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Day 4 – Post Vacation Food Journal

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At least I think this is my 4th day. Regardless, I love that I decided to do this! I’ve been feeling fantastic! My diet’s been a bit cleaner. Sure there’s been a bite of chocolate here and a pudding cup there but overall more whole foods, less processed and I haven’t eaten out since vacation. I swear I dropped about 3-4 pounds of water weight (I have been weighing, more on that later)! Anyway, here’s the journal I have another post to get up tonight.

Food Units
breakfast was a 1 egg/1egg white veggie omelet (onion, yellow squash, red peppers & spinach) + a waffle made from my banana pancake recipe 3
bowl of fennel and spinach soup and a ham & laughing cow sandwich on a thin with baby spinach and mustard 4
yogurt cup 2
chocolate pudding cup 1
2 chocolates from the candy store 2
“tacos” made w/ 1 point tortillas, skillet veggies a bit of cheese, tabasco & a few leftover beans 6
grilled chocolate and cherries 3
chocolate vitatop and some chocolate almond milk 3
Total: 24

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    June 9, 2010

    Wait! What? You’ve been weighing? LOL! It took me a moment but I’m so intrigued?! Good luck on the run this weekend!!!


    June 9, 2010

    I have.. I’m reviewing this really cool scale that auto-records your weight. I hope to get my review up next week!