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My Site is NOT a Free Billboard for your Ads

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I recently had an email exchange with an ad agency that was trying to place a text ad on GreenLiteBites. They wanted the ad to run for 12 months and the price the suggested was comparable to what I charge for 2 months of similar ads that run on my side bar. When I mentioned this fact the response I received was…

“We are offering a quite different price because our adverts would remain static and will not undergo any rotation so you will not spend extra efforts updating it. Bear in mind that all we need is a simple text-based advert of one or two words at most. It should only take about three minutes of your time to insert and would cause minimal distraction to users of your site.”

To which I responded…

“…the text link ads in my side bar require no work from me at all now that the code is installed.  I demand higher rates not based on amount of work to add the simple piece of code but the amount of value I provide the advertiser. Bear in mind, I spend countless hours on this blog gaining readership, increasing my google page rank, responding to comments, and building a community. This is apparently attractive to your clients. That is what you are compensating me for. Not the 2 minutes it takes me place the link.”

When I first started blogging I probably would have simply accepted their offer and considered myself lucky that someone wanted to advertise on my site but I have changed and so have the times.

My site is NOT a Free Billboard for your Ads. I have spent YEARS building my brand and my reader base. This doesn’t happen overnight. I’m sure the New York Times or NBC doesn’t sell their ad space based on how much work it takes them to run an ad. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I even come close to more traditional marketing channels like prime time TV or major News Papers but until bloggers realize that the value they add to a potential marketer is worth more then “three minutes of work” they will never be fairly compensated.


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    workout mommy

    March 31, 2010

    I completely agree! and i love your response to them, I probably would have just deleted it without giving them SOLID reasoning behind my ad prices.

    Ben (@benjamteal)

    March 31, 2010

    Roni, way to hold your ground! I couldn’t agree with you (and your stance) more.

    You don’t pay millions of dollars for a super bowl ad because it takes the network longer to queue it up, you pay for the eyeballs. Plain and simple.

    Jim Doran

    March 31, 2010

    I decided a while ago to not run ads on my site, so I’m not a marketing genius. That said, your response was perfect. You get lots and lots of eyeballs here.

    Besides…don’t all the best advertisers use dynamic code? ;)


    March 31, 2010

    Thank goodness your setting the bar high. You have to.


    March 31, 2010

    I do not do much in the way of advertising on my site by personal choice. However, I am a strong supporter of blogs (and their authors) being given the same consideration and professional respect as other advertising mediums. Yes, what you are selling is your readership, your contacts, your influence…which is what magazines, newspapers, television, etc. is selling. I’m getting tired of the assumption that everyone should blog for free or you are a sell-out. There is nothing wrong with charging for what you are worth. There is nothing selfish about it. It’s self-respect, really.

    Yes, I would continue to blog for free, even if I never earned a penny from my site. I am more concerned with my content than promotion (and know I should truly spend a little more time on promotion, but I get more enjoyment from just writing). That said, I have accepted some compensated ads…just a few, and for not much (because my readership, google page rank, etc. is lower than others, and I want to be fair, but, yes, I do still take some compensation), and all that support the theme of my blog…and I don’t feel badly about it one bit.


    March 31, 2010

    I’ve had numerous advertisers reach out over the past 18 months offering me nominal rates for advertising space on my blog. Most have been companies I’ve never heard of, but I’ve also heard from ad agencies representing large consumer brand advertisers.

    Even in those instances whereas I have been offered $5 CPMs (thru the ad agencies), at the end of the day I’ve made the decision that the these deals simply aren’t worth the inventory on my blog. Unless you’re the size of a blog such as the Huffington Post, even a $5 CPM backs out to pocket change.

    There will hopefully become a point in time whereas advertisers will come to the plate with advertising opportunities that are truly a win-win scenarios. We’re clearly not quite there.


    March 31, 2010

    I’m glad you stood your ground!

    Sean (Learn Fitness)

    March 31, 2010

    Cudos for standing your ground. I can only hope to be in that situation and I’d handle it the same way. Don’t sell your hard work short, they obviously don’t understand or appreciate the value of your brand or they’re just hoping your not on your A game. Keep your ground, you rock!

    Michele McGraw

    April 1, 2010

    Good for you!!! A great reminder that we need to stand up for what we KNOW we are worth instead of assuming that everyone else knows our worth. They are trying to save a buck and if we let them, then that is what we are worth. But if we stand up and say NO, then we are saying, we are worth more.

    Great reminder!!