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Trying to get back into the swing of video/podcasts! I recorded 2 a few days ago and hope to get back on a regular schedule after this summer. Sorry for my long winded intro about my hair. I think I’m finally used to it. ;)

Topics included in this video/podcast…

  • Curbing Nighttime Snacking
  • My running habits
  • Why am I not losing weight?

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    June 16, 2010

    OMG excellent podcast, as always! Everytime you start to answer a question, I can’t help to think “I would answer them this or that” but after hearing your answer, every single time I thank God I don’t do postcasts!!! It’s your wisdom of… like, you answer what you can but never trying to say that is the only answer. You just dont try to get people to do things your way, I love that about you because I lack that big time LOL
    In other subject, I never felt like running, ever, in my life. You inspired me to run. I signed to a race because of your posts. I did spend big money in those running shoes. I did finished the race I signed to, and didn’t came last. But the sign is… yeah I got the feeling of “been there, done that” you speak of, plus now it’s raining outside, and there is a emergency because of the smog in my town after 7 PM, so the only time I could run safely is the mornings, but grass is frozen at that time so the 120 dollars shoes are just seating there for like a month now… Really, I have to start running again, because deep in my heart I’m so CHEAP I got to give those expensive shoes some use!


    June 16, 2010

    Hi Roni!
    I was surprised to get your e-mail this morning, answering my questions! I forgot all about them! Thank you so much. It’s funny how things come when you really need them:)
    Last May I fell off the running wagon. I never made it to the 5k cause I didn’t properly train for it. Then the rest of that year was full of heatbreak and home renovations which means debt! The exercise and healthy diet fell to the side and I gained weight.

    So far in 2010 I have played again with WW and eating healthy whole foods. Of course there’s a lot of going off track, but I feel it’s different this time. Instead of binging for a week or 2 after a bad day, I jump right back on the healthy eating train after a day or 2. This is huge for me! I am now currently following WW on my own, and I do not eat meat. I love the way I feel when I eat healthy! I re-started Couch to 5k (I never finished it last time) and I am almost done it! I can run for 25 minutes now without walking!!!!! I never thought this could be!
    I am trying not to look at the scale. I find I get obsessed easily with the # and it can throw me off track quickly.

    I can’t wait to actually complete my Couch to 5k. It will be a day to remember!!! The day I actually completed something I have started! It feels great!

    Oh, also, it really helped that I made a 2010 Goal Board. I got a bright pink piece of Bristol board, glued inspiring photos and words on it and wrote out all the things I wanna accomplish this year. It feels amazing to cross those goals off!!!!

    Have a great day! Thanks again for responding!!! :)


    June 16, 2010

    Katie – that’s awesome! You had a few set backs… we all do.. but you are trucking forward. And the goal board! I LOVE IT! I did that do, well, in the form of a goal page but still the idea of setting goals (some small, some big) and crossing them off is so powerful. I’ll say it again… goal achievement is contagious! It’s builds confidence and self esteem big time!

    Thanks so much for updating us! And congrats! I know you will finish that 5k I just KNOW you will!


    June 16, 2010

    What a wonderful video and sooooo what I needed this morning. The whole snacking thing is has been driving me crazy lately! I swear most times it’s what knocks me off the wagon! I really like your idea of incorporating snacking into my day…also the idea of whole foods and actually making something instead of just grabbing some prepacked “fake” food out of the pantry is really appealing. I think it would help to make me more accountable. Thanks again…everytime I feel like I’m the only one struggling with this I can turn to your site and get some great advise. You’re wonderful and you’re really helping people! Thanks, Roni!!!


    June 16, 2010

    Katie, you said something I needed to hear today. “I can run for 25 minutes now without walking!!!!! I never thought this could be!”
    This morning I completed W2D2 of C25K and I cannot pretend that I love it. It is hard. I’m not tempted to quit. I can feel a progression, but it’s millimeters at a time, not inches. At this point I can imagine running for 5 minutes one time, but I can’t imagine picking up and running it again a few minutes later. So 25 minutes. YIKES! One thing that is different this week from last week is that when I want to stop running it is because my legs are so tired and not because I am completly out of breath. Oh, I am huffing, but I don’t feel like my lungs are going to burst. I need to hear all of your success stories. All the ways you psyched yourself up to push past each obstacle.
    Roni, I love that you set a running goal for the year and that you keep telling us about it. What an inspiration!


    June 16, 2010

    Loren! You made my day! I can’t even tell you! I always think of other people I see running as “runners” and I made it out to be this thing I could never be. Now when I’m on the treadmill next to other runners, I feel strong, I feel like a runner! That gets me through a lot of my treadmill sessions! I may not be fast, but the point is I am there, I am trying my best.

    I find new music is crucial for a good run. So I am always uploading new songs. I also can’t talk and run for long periods of time. It throws me off track, so when I run, I need to focus on the run, the tv, people anything but talk! I self-talk a lot too… “one more min, you can do anything for one minute”, then when one min comes, I say it again. Or “after this song I can walk” then when its over, I try to do it for another song. I also compete with the person beside me.. without them knowing of course. haha

    Some days running seems to be super easy, and others I get tired after 5 minutes. I try my best to push through, but I also am learning to not beat myself up if I cut a run short.

    My friend and I are doing our own 5K on the 27th of June! YIKES! I will let you know my time!!!

    If you have facebook you should add me, we can keep each other motivated and exchange tips!
    Roni, your already my facebook friend:)

    Have a great day!!


    June 17, 2010

    Brandi’s question/issue is the exact same thing I’ve been dealing with for 2 years now. I gained about 40 lbs. and just could not seem to lose anything. I’d eat great, work out, keep a food journal, and maintain. Go “off the wagon” for a few days, and gain weight (that I couldn’t lose.) I tried WW, Alli, Dr. Ian Smith’s 4 day diet, saw a nutritionist that put me on a 1300 cal. low GI diet. Nothing. The nutritionist recommended I see an endocrynologist and have my thyroid checked. Everything came back normal and the Dr. said I simply have a slow metabolism and will have to work very hard to see minimal weight loss. I was devastated. She recommended a second nutritionist (she was not covered by my insurance and $75/hr. so I just couldn’t do it regularly) I had an informal sit down with her and she recommended cutting carbs where ever I could: low carb bread, no starch at dinner, oatmeal for breakfast, eat more nuts as snacks, make sure to have protein at every meal. I eventually decided to try the South Beach Diet. I’ve been on it for 2 1/2 months and I’m down approx. 12 lbs. (most of which I lost the first month so I’m a bit frustrated at the moment.) I slowly added back 2 servings of fruit and 1-2 servings of whole grains daily and it’s been good overall. It’s a very healthy, balanced way of life. I’m back on the “maintaining” wagon, but I’ve fallen off the workout wagon and I’m sure it’s a contributing factor.

    Anyway, no answers, but I just wanted Brandi to know you’re not alone. I would recommend seeing a Dr. to see if there is a medical reason and otherwise just try to stay the course.


    June 17, 2010

    Katie – I went to add you on Facebook but realized I only had your first name and the fact that you are Roni’s friend. Roni has 7 Facebook friends named Katie. Which one are you?


    June 17, 2010

    Loren I’m sorry! haha katie sahs


    June 21, 2010

    Like Brandi, I hit a huge flat plateau after losing 30 lbs. For 2 months I carefully counted calories and dutifully exercised…but that %&$# scale would not move! Augh!

    Frustrated, I went on a research quest…and came to the realization that I wasn’t eating ENOUGH calories. Ah-ha! Considering that I spend most of my day chasing after my 2 kids, cleaning house and running a business out of my home….I expend a lot more energy than if I sat on my butt all day and watched TV. Too much of a caloric deficit can slow down your metablolism – it’s like your body decided, “Well, if there isn’t enough fuel coming in, we might as well turn down the furnace.”

    I calculated what I SHOULD be eating and then slowly upped my calories over the next few weeks. I’ve seen a difference on how I feel and yes, the scale is going down once again.

    The best way to figure out what you should be eating is to google “BMR calculator” – that will give you the amount of calories you body needs just to live…”sit on your butt and watch TV all day” sort of day.

    You take that number and plug it into the “Harris Benedict Equation” to figure out your caloric needs depending upon your daily activity level. This gives you a ballpark figure for if you want to keep your current weight. If youwant to lose weight, you subtract the usual amount of calories….if I remember correctly, it’s 500/day for 1 lb a week and 1000/day for 2 lbs a week, but I may be wrong.

    Just an idea…. ;-)