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Ask Roni: Appeasing the Snack Gods

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Hi Roni,

I just had to email you to tell you that I was feeling a bit stressed about staying on track this evening (this week, I am trying to spread my 35 Weekly Points out throughout the week, whereas I usually plow through them pretty quickly within the first few days of my week) and I decided to read through your blog (I’ve read it for a long time now and I visit your site daily, for inspiration…or commiseration!) :)

I am so glad I read back through old blog posts! It’s funny how you might know something for a long time but then start second-guessing yourself about how to approach the plan or how to handle emotions and feelings about the "journey" and the sometimes struggle that may be involved.

I was wondering, when you came to the end of your day in terms of Points and didn’t want to use any more (for whatever reason), do you ever start getting that urge, that little "voice" saying, "Hmmm, I wonder what I can snack on?!" How do you deal with that? I know that I can almost expect that reaction every night after I scan my Points Tracker page and upload it to my blog (it’s my way of staying accountable, recently, because after I post it, I figure if I eat more than what it shows, I’m really just hurting myself and my own success) how counter-productive is THAT?! But that urge shows up like clock-work no matter how satisfying of a day I’ve had. It’s like my "inner child" wants to rebel because she’s been told "No more!" Does that sound weird?! It’s the best way I can think of to explain it! :P

I know it’s more of a psychological reaction than a physiological one, but how do you overcome this in your experience? So many times, I’ve said, "OK, well, I’ll just eat such and such." when I’ve wanted to wait until morning, and then I end up using a greater number of Points than intended, and I feel guilty and upset with myself, and I’m sure you are familiar with the cycle of "Why did I do that?! I knew I didn’t want to eat more than X amount of Points! I shouldn’t have done that!" and all the other berating that goes along with letting yourself down and not meeting your own expectations.

I want to turn a corner on the WW plan. There are certain cycles of eating, thinking, and reacting that I need to change – and my biggest obstacle is myself!

Thanks for your advice and insight!


OMG… Robyn, this happens to me ALL THE TIME! Honestly it’s what inspires me the most to get creative in the kitchen. Like putting chocolate syrup in tea, blending banana and cocoa, making nachos out of soy crisps, filling scoops with veggies, stuffing won tons with ricotta and/or pizza toppings, coating popcorn in chocolate and honey, turning zucchini slices into mini pizzas, I could go on and on and on. I mean tonight I actually grilled a cherry and chocolate sandwich!

I tend to use that voice to my advantage and try to appease it by eating something healthy for me, that’s low in points and fun. Normally the act of making something up is more satisfying then actually eating it. Like when I made the mini apple pies. The process was fun and it slows me down from just grabbing and eating my weight in chips or chocolate (which I’ve been known to do on many occasions.)

Then again there are days I’m just lazy and yea, I initial get mad at myself as well. Those are the days I kick myself in the butt and move on. No sense in beating myself up by eating even MORE. Which is what I used to do.

I think you hit the nail on the head with "my biggest obstacle is myself!" It is for me as well. There was/is no physical reason why I couldn’t lose weight. It was just getting over the mental aspects and realizing there is no such thing as perfection. And yea, some days I’m just gonna want ice cream and that’s ok. ;)

I hope that helps!


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    Deb - comfycozycrazy

    June 9, 2010

    I’ve been struggling with this same thing myself. I tell myself that I’m gonna skip the nighttime snack. Truth is, I only want something because the kids are asleep, it’s quiet, and it’s a comfort. Sometimes I give in, but I’m trying to not make it a habit. It’s hard. I typically choose something healthy, like light popcorn or a vitatop, so it’s not even that I’m going over points, I just know that I’d feel better the next day if I just let my belly rest instead of feeding it right before I go to bed. I keep trying to bang myself over the head with that.

    Oh and Chocolate Mint Tea? OH. MY. WORD. How did I miss that one? I’m trying that tonight. You may have just saved my butt, Ms. Roni!


    June 9, 2010

    I have basically accepted the fact that I want to snack at night. I don’t see a problem with it. I save my points specifically for that purpose. Lately I have been having 4 points’s worth of snacks in the evening and you know what? I like it! :-) I would rather eat less during the course of the day and be able to have that snack. Not having a snack in the evening is just not possible for me. I must have it.


    June 9, 2010

    Susan – I TOTALLY agree. I routinely “save” points so I can eat snacks at night and I did so all while losing. I think the key is to…

    a.) Account for them and
    b.) KNOW what you are snacking on.

    I can grab a bag of Doritos and consume an extra 600-800 calories easily or I can have some fun and make a chocolate cherry snack with my little guy for 200. The choice is easy for me (most of the time. ;)


    June 9, 2010

    Roni, thanks for sharing your emails. I can so identify with this reader. I too am my worse obstacle. I tend to use the kitchen as you do and it helps but as you said, there are those days where just grabbing the soy or vegetable chips or eating the husband’s fries just gets the best of me.

    Trying not to beat myself up… One meal at a time. Sounds like AA, right? Luv your site Roni!!! I too read it first thing in the morning.

    Jen B.A.

    June 9, 2010

    I was just trying to figure out why exactly this was a habit for me last week. Honestly, I’ve had to do the same thing as Susan, and just budget for myself in the evening. It doesn’t matter what time you eat, as long as you’re taking care that it’s within a certain calorie range – I hate that weight loss myth !

    Thanks for illuminating this challenge for everybody struggling with it. I feel like it’s important, especially when everyone gets into the all or nothing attitude about so many things already.


    June 9, 2010

    There is a HUGE psychological side of weight loss. It’s why so many people lose only to gain it all right back and then some. I have been working on intuitive eating/normal eating and my whole world has changed. If you look for my group “Normal Eating” on BlogToLose there are a bunch of resources. This is a huge struggle and I am so glad I found answers through the idea of normal eating. I wish everyone would do it! Our conversations would be so wonderful.