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My Funk Fighting Weekend Photo Journal

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I feel a funk coming on and have no desire to "talk" this Sunday evening. However, even in my current irrational state I can recognize just how amazing my weekend really was. Sometimes pausing to reflect and be grateful makes fat thoughts seem utterly ridiculous. I really did have a fabulous weekend. It all started with filling our fridge with good healthy food. Friday we picked up our share from the farm…

In case yo missed it we joined a CSA

And The Husband’s Fathers days gift got delivered…

We nibbled all weekend on this fruit basket. Nothing makes me happier to get good healthy food in my boys.

Saturday started with a trip to the gym. I finally got back to my boot camp class. It felt great!

Then we were off to Little Guy’s T-Ball game. Which has turned into couch pitched ball. He did awesome! Can you see it? The ball I mean…

It was the last game of the season and we had a blast. Look how stinkin’ cute he is. I hope he wants to play again next year.

After baseball we came home, made lunch, took naps (well, I did anyway. ;) and then got ready for soccer. It was the last game of the season for that as well. Unlike baseball, if he never played another game of soccer again, I’ll be happy. I’m just not a fan. Although, he look cute out there as well.

Saturday night ended with dinner out at Outback (loving their new light menu items under 500 cals). I stuck with salmon and veggies but over did it on fries from the Little Guys plate.

Sunday was just as jam packed as Saturday if not more so.

We decided to do an early morning showing of Toy Story 3 instead of braving the crowds later. I was betting a Sunday matinee was just about on everyone’s agenda who has kids. So we headed to the theater at 9AM. It was neat to be there at that time. Parking spots galore, no line for popcorn and we had out pick of seats.

The new Toy Story was a hit with all 3 of us. As I said on Twitter

Toy Story 3 was TOTALLY AWESOME! I laughed, I cried, I even jumped @ 1 point. Pure movie pleasure. Even little man got up & danced @ the end

After the movie we hit Barnes & Noble’s, picked up a few new books and went out for a Fathers Day lunch at Chili’s. They also have the "lighter" options that make ordering easy. I went with a Sante Fe wrap, dressing on the side and steamed veggies.

By getting the dressing on the side I can decide if it’s even needed. Sometimes they are perfect without. I also save some calories by ripping off any extra wrap that’s not necessary to hold it together. Just look at how much extraneous "bread" there was.

What’s that? 1-2 points? Seriously. I didn’t even miss or want it either.

After lunch we did a little shopping then came home and tended garden.

We grew some pepper plants from seed that needed to be transplanted and are getting buds on the tomato and zucchini!

The rest of the day we played and relaxed. We read our new books, played Frisbee in the back yard, watched golf and ate dinner. Little Guy also practiced his photo taking skills….

Like I said it was a fabulous weekend and I’m not going to let my stupid hormones tell me otherwise. I just put Little Guy to bed, lunches are made, running clothes are on and I’m totally ready to go to straight to bed after The Next Food Network Star. I’ll feel better after a good nights rest and a morning run. I really want to get one in before I go to work.

So there you have it, my weekend and Sensational Sunday. Are you ready for the week?

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    Lori T

    June 20, 2010

    Let me help you fight your funk :) I’ve had a horrible week (lost my best friend/soulmate cat Kasey after 14 years) and have been in a tailspin. I sat on the couch at night this week and read your blog just flitting from page to page, etc and was totally inspired. you are an amazing woman and because of you I took my first walk/run with my new nike+ today and my nano (all from your posts…even the nano armband from griffen). See girl….you make a huge difference in all the lives you touch, but this week….you gave ME something to hold onto when I really needed it. Thanks for all you do :) Now go to bed! LOL

    maria @ Chasing the Now

    June 20, 2010

    I’ve been feeling funky, too, lately and I’m working through it by realizing feelings are just feelings and don’t always mean anything.


    June 20, 2010

    RU Kidding? That was a great weekend! Go to bed and rethink it in the morning. Your little guy is very cute.


    June 20, 2010

    That last picture of you is so pretty :)


    June 20, 2010

    good on you for stopping, looking around and praising what you have. it’s the best de-funker.

    p.s. he’s adorable


    June 20, 2010

    Wow, if I bought all that fresh produce it would rot in my fridge. So do you plan a menu and then buy all of those veggies or do you buy them and then just wing it? I admire how creative you are in the kitchen and how you get your family to eat it too.


    June 20, 2010

    I’m glad you talk about your funks! I get in them too and sometimes it seems like other people look at me like I’m crazy when I mention them.. So glad I’m not alone!!! and we always come out the other side. Praise God for that!!!

    Deb - comfycozycrazy

    June 20, 2010

    A stinky weigh-in this morning after working my tail off all week. Funk city. I’ll be up for a run in the morning as well.


    June 21, 2010

    Hi Roni!
    I’ve just recently discovered your Blog. You are so inspirational…my weight has been yo-yoing since my youngest baby was stillborn in “03.
    It’s time to stop making excuses for my being overweight. WW Points worked for me many years ago, so I’m back to counting and Tracking …Thanks for the inspiration and wish me luck.
    Day 1 today!


    June 21, 2010

    Amber – Check out this post about my family joining a CSA..

    I mention it on a GreenLiteBite’s video as well…

    Normally I wouldn’t buy all that produce but I’m challenging myself by joining the farm. I like the idea of growing locally and after almost 5 years of changing my diet I’ve gotten to place where all that produce doesn’t intimidate me. Go back a few years and it would have rotted in my fridge too. Now I have fun with it. :)


    June 21, 2010

    Haha I feel the opposite – we are pushing for soccer and hope he never ever ever wants to play baseball… SOOOO Boring !

    Ignore the funk – push right past it… hope you had a good run this morning!


    June 21, 2010

    Have you found that you generally enjoy the foods from your CSA and that your kid will eat them too? I am thinking about joining but since my daughter lives on baby carrots and raisins, not sure we could eat all that we get.


    June 21, 2010

    It’s a challenge and you will get things your family isn’t used to but I’m embracing it and both the husband and child have been really good about trying the new things. In my opinion the exposure to all these new vegetables is an invaluable experience for my 5 year old.


    June 21, 2010

    We go to the local Farmer’s Market every weekend to pick up fruit and veggies for the week. I spend about $25 there but my boys always pick healthy treats. They plow through the strawberries and cherries and grapes. As soon as I cut up the melons, they’re on top of me trying to eat them. Our fave melon is Santa Claus (or Christmas) melon. We haven’t seen any of those yet this year.
    I’ve been struggling when we out too until I made the decision to just eat right. If I snag a fry or two, it is not the end of the world. I’m at the beginning of my weight loss journey (AGAIN!) and am doing it right this time. The hubs and I are exercising together in the evenings and encouraging each other to eat right. I made the most amazing beef and loaded veggie stir fry last night! My birthday is this week (39!!!) and I am thinking we will try Outback since you mentioned the 500 and under meals!!!

    Krista S.

    June 21, 2010

    I freaking LOVE posts like this with lots of pictures. It’s so much fun getting a visual glimpse into all the activities you guys share as a family. All that produce makes me want to run down to my kitchen and MAKE SOMETHING. We bought kohlrabi this weekend and thought of you and Ryan as we were munching it on the couch. It’s great with hummus, btw. =) Seeing Ryan play tball and soccer is so cool. It’s so great that he’s active and enjoying being a kid. Annnnd, I really love the square pots for your container garden. I have round ones, but I’m thinking next year I’ll get some square ones. They look great.


    June 21, 2010

    Do you sleep in your running clothes? Good idea if you do!


    June 22, 2010

    Yes I do! It’s really the only way to get my lazy butt out of bed in the morning! :)

    Fighting that funk like a champ!!

    Tim Trussel

    August 26, 2011

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    January 21, 2013

    can you blog more about hormonal sabotage? I deal with it, a lot of my women friends deal with it, and its hard to know what its really about and how to deal with it. sometimes I feel like its ruining my life. thanks!


      January 23, 2013

      I can try! Especially when I’m in the thick if it. :)