is always so nice to get home after a vacation and eat real food again and sleep in your own bed.

    Krista S.

    June 6, 2010

    Those are some of the best pictures ever! So glad you guys had an awesome vacation. It’s great to make memories like that.

    Jenn (GH)

    June 6, 2010

    Looks like you had tons of fun. My boys (including husband) are Star Wars obsessed.

    I’m not a religious counter either. I started counting calories again a few weeks ago and it’s helping me get back to my goals.


    June 6, 2010

    I love the pics see yo in a week.


    June 6, 2010

    Welcome home! I have to say, your “do” looks so cute. And easy to take care of.


    June 6, 2010

    As I looked at the photo of you in your swim suit I thought, ‘How wonderful it must be to not be anxious about having your photo taken.’ You all look so happy, Nice!

    I would freak out if anyone took a photo of me in my swim suit, that’s if I was even willing to put it on.

    Another reason to lose weight and get fit.


    June 6, 2010

    Funny you should say that because I WAS! Freaking out a little that is. But I focus on the good time I was having instead of my body. It worked, most of the time. ;)


    June 7, 2010

    yay great pics! glad you had a good time. I got back from my vacation last night and between cleaning up and unpacking I had no time to cook either… its a rut I need to snap out of.

    I think points will be good short-term because they put things in perspective. When I count my calories to stay in check it shows me how much I was actually eating before when I wasnt writing everything down. A few weeks of that and I can get back on track without them. Best of luck to you!